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Video || Obama Welcomes Wounded Warrior Ride to White House

10 thoughts on “Video || Obama Welcomes Wounded Warrior Ride to White House”

  1. Aside from the fact that MrObama could never match the honor and bravery of those riding to the WhiteHouse, he’s too skinny and feeble to upright any of their bikes.
    His wife could, though – the toned arms, y’know.

  2. Cannot , will not watch.

    Star, little chance that Obama will ever recognize Bush for what he has done. Or anybody for that matter. It’s all about him.

  3. How “pre-screened” are these veterans who are allowed near Dear Leader Obama…?
    I know so many Vets who would luv to meet Obama and spit in his face… for his “RETREAT/DEFEAT” from Afghanistan & Iraq and his clueless, arrogant DISRESPECT of anything when it comes to the US Military

  4. I wonder if Obama apologized to the Wounded Warriors for allowing the VA health care system to become even worse than it was before the 2014 scandal which exposed how miserably Vets were being treated by the VA. By all accounts, there now are more delays, more suicides and more examples of mistreatment than were discovered in 2014.

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