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Video || Iranian Negotiator Laughs About Iran Arms Deal

Can you believe this? The nerve of this guy!

Yeah, okay, it’s a spoof. But it seems about right.

Iran negotiator

14 Responses to Video || Iranian Negotiator Laughs About Iran Arms Deal

  1. I read the headline. And it was not until I read that it was a spoof did I not think the headline was real.

    Then again, after Death to America, what’s a few giggles at our expense. I am sure laughter and celebration is routine after each Iranian subterfuge or jab at Obama and the US.

  2. Keep in mind that the pilots that brought down the WTC towers were from Saudi Arabia, our supposed friends.

    The IED’s that have killed and maimed our troops were made in Iran.

    And yet, the American taxpayer is still supplying both countries with money.
    Isn’t it time to take a better look at this situation ?

    Hillary takes money from the Saudis while defending women’s rights in this country, hypocrisy.

    Why doesn’t the press confront her on this ?

    You all know the answer.
    She has never been held accountable for years for what she has done.

    Why start now ?

  3. This is way OT but I think it is important to post especially in light of what is happening in NC, and the many American businesses who think accessing female bathrooms, is something worth supporting and penalizing Americans for opposing. This is from Bookworm. It is also posted at American Thinker. The video is 20 minutes or so and all facts. It is important to anyone with female friends, and relatives. Someone should send it to the idiot at PayPal.

    Oh yeah, HRC and Chelsea and Valerie Jarrett should have a pajama party and watch it. One day Charlotte will grow up. Nancy Pelosi should watch it with her grandchildren. etc etc You get the drift.