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Obama Schedule || Week of April 18 – April 24, 2016

Here is this week’s schedule for President Obama. He’s off to Saudi Arabia and Europe to lecture our allies on various topics, including their borders, their treatment of planet earth, and whatever else occurs to him. In particular, he will be informing the British that it’s in their best interests to stay in Europe. I imagine he will be trying to convince the Saudis to make the best of Iran’s future nuclear arsenal and not create one of their own.

From the White House:

President Obama has no public schedule today.

On Tuesday, Obama will depart Washington, DC en route Ramstein, Germany on his way to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

On Wednesday, Obama will arrive in Riyadh. He will meet with Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and remain overnight in Riyadh.

On Thursday, the president will meet with leaders and delegations from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. In the afternoon, he will depart Riyadh and travel to London, United Kingdom, where he will remain overnight.

On Friday, Obama will have lunch with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle. In the afternoon, he will have a bilateral meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron. Afterward, the two leaders will participate in a press conference. On Saturday, the president will participate in a town hall discussion with British youth at the Royal Horticultural Halls.

On Sunday, Obama will depart London and travel to Hannover, Germany. In Hannover, he will have a bilateral meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel and then the two will hold a press conference. In the evening, the president will deliver remarks at the Hannover Messe Trade Fair Opening Ceremony. Later in the evening, Obama will have dinner with Chancellor Angela Merkel and business leaders. He will remain overnight in Hannover.

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  1. Obama overseas is always good news for America. The less we see, the better we be.

    And he should bring Kerry with him too… nothing like a travelling vaudeville show to make the locals laugh….

  2. Of course, Bruce Springsteen has no problem with Obama making nice to countries who ban (or worse)their LGBTs ? Where’s the long line of celebs boycotting their White House visits?

    What’s Michelle doing this week? Taking her NoKidsFatBehinds and GoToCollegeLikeIDid Tour on the road?

  3. On Varney and company fox bus new this morning. They had a former GOP delegate on she confirmed that what Trump is right – the insider GOP pick the delegates to vote what they want. Not how we vote!!!!

    • Was this somehow a secret? Trump is saying he’s shocked…but don’t a lot of people in politics know this? By the way, when Trump says he could wine and dine dels but doesn’t want to…isn’t he saying, I know how to bribe people, I am amazing at bribing, but decided to jump on this bandwagon instead?

  4. I guess the iconic Meesh-Barack marriage is over. She’s remaking herself in a sort angry Oprah entertainment tycoon image, I suspect.

    I am sitting here wondering if the President has the power by executive order to give legal status and work permits to millions for foreign nationals. Can’t believe the Supreme Court is deadlocked on this. And the illegals are getting this goody ahead of legal immigrants because they broke our laws and have productive sex on our soil.

  5. The Queen? The Saudi King? The German PM? The British PM? All in one fell swoop???

    Must have taken months and endless bouts of arm-twisting by Valjar to convince the world’s most powerful leaders to allow Lil’ Barry and his entourage of thousands to invade their countries for a final ‘victory lap’ and, most of all, a gazillion photos for the Library walls.

    If memory serves, he has alienated every U.S. ally on the planet! I do remember that mysterious trip to Ryadh a few years ago when Obama departed in a huff after spending only two hours in the tent with the King.
    What ever happened there???

    This is one blow-out trip the Mooch wouldn’t dream of missing!
    It’s the final (hopefully) middle finger salute to American taxpayers with a price tag that will be staggering! Probably more than Donald Trump’s net worth.

  6. As srdem65 mentioned above, Moochelle will be on this trip. I wonder why the White House left her name off the schedule, because they usually do include her when she’s traveling with him. I assume she will be on the entire trip, and not just flying over to meet him in London, but who knows.

    I bet we can expect Barry to do some Trump-bashing and Republican bashing while on foreign soil.

    The president remains popular in the UK and Germany and on his final visits, where he will lunch with Queen Elizabeth and hobnob with business leaders at a German industrial fair, he’s likely to try to trade on that political capital.

    The White House has said Obama will make the case for why Britain should stay in the European Union, potentially providing a boost to a struggling Prime Minister David Cameron. He and first lady Michelle Obama will also have dinner with Prince William and his wife, the former Kate Middleton, along with Prince Harry, according to Kensington Palace.

    In Germany, the president is expected to reinforce Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policies on refugees and trade, two areas where the chancellor has faced intense pressure. Obama is expected to provide reassurances there, too, although of a different brand.

    European leaders have watched anxiously as Republican front-runner Donald Trump talks about pulling out of NATO, retrenching from alliances and barring Muslims from the U.S. Obama has said he’s regularly asked about Trump’s “wackier” ideas when he talks to foreign leaders.

    • I have actually read in recent weeks that the Brits do not appreciate Obama and want him to butt out of their decision regarding the European Union.

      But, the British government is far more publicly civil than our sneering boy king who is dismissive with even the most respected people. It is unlikely he will receive the reception he deserves.

      And Mooch will look like her normal horrible self, and all inappropriate frocks etc. will be paid for by the her usual peons, the taxpayers.

  7. Really don’t care what the leaders of the ME and Europe or Obama for that matter, think about Trump.

    It’s not like any of them have done a bang up job governing. Europe is teetering on the brink, the Saudis are concerned about the rise of Iran and they should be, and Amerika is the weakest and most vulnerable she has ever been.

    Point to one world leader who deserves any respect. And that, unfortunately, includes the head of the Papal State.

    • The only high ranking world leader worthy of respect is Bibi Netanyahu. I shudder to think how the O Skunk has treated him. Thank God the most anti-American president is on his way out.

  8. I was just reading up on all the trips BHO has planned for the rest of this year:

    March kicked off his year of travel with the Spring Break/Family Vacation trip to Cuba(March 20-22)and Argentina (March 23-24).

    Now in April, he’s off to Saudi Arabia (April 20-21), the UK (April 22-23), and Germany (April 24-25).

    May – Japan (G-7 meeting, May 26-27), and Vietnam (TBA)

    June – Ottawa, Canada (North American Leaders’ Summit)

    July – Poland (NATO summit, July 8-9))

    September – China (G-20 meeting, September 4-5), Laos (September 6-8)

    November – Peru (Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting, November 18-19)

  9. Hmmm. Could Barry-O, the Prince of Chaos, be making this bizarre world wide tour to lecture country leaders on their various conflicts and disagreements? And is he trying to share his wisdom and brilliant insights in order to show what a wizbang Secretary General of the United Nations he would be? You know, demonstrate to all doubters that he is an internationalist, un homme d’affair, a world-wide Community Organizer? His POTUS gig will be up soon, and he needs more lives to screw up. This would be a perfect perch for him to finish the job. And George Soros would be very pleased.