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Trump Killing it in New York

Two new polls out show a HUUUge lead for Donald Trump among Republicans in New York and a solid margin for Hillary Clinton there over rival Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Both surveys put Trump over the 50 percent mark, which would allow him to take all 14 of the state’s 95 delegates that are awarded proportionally. With numbers like the ones he is getting, he would presumably also get most of the rest of the 81 delegates that are apportioned district by district.


I really don’t think Ted Cruz can sneer at “New York values” and then come to town asking for their votes. He should have apologized and explained, which he didn’t.

According to Quinnipiac University, which released the latest poll today:

With a 65 – 28 percent lead among black voters, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tops Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont 53 – 40 percent among New York State likely Democratic primary voters, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

Donald Trump has 55 percent of New York likely Republican primary voters, followed by Ohio Gov. John Kasich with 20 percent and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas with 19 percent, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University Poll finds.

Today’s results show little movement from a March 31 survey showing Clinton over Sanders 54 – 42 percent and Trump with 56 percent, followed by Cruz at 20 percent and Kasich at 19 percent.

An NBC News poll showing similar results was released Monday:

In the Republican race, Trump gets support from 54 percent of likely Republican primary voters – followed by John Kasich at 21 percent and Ted Cruz at 18 percent.

In the Democratic race, Clinton is ahead of Bernie Sanders among likely Democratic primary voters by 14 points, 55 percent to 41 percent.

All this, remember, in the face of massive anti-Trump advertising that does not seem to be denting New York Republican voters’ enthusiasm for the frontrunner.

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51 Responses to Trump Killing it in New York

  1. A week is an eternity in this political climate. I’m sure they’ll find something to hit Trump with before next Tuesday. I’m beginning to expect that, also, the polls will TIGHTEN magically giving the media something to clutch their pearls over.

    Go Trump !

  2. The tactics they are using is not new.

    Reagan fought the media before and after he was elected, and they were relentless in their attacks on him, yet he won a 2nd election by a landslide.

    The rules used in Colorado are there to stop any candidate that they feel will interrupt their hierarchy.
    That goes for both parties.

    They make the rules, the rules designed to give them the upper hand.

    • Sanders is going around today saying that a contested Democrat convention is in the works. So that should be interesting. Both parties are in chaos for reasons we’ve all talked about. More so this time than in most other Presidential campaigns, perhaps. That’s OK with me. Out of chaos comes order, and every human enterprise goes through those stages–order-chaos-order-chaos etc, throughout its life. Families, clubs, political parties, countries, monasteries and Mafia families. It’s the nature of these things.

  3. Blunders are not exclusive. DT, dropping ball on change and delegates in CO. And Cruz, slapping NY values and then never apologizing or mending. But pretty much what the MSM will play up is CO and not Cruz NY blunder.

  4. A view from the NY burbs… Trump is well respected in NY, particularly upstate where they will do what ever they can to take power away from the NYC Dems…even if it means voting for a power hungry billionaire.

    Cruz could gain steam by playing the NY values card, but only if he plays it in upstate NY… New Yorkers understand Cruz means NYC with his comment, not rural NY.

    Kasich is loved by many, but lacks the “Housewives of NY” image that the public seems to crave these days. He just sounds too mainstream.

    It will come down to this next week for us NY Voters: You may love the excitement of the first date with the frat boy, but do you want to take him home and spend years with him and his antics?


  5. Heard one of the CNN pundits saying that Team Trump was perfectly aware of the CO committee rules, and never once questioned them. It was only b/c he lost, that Trump had his little tantrum. What a phony!

    Can’t decide whether Trump is deliberately acting like the biggest spoiled brat on the planet, or if he wants to make sure that he will never get the nomination and/or the presidency. He gets worse by the day. In either case, he is over-playing his ‘role’.

    As for Creepy Cruz (my daughter refers to him as ‘Boy George’), he will never make it to first base against HRC, or even Sanders for that matter.

    HRC now has that ‘Call me Madame President’ look in her eyes now. She is home-free!

    I think I am going to be sick!

  6. First: Of course MrTrump is leading the pack in NewYork – he IS New York, top to bottom. The other two candidates don’t have a clue.

    MrsClinton leads over SenSanders in a contest that resembles a Polish restaurant menu after WWII- Will you have Potatoes and Cabbage, or would you rather Cabbage with Potatoes? Actually, this “menu” choice is all the Dems have to offer, so the diner picks what he thinks is the best of the worst.
    Two closet commies masquerading as legitimate Dems is a shame the DNC has to bear.

  7. OT, just another day in Obama’s America:

    “Student, 16, ‘ridiculed by staff’ at Maine high school for wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ cap in support of Donald Trump”

    This is happening about 40 miles from where I live. Portland is a lost in the ozone, far left, insanely liberal city ruled by leftist ideologues for many years. So no real surprise here, I suppose. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they kicked the kid out of school, that’s how crazy they are there.

  8. I really don’t think Ted Cruz can sneer at “New York values” and then come to town asking for their votes. He should have apologized and explained, which he didn’t.”

    Oh please. Anyone paying attention understood exactly what that meant. No apology is needed.

    Donald Trump’s own words.

  9. “I really don’t think Ted Cruz can sneer at ‘New York values’ and then come to town asking for their votes. He should have apologized and explained, which he didn’t.”

    That’s because Ted Cruz has no shame, no principles, no delicacy, no considerations for people’s feelings.