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Poll: Clinton, Sanders Even Nationally*

A Fox News poll out today puts Hillary Clinton ahead of Sen. Bernie Sanders by only 48-46 percent, a two-point lead that is within the poll’s margin of error.

It’s very difficult for Sanders to overcome the delegate math that is now stacked against him. But a loss for Clinton in New York will raise serious questions about her electability which, coupled with the FBI investigation, could give Democratic Super Delegates pause about supporting her and grant him a fighting chance for the nomination.

Meantime, the “civility” in their race was trashed for good as the two engaged in a raucous rumble in Thursday night’s debate. Nice that they put the lecterns close enough that they practically started slapping each other.

*Correction: This story originally said Clinton and Sanders were even in New York. My sincere apologies.

51 thoughts on “Poll: Clinton, Sanders Even Nationally*”

  1. Grandpa and Granny shouting at each other, arms waving, interrupting, accusing, and each promising ridiculous and impossible goals.

    1. Like a superannuated types trying to return something to Home Depot…”I bought it…where’s that receipt?” “You had it, check your pocket.” “No–you always forget everything–you KNEW we were coming here today…” “I don’t even know why we come to Home Depot–you never finish a project.” “Well, you still can’t cook and it’s been 50 years.”

        1. When you come down to it–they are for the same things–it’s just that one is getting kudos and the other boos and it just isn’t FAIR. Where have we heard that before?

      1. If we could find a field full of money and filled with people constantly telling her she’s terrific, a hero, a martyr for the liberal cause, a legendary political figure, then we might have a chance. That would be the only pasture she’d be attracted to.

    1. And this will get zero coverage. The MSM and the liberals in America don’t care about 4 dead Americans on Hillary’s watch or the fact that she lied. Hell, they are probably ok with the Resolution Desk being relocated to her jail cell.

      1. It actually could be a permanently damaged vocal cord…I thought the phony trilling giggle was horrible, this voice has really gone over…or else my patience has.

          1. Members of the SS have said that being assigned to Hillary was the worst experience of their career, seen as a punishment from their bosses.

    1. The tortuous effects of that voice cannot be over-stated. It should be used as a substitute for waterboarding against our enemies.

      During the ’08 campaign, Dick Morris used to comment about her constant screeching in the AK Governor’s mansion. One can only imagine what life is behind closed doors!
      That reminds me…whatever happened to Dick Morris? He was a permanent fixture on FOX 8 yrs ago. Turns out, he was right about HRC.

      1. “The tortuous effects of that voice cannot be over-stated. It should be used as a substitute for waterboarding against our enemies.”

        I love it.
        It should be amplified and played over and over again.

        No waterboarding needed.

        1. I felt like waterboarding myself–and I have had a nasogastric tube while conscious–they pour water in you while you gasp and beg…screaming SWALLOW SWALLOW–the whole time.

      2. They kicked in out bec he kept saying Romney would win. Also he sucked some woman’s toes–but I donm’t think that was an ick factor except to me.

        1. What was the movie (WAR GAMES? no, can’t remember) where the two computers start exchanging info back and forth…At least they got up to speed–and in about an hour… Of course, that was a movie…

          1. Also the thing with AI is the computer learns as it goes along, it’s not just responding to known stimuli programmed in to be responded to…This is more than can be said of many humans…

          2. Of course humans can be programmed it is happening daily in the school systems.
            AI is capable of learning but is restricted to the input.

            Computers are just machines.
            The human mind designed them and control them and can kill them if needed.

        2. Oh–found the movie…THE FORBIN PROJECT.

          All defenses of the United States are permanently handed over to a fantastically advanced computer system called Colossus, designed by Doctor Charles A. Forbin. Less than twenty-four hours after its activation, it finds a similar system in the USSR, called Guardian, designed by Doctor Kuprin. At the request of both machines, they are linked. Colossus and Guardian proceed to exchange information at an incredibly fast rate, such that it alarms the President, and he orders a disconnection. When this happens, the two computers launch missiles at substantial cities in each others’ countries.

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