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Why Hillary is More Beatable by a Republican Than She Seems

You know all those polls you read about how Hillary beats Trump or Cruz and OMG Republicans are going to lose the election if there isn’t a White Knight at the convention and so forth. Heres why that’s all wrong.

Hillary favorable

Clinton is now at her lowest approval rating among Democrats since the beginning of the campaign. Twenty five points below where she was in August.

Hillary Clinton has the same problem Ted Kennedy used to have. She’s well liked among Democrats, until she starts to run for president.

She¬†is a terrible campaigner. She is corrupt. She’s greedy. She is unlikable. She is probably¬†guilty of a very serious crime. And Bernie has finally gone on the attack.

Hillary is a deeply flawed candidate. Once more people start paying attention during the general election campaign, those polls showing her ahead of Republicans or basically even with them will change. Republicans possibly should be even more worried about facing Sanders than Clinton.

12 thoughts on “Why Hillary is More Beatable by a Republican Than She Seems”

  1. A little bright news. Together with Ted Cruz’ continuing rise, this is beginning to look like it might not be a complete disaster of an election cycle. I still say having to choose between Trump and Clinton would be the low mark of elections in the modern era.

      1. End of one nightmare (primaries), beginning of another–either way. I was so looking forward to getting rid of Obama, righting some stupid moves, changing the tenor–and how all this. I am getting used to the idea that I won’t vote…but not to the idea that I won’t need to think–but the game is lost.

  2. The only good thing I can say about HRC is she has got nerve to beat all.

    What normal person would have to nerve to run for president with such a dirty past.

    1. NO. Hillary does not have nerve. Hillary has no conscience. She is a moral in her greedy pursuit of power. She does not see her past as dirty. She sees that she has done what needed to be done to get her the Presidency. There is truly nothing that Hillary Clinton will not do to get into the WH.

  3. Draping my opinion in the prerogative of old age to speak frankly:
    MrsClinton is a poor candidate personally, and her platform, as it is, to continue the mess that MrObama has made of our country is not the answer to how to make friends and influence voters.
    SenSanders will find the same resistance to his election that MrRomney suffered – the religious bigotry that simmers under the radar.
    MrTrump and SenCruz are more alike than different in their approach to established government overreaches. Both men are wanting to redo laws, regulations, and trade deals that they see as unfair, damaging, and anti-American values.
    All of the candidates have negative issues, all have something that one voter or another sees as a reason not to support them, but looking to the underlying premise that it’s time to put a halt to government run amok, it’s only the Repubs who want to apply the painful brakes. There will be losses, there will be painful restrictions, layoffs of loyal employees, rules redone that will confuse and puzzle the business community, but we’re ready and know this.

    1. Since it’s becoming less and less likely that Dawnie Frumples will be the Republican nomination, I feel confident that Hillary is beatable as well!

  4. Who would have believed that the citizens of the United States of American have escalated their intelligence to debating who gets to use which restroom, and we are now surprised at this election cycles fine down-standing candidates? Seems to me the slate fits perfectly the mindset of the masses.

    1. I have said this before–she missed her moment in 2008–and instead of bowing out gracefully and letting a new generation take over, she is hanging in with screeches, teeth gnashing, lies, and anything else she can lash out with. Well, that will be her legacy. Trump’s will be ruining the Rep Party without being able to implement most of his loony ideas. This is just my opinion.

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