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88 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || April 10, 2016

  1. Am I the only voter who’s getting more and more uncomfortable with the co-ordinated attacks against MrTrump?
    From the Dem President, down to the anon delegate from Colorado, MrTrump’s failure to win the Repub nomination seems to be their only common goal.
    Why? What is it that frightens them so much, what horrors does a Trump Presidency hold in their minds?
    The BostonGlobe newspaper joins the fight to destroy a private citizen’s right to seek office with a juvenile, disgusting “fake” front page that imagines what a President Trump would do, and the result of his agenda.

    These are scary, unprecedented actions in modern days of a total government/MSM war against a private citizen who dares.

    • srdem65 ESP — we were thinking the same at almost the exact time. But, per usual, you did it more thoughtfully.

      Really scary times isn’t it? And yet, life goes on as if this were not so.

    • This entire election cycle has me worried for our country’s future.

      A criminal and a socialist on one side. That’s the best the Dems can do? And no one seems to blink an eye at either of them!

      A loud, foul-mouthed business man, a Rino governor, and another inexperienced senator on the other?

      What is going on?

      The media, newspapers, TV, magazines, Internet, are all so biased that I don’t know who or what to believe.

      We, the people, are certainly lost in this entire mess.

      God help the USA.

      • My thoughts exactly. What are we supposed to do when we are given a choice between a lynching or the firing squad.
        I will cast a vote of ‘no confidence’, and leave it at that.

    • What horrors do some of us fear? Well, for me anyway, it’s not the loss of some mysterious gravy train. It’s the thought of him “tearing up” agreements made with nuclear-capable crazy people (Iran), threatening sovereign nations (Mexico), threatening Am companies (besides his), reviling and acting against all members of a 1.5 billion person religion, not seeking advice or consulting a range of people on any of this, but winging it, bribing Congress or however he thinks he can get cooperation, encouraging countries where we want a presence and want some control to get their own nukes or pay us (now a mercenary country not a super power), not to mention 4-8 yrs of ugly talk, bluster, bragging, and heaven even knows what.

      • Star, I think all of what you fear from Trump is done today and has been done for quite a while in the hallways of politics and diplomacy. As for tearing up “agreements ” with nuclear crazy like Iran — it is not an “agreement” , it is a deal. And it is a bad deal for the US which Iran has not yet signed and which is currently being investigated and challenged. And it would not bother me one bit if this particular “agreement” aka deal was torn up. Realize, of course, there are there are other agreements you may be referring to.

        • Yes–the trade deals…I suppose…I am not completely versed in those, I admit. I should do more research–it sure is popular here to say all are awful. But as a country, we can’t renege on things–we are already regarded as flaky overseas and Trump is not even in…Just typing that makes me shudder.

          • The thing about these “trade deals”, including TPP and TPA, is that they start out and are sold as, well, these nice little trade deals. What they evolve into (ala the European Union) is the creation of ginormous bureaucracies who then start establishing rules and laws (laws which often override the laws of a member country) about copyright, travel and immigration, residency, how much trading a country can engaged in, how much consumers will pay to purchase something, environmental laws, rules on insulating your house, etc–all dictated by essentially unelected, untouchable fat cats sitting in an office 1,000, miles away to whom a country must send billions of dollars to every year as membership dues. It eats away at the sovereignty of a member country, which is at the heart of the drive to drop out of the EU in Britain at the moment. That’s coming up for a vote very soon (I think in June) and right now the polls are at 50-50 to stay in or get out.

        • What “all things” are done today…what countries do we threaten? We are leaning over backward (too far backward) not to revile the Muslim religion, what bluster is Obama uttering, etc. Oh, well, you guys know how I feel…and it’s scared and yes, resentful that the party has been ruined and I have no place to go.

          • I agree about the Muslim world and Obama (and who really knows how much he really helps them). But in terms of dealing with allies and enemies and neutrals, arm twisting and behind the scenes drama is the stuff of politics and diplomacy.

          • Curious Star. I personally own that I was lazy and gullible in the face of the faux conservatives in the Republican Party. Honestly if it wasn’t for their reluctance to defend this country against Obama I am not sure I would have rallied (sp?) either. Romney/Ryan looked good to me.

            But what do you think led or was the process of the Dems turn to hard left of criminals and socialists that leaves you with no party? Did you see it coming, was their talk amongst you and your politically aware friends?

          • You guys ARE my politically aware friends…I only have two ex BFs I talk politics with–and you guys. I was a straight ticket Dem until Obama loomed out of nowhere–I could not find anything out about him and what I did hear made me leery–I was on Women on the Web in those days…everyone hated could I say anything against this wonderful young senator? That site, I think, long since self-destructed into I don’t even know what. So I voted for McCain and came here and learned about RINOs, small govt, that stupid no-taxes pledge, etc–but then bam, a lot of people here LIKED a RINO–Trump…wha? Why did the Dems go so liberal? I think good old Bernie pulled Hillary left with his engrained nonsense and all the youngsters cheering…Neither party is what is was and probably never will be again… Sic transit.

