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Trump Backers: If Donald Loses, Bolt the GOP

Sixty three percent of Donald Trump’s GOP supporters say that if he earns the most delegates in the primaries but fails to secure the Republican nomination in Cleveland, he should run as an independent or a third-party candidate, according to a newly released CBS poll. Among all Republicans, a third think he should run on his own.

The poll shows Trump’s margin nationally among Republicans over Sen. Ted Cruz narrowing, though he still is up double digits, with 42 percent supporting him compared to 29 percent for Cruz and 18 percent for Gov. John Kasich. But in a poll taken last month, Trump was ahead of Cruz by 20 points.

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Though many seem to think that if only Kasich dropped out Cruz would be in a position to defeat Trump, the poll suggests that’s not the case. Without Kasich, Trump still leads Cruz by ten points, 48 percent to 38 percent, so the gain for Cruz is fairly negligible, at least nationally.

Six in ten Republicans still expect Trump to be the nominee, down from 77 percent in March, while 22 percent now think Cruz will win.

37 thoughts on “Trump Backers: If Donald Loses, Bolt the GOP”

  1. On NPR this AM, it was said that the voters have no influence on the decisions of the RNC to select a candidate.
    In other words voters, screw you, sorry about your efforts to cast your vote.
    They mentioned that these have been the rules since the 1880’s, however, that does not make it right or fair.

    This is why many people do not bother to vote.
    They said that rules are rules, but they are allowed to manipulate them at their whim given the current situation ?
    That is ridiculous.

    The GOP is IMO in for a rude awakening.

    1. Let’s face it–most did not vote in primaries or caucuses before and had zero interest in the process–and now when there is a candidate they like and who stirs them up over this–they are all self-righteous–our vote doesn’t count, wah, sob, sob.

      1. Whether they did before or not is irrelevant. This is America. They have a right to participate any time.

        BTW, I see this under Post Comment now. I never saw it before. Has it always been there?

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        1. It is not irrelevant…I see a lot of teeth gnashing now when this should have been known…Why says the delegates are chosen by a strict popular vote–many states said otherwise…

    2. 1880’s?
      Things have changed since then.
      Just guessing here – most of American voters had no idea that the system was rigged, that their votes were useless and irrelevant and that the BackRoom elites were running the show.
      The internet connected Americans like nothing in history and allowed people who live 2,000 miles apart to find out that they think the same. The blogs, the internet news sites, and the commentaries have been a bright light shining on all the ugly, sneaky stuff.

      Who knew a candidate could win the popular vote and gain less delegates than the loser, who knew that a majority of delegates mean nothing if they don’t reach a magic number?
      We didn’t, but now we do.

      1. We should have known–a bigger popular vote does not insure a general election win, either—Ams need to grow up and learn this stuff…I have zero sympathy…This is states rights–which used to be a conservative value…Sure, the people who have devoted their life to politics and eat and sleep this stuff convention after convention have tweaked this all along–wouldn’t you?

      2. And any Democrats listening know that Super Delegates are the only thing that really count. Tough stuff for the Sanders people. Curious how they will react. My take — good Dems, they will fall in, lock step.

        1. I can see how this happened too–the super delegates. Party professionals want to attend conventions and if they do, they feel they should have a vote…I get it. At least this stuff is out in the open–known or should have been–unlike the dealing in the rooms smoke-filled or otherwise–but this yr, that is about to begin in earnest. These candidates will be offering delegates on both sides everything from free golf rounds to their first born grandkids. This will really be the art of the deal–on both sides. No pattycake.

  2. Many of The Hair’s supporters aren’t Republicans. They won’t be missed since they don’t exist.

    Voting isn’t something you casually do. It takes research, and commitment. People that vote based on emotion (like must Trumpaloos) may feel disenfranchised, but they left themselves out of the process. You have to be involved.

      1. Nothing like being lectured to. As a Trumpaloo I guess this is when I say thank you and I stand corrected?

        Nope. I think I will stand as an educated Republican voter who supports Trump, and has moved from pro Cruz to on the fence.

        1. I just want to watch it play out.
          Trump exposed IMO a corrupt system that many of us didn’t know about.
          Thank goodness for the internet.

    1. These parties are structured to benefit those who spend all their lives participating in them…Does everything have to be corrupt or evil? If voters don’t like it now that they belatedly learned some of the intricacies–they can run for delegate next time, not just P & M.

      1. I think it’s weird that you can vote in a party’s primary in some states when not a registered mem of that party–does that need to be changed? It makes no sense…

  3. Looks like Colorado isn’t the only state screwing around with the “Rules” and procedures.

    “Indiana GOP releases delegate names after threats to party leaders”

    “Trump Could Lose Delegates in States That Have Yet to Vote”

    “An Obscure Ohio State Law Could Shake Up the Republican Convention”

  4. I Want to see him get the nomination because I’m Tired of LOSING!(been voting 3rd party since Perot) But I admit I’m probably no help to you guys because I already switched to Libertarian 4 years ago, so technically I’m not jumping ship with him…but my goodness, have you Seen the Internet pictures of his rallies? Have you Seen the Internet articles: women for Trump, Latinos for Trump, Students for Trump etc. ETC! Seriously, the only one I Haven’t seen yet is ‘Illegal Immigrants for Trump’!

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