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Poll: Clinton, Sanders Even Nationally*

A Fox News poll out today puts Hillary Clinton ahead of Sen. Bernie Sanders by only 48-46 percent, a two-point lead that is within the poll’s margin of error.

It’s very difficult for Sanders to overcome the delegate math that is now stacked against him. But a loss for Clinton in New York will raise serious questions about her electability which, coupled with the FBI investigation, could give Democratic Super Delegates pause about supporting her and grant him a fighting chance for the nomination.

Meantime, the “civility” in their race was trashed for good as the two engaged in a raucous rumble in Thursday night’s debate. Nice that they put the lecterns close enough that they practically started slapping each other.

*Correction: This story originally said Clinton and Sanders were even in New York. My sincere apologies.

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  1. Grandpa and Granny shouting at each other, arms waving, interrupting, accusing, and each promising ridiculous and impossible goals.

  2. Apparently a Japanese ad agency has made a robot an employee…pay unknown (all the electricity you can consume?). This, of course, gave me an idea for future presidencies…Why limit it to humans? Of course we would need a Constitutional amdt.,7LU9,2V1IPJ,O8AZ,1