As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

37 Responses to Saturday Open Thread || April 16, 2016

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          • Way liberal.
            The Catholic Church is not this liberal.
            Their dictates are similar to the Lutheran Church.

            I am a Lutheran but both churches share some philosophies.

            The Pope is the head of the Catholic Church.

            We Lutherans have no pope.
            Nor do we pray to saints.

            Martin Luther rejected the onerous restrictions of the Catholic at his time, hence, the Reformation.

            I would be curious as to whether he still demands indulgences.

    • The Vatican is quite political and there is a battle between conservatives and liberals in the Catholic Church. Not new. It is my opinion that Pope Francis’ election was political and Pope Benedict’s resignation — an extreme, if not a first — was forced.

      Pope Francis did not do one thing for the Yazidi Christians except speak from his balcony. I am now fed up with the institutional Catholic Church under this Pope and his sycophants. I am withholding financial support until this Pope is gone. This Syrian Refugee thing was the last straw for me.

      Let Mexico and the Middle East support the Vatican. And the Catholic LGBTs should kick in their support as well.

    • You have to commend the cops for not just wailing into them.
      These people are completely out of control and have no respect for law enforcement.

  2. Drudge this morning – Saudi’s threaten USA if they are exposed on their support for the 911 attack

    The house of Saud is not on our side!

    Nuke the bastards!

        • Foreign affairs are not complicated? Are you serious? There is no mixture of history, culture, religion, custom, motivations, ancient rivalries, modern rivalries, human nature, greed, self-interest in an ever changing and shifting pattern…nothing like that?

          • You tell them that if they want our money, deal with the policies.

            Problem is we have had wimps and pussies negotiating with barbarians that laugh at us while taking your money.

            Shifting patterns, patterns can shift in different directions.

          • Saudi Arabia is second in providing oil here…so we say no more from you until women can drive? Canada is number 1–so we say get rid of your wimpy guy or we will not buy from you? This is not like foreign aid, which theoretically could be cut off.

    • The House of Saud is in the midst of an internal power struggle. As a result they are shooting from the hip…so to speak.
      Where’s George W when you need him? :-)

    Specifically how are the new State Department employees determining the authenticity of Syrian descent?
    Where will these people be housed?
    Who will provide food, shelter, clothing until they can “stand on their own two feet?”
    What is the time frame for this assistance?
    What are their working skills?
    What, if any, are the consequences if these people cannot support themselves in due time?
    And, why in the world have our representatives allowed this usurpation of power in our country?
    I will never believe that the majority of these people are Syrian.
    This is a financially costly pursuit to rub our noses into diversity. (A quote from the comments following this article.)
    Face it: once they are here they will never leave no matter who is President.
    And they will never, ever assimilate. Ever.

    • Add to your comments:

      1. FBI Director Comey has said we are unable to properly vet this large flow of immigrants.
      2. The UN has stated that 8o percent of these refugees are single, unaccompanied males between 18 and 35.
      3. ISIS has already bragged, about 1,000 times, they are inserting their fighters in this flow of refugees for the express purpose of creating death and mayhem in the West.

  4. Muslim Raping and threatening women across Western Europe. Came across the first article today. Went to some of the back links. Lengthy and can be read in pieces. But it is so instructive. And bizarre.

    Mark Steyn — brilliant — exposes the emptiness of the Left — most particularly journalist, feminists who refuse to see what is before them, the glorification of multi culturalism and in particular, the dangerous refusal to look at what the Muslims are doing to women in Europe today and the pathetic appeasement of it. This should be must reading by Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel and every LGBT and woman.

    Steyn’s direct response to the Left’s view of Northern European gang rapes

  5. Interesting profile on Ted Cruz and his Princeton debate team days.

    Co-incidentally, Obama’s former economic advisor, Austan Goolsbee, just happened to be on the rival Yale debate team.

    When asked if it was difficult to get under Ted’s skin, Goolsbee replied the secret was ‘humor’. “Humor always unraveled Ted”. (Very telling)

    His best friend and debate partner was from Jamaica and later became the President of te Harvard Law Review. Shades of Obama!

    My takeaway is that Ted never was and never will be ‘mainstream’. The same thing can be said about Obama.
    They are polar opposites in idealogies, but similar in so many other ways.

  6. Tonight I have been looking at high school prom pictures. (Yes, on Facebook. Haha)
    Pictures of children and grandchildren that belong to relatives and friends in my tiny home town.
    Young ladies in beautiful gowns (we called them formals back in the day) and young men in tuxes and suits.
    Corsages and boutonnières on each and every one.
    I hope you find that as heartening as I do…some traditions are still intact and valued and practiced in our wonderful country. I thank God for that.