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Bono Lauds George W. Bush’s Work on AIDS in Africa

One of the great ironies of the Obama administration is that George W. Bush, both during and after his presidency, has done more for Africa than President Obama, the son of an actual African.

Bush’s efforts to combat the plague of AIDS in Africa have been aggressive, consistent, and successful. For a time during his presidency, I remember, Bush and Bono were kind of joined at the hip, with Bono paying frequent visits to the White House and forging a productive partnership of power and stardom.

in the video below, it’s nice to see a big star like Bono speak highly of not only of a Republican president, but the American people.

Bono, whom I once heard joke about himself as having a “Messiah complex,” may have the ego of a big star, but he has the humility to try to do what will work for people and actually devote his time and energy to a cause, as opposed to so many entertainment industry types who just – maybe – throw some money at a cause and then sound off self-righteously.

Below he addresses Nicole Wallace, who at one point was Bush’s White House communications director.

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  1. Well, I consider Bono as one of all these champagne-socialists, a rich artist crafting an image of moral crusader. In Britain he has been critisized for doing his best to reduce his tax bill. He has based some of his companies in the Netherlands were tax is much lower than in his native Ireland.
    But still, nice to hear that W gets some credit for good work done. However, I guess this celebrity is praising the other one because he hopes that the other one will shine his “halo” in return.

  2. How nice for the Africans. I’m sure there is a monument honoring PresBush somewhere there.
    oh. I guess not.
    I knew two young men who died of AIDS right here in the USA and our government did nothing to aid them or others afflicted with this horror. When a cocktail of meds was finally developed to help those afflicted, the cost could only be borne by those with access to great sums of money – the poor just died, untreated.
    For decades, American doctors have donated their services to the poor in foreign countries. They don’t donate their services to the poor in the US.

    • True, srdem. Why do doctors and rich people not donate services and money to the poor nearby ? Bill Gates is putting his billions in the Third World too. Why ? Is it easier to get awards that way ? More visible ? Sigh, it is too much about creating an image.

    • Actually the American doctors do donate their time to the poor — some of them. But I agree that is nowhere near what the US government and citizens give to the world. It’s time we cleaned up our act and country , cared for our own who truly need help, and recognize what a great country we had built pre the Era of Destruction by Obama and his band of thugs.

  3. Yes we need to help the Africans they have done such a good job over there for the last 2000 years.

    Maybe they are just stupid?

    America first! We are on the edge of destruction here.

      • Not only the USA. The Western world has poured billions upon billions of aid dollars into Africa, and for what? Nothing changes for the better, it just gets worse.

    • One of the richest continents on the planet.
      It contains over 50 countries some of them rich in minerals that the Chinese are mining and oil reserves that provide them with revenue that is off the charts.

      There is no reason why they can’t take care of themselves if they wanted to.

      • They could if they were not dumber than Barry.

        We have dumped billions in that Continent to no effect.

        Mean time the GOP is really pissing me off!

    • “My biggest concern, is that the American people don’t really understand how successful this effort was on their behalf.” _George W Bush.
      The idea that America is loved in Africa(largely half and halfmuslim and christian ),this is a really smart way to fight terrorism__Bono(on Letterman)

    • Good stuff. Our two local hospitals scored low on re-admissions some years ago and introduced this sort of new approach–outreach workers. It’s made a huge difference. The Joint Commission had dinged them pretty hard for the re-admission stats, and they fixed it. Now, one of the hospitals here is the best in the state on this measure.

      • Good to hear. When you get out of the hosp in a jumble prescriptions and instructions (some photocopied from WebMD), you feel scared. At least in the hosp, bad as it was, you felt someone could help should you get in trouble–even though you knew you were at risk of mistakes and diseases…so this kind of followup at home would be great. And create jobs!