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49 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || April 17, 2016

  1. Is it true, is it possible, that a deadly brain virus has encompassed the planet earth? Rendering all humans to think crazy? A virus that unleashes all the pent up egos? I wonder this because of watching the election campaign on TV. I wonder?

  2. Alas Mr. Flying Goat—It is true, and not new. The virus has been here for 7 years and 4 months and we’re still looking for the right medication–Hillary pill, Bernie balm, DT shock paddles, Cruz booze…?

  3. State of the Union, CNN, this morning:
    The first video clip:
    Anti-Clinton protesters throw $1 bills at her motorcade as she proceeds to an ultra-high dollar fundraiser.
    Actor George Clooney admits that the money issue in politics has become an obscenity.

    Powerful image. It was the epitome of contempt and a brilliant tactic.

  4. You may remember the recent news story about Connor Mullen, the 16 year old high school student from South Portland High School in Maine who was harassed intimidated, and threatened by school staff, teachers and students for wearing a Trump “Make America Great Again” hat.

    Well, Connor wrote a commentary printed in this morning’s Maine Sunday Telegram about the situation. Turns out he is a wise-beyond-his-years young man, clear thinking, and articulate. From his commentary: “They (school administrators) acted as if the hat were the problem. I felt the opposite was true, that the problem was the intolerance of others.”

    Good stuff. Worth a read.

    • Spot on! Kudos to this young man. I would only add “Intolerance” promoted solely by the Obama administration.
      It’s becoming more and more tempting for me to vote for Trump (Did I really say that? Enough is enough!

    • Seems to have a good head on his shoulders–take the hat off it and learn more–what a waste of time… He set out to provoke and provoked…OK…mission accomplished.

      • So, that’s how you see it? As a simple minded act of provocation — nothing more? No beginning desire to live what you believe, who you are, etc.

        • Did I say simple-minded? Kids feel their way, I know that… Are hats allowed in class…many schools don’t allow them…he knew it would cause a ruckus. I say go to school to learn–and not to learn how to cause a ruckus. Yes, I am geezing…Now he’s got his 15 mins, his op-ed, his moment in the spotlight, his salute to his hero…I for one am over it. Mileage may vary of course.

          • You aren’t “geezing”.
            I went to a high school where the girl’s skirts could be no shorter than 4″ above the knee.
            Boys were not permitted to wear jeans.
            No t-shirts allowed, neither gender.

            Late 60’s.

          • That’s an interesting thing you do. Challenge/question/point out words that are used in response if they are not the exact words you used. For me, simpleminded . For Island Girl , entitled.

            Very “politiciany” of you. And for sure that is not a word you used — not a word at all I suspect. :)

          • I know people who have kids who attend that school. Yes, hats and political statements on T-shirts are allowed in that school. It’s just that Trump hats and T-shorts aren’t allowed. None of the news articles brought that little fact out, so one would have to be familiar with that school’s policies and practices to know. It’s hypocrisy at the highest level. One of those rules that instructs “You can say and believed anything you want, express any political opinion you want, dear students, as long as we agree with it also.”

          • Star, “t-shirts”, of course, and not “t-shorts”, although that would be an interesting development in the world of free expression. ;+}

          • Just reminding you not to put your thoughts in my quotes…grace. I am sure this kid’s school is a hotbed of prejudice against Trump, maybe it’s not “fair.” Would Trump throw people with Hillary hats out of a rally (“Don’t hurt them, don’t hurt them, see, I said don’t hurt them”). A hypothetical, as far as I know.

        • Agree Grace,Star can’t possibly be implying this guy isn’t entitled to his own opinion? :) it was just equality week so say the comments on that article.

          • I also did not say he was not ENTITLED to his opinion…of course, he is. I am just saying–judgy wudgy–his time would be better spent learning not rabble rousing…in my opinion, of course.

          • Just reminding you not to put your thoughts in my quotes…grace.

            Ok. It might be best not to share my thoughts on your quotes then.

          • Further to my 4/17/16 6:22pm comment to Star

            And yet, you can be

            “sure this kid’s school is a hotbed of prejudice against Trump”

            and that’s ok. Got it.

      • One might say he exposed the school administrators and teaching staff for the hypocrites they are. That might be another way to look at it.

        • I give that young man a h/t for speaking his mind. Now get back to work. Thanks for sharing Marcus,Star,AFVet and Gracepc as always.

  5. AFVet says:
    April 17, 2016, 1:36 pm at 1:36 pm

    In mod with my comment to Star concerning youth dress codes.
    I was so frustrated with mod yesterday (and beyond that,) could not even get it posted. I like Keith and you guys and appreciate that he even leaves this space open since he is Polizette now, but sometimes “these are the times that….”. :)

  6. Trump Georgia Delegates to Cruz.

    Ok, maybe the Party and Cruz can do this (rules) but the question is should they? This is pretty darned sleazy and my opinion of Cruz gets worse and worse as time goes on. And at one time I thought of putting him ahead of Trump as my choice.

    Trump may have whined about Colorado, but Georgia is just plain manipulative.