          • Star — God knows where this will nest. But further to your answer on Dems Left, I think the Dems did not go hard left until after Obama came into office and began implementing his transformation. Lots of housecleaning and those who didn’t go along would be swept out with the rest. Interesting to me, that it was so thorough and there is not a Dem left really who is worth a grain. But the weak underpinnings were there that allowed it. Anyway, perhaps what is happening in the Rep. Party is early enough (pre election) to prevent this from happening there as well — that would be the GOPe winning. Who knows.

        • His weakness may be leaving you vulnerable, I agree…But I meant Trump’s avowed intention to threaten the govt of Mexico–pay for the wall or we will cut off the money people are sending home (the heck with how it hurts legals).

  2. Amazing. Assuming it is true DRUDGE leads with headline Boston Globe set to publish fake news in lampoon Trump edition of Sunday paper.

    One tweet says this: @DRUDGE I never thought I’d see the supposedly mainstream media lose their minds & their way to this frightening degree & become the enemy.

    And , assuming this is true, I agree. Say what you will about Donald Trump, but this degree of desperation to hold onto power and influence among all the elites in this country is frightening.

  3. OK WHD’s here’s your CHASER from yesterday:

    Sunday Globe column (NOT the fake B one): Break up the Dems/Repub elite power, Put em ALL on the ballot:

    This scenario only works if you want a “red state” POTUS.
    1. The one thing Obama has done that has actually been good for this country is that in reaction to his leftist activism “red” states have now overtaken “blue” states.
    2. No matter who or what party 270 electoral votes will be needed to gain the WH
    Several possibilities are now shaping up come November. Trump pulls off the 1237 but he’s made himself so radioactive a Dem POTUS is a given. Cruz somehow manages the nomination and a Dem POTUS is a given (Cruz may be a “true” conservative but his tone makes him unelectable in the general). The RNC denies BOTH Cruz and Trump which again makes a Dem POTUS a given.

    A 3rd candidate acceptable to “red state” voters is recruited to run in select states that would win he/her just enough electoral votes to keep both the R & D candidates from gaining the 270 needed.

    POTUS selection now goes to the House of Representatives. Yes, it’s a House still run by Ryan and the elites BUT it has a strong conservative/Tea party contingent. But the best part of a House selection is each state only gets ONE vote and only a simple majority is needed to select the next POTUS.

    With more Red than Blue states the Dem candidate is out from the get go. That leaves only the R elite candidate or the insurgent. At that point the insurgent candidate garners enough support from the more conservative red states and both the Republican and Democrat parties are rebuked.

    This is a single point in history where such a crazy idea might just work. People are so disgusted at BOTH political parties the pressure on the state delegations in the House would be tremendous.

    The entire theme is “why not give the 3rd option a try, the other two have given us only debt and despair”.

    Obviously, this is only a summary to get the thought going but more detail takes up far too much space on Keith’s website. I’ll be filling in more blanks and posting to my Corner website over the next week.

    As you sort through it remember,in a House scenario the blue states CA, NY etc get no more power than KS or AR and with only a simple majority needed to elect this may be the last chance in history to save this country and set it back on the Constitutional rule of law framing upon which it was founded.

    Have at it!

    • Good stuff. Looking forward to reading all. A nit — but he’s made himself so radioactive a Dem POTUS is a given. Antics like the BG and the RNC rallying against DT, speaks to the fact that he alone has not made himself “radioactive”. He spoke, the elites and their sheeples reacted. Rather like Fahrenheit 451, they wrote and Montag, under instruction, burned and destroyed.

    • Re. the third option. Interesting. But Paul Ryan and his merry little band of elites will align with Dems before they ever align with conservatives or Republicans outside their clique.

      • I know that’s a risk BUT in the end each representative wants to keep his seat and the voters back home are at pitch fork pitch. (Like that pun? )
        It’s certainly not a preferred scenario but in desperate times desperate measures are sometimes all the people have left.

        • I am not pithy enough to deliver anything on the pitch — other than I liked the pun.

          Good job on throwing out some good food for thought. Perhaps you might be right about the Ccritters voting with those who brung’em, but so far I haven’t seen too much of that. Desperate times, desperate measures for sure. And grateful that it can’t get pitched to the Senate where the Great Compromiser (but in the end we will all vote with Harry) McConnell.

      • I don’t believe that, grace–you have hate ryan goggles…Some of us, or me anyway, just don’t buy it. But as I have said–I do not see the shadowy “elites” bringing in someone outside the process–I could be wrong…but if they don’t, I am still partyless.

        • I don’t hate Ryan. But I am beginning to intensely dislike the way people (not you) casually sling that word around when someone has a differing point of view or preference.

          I have come to see him for what he is. After his toe in the water with Romney Ryan has been bitten by the I Wanna Be President bug. You can watch his evolution. And I, for one, did not buy his doth protest too much I don’t want to be Speaker act either.

          There are many people, like myself, who at first supported Ryan and now don’t. Time peels off some masks. Reminds me of Rubio.

          • Well, hate was strong…sorry. But you have it in for him, and I just don’t agree…Yes, the coy thing is wearing thin, agree on that. You know for me a comparison to Rubio would be positive–wish I had said that.

        • Geoff – what your saying is that all the voting so far becomes moot!

          NO no no!

          Trump is actually right.

          Getting out of NAFTA,Nato and other bad agreements is a good thing.

          Rayan is a big RINO. Your solution is the status as is. Dems and RHINO’s continuing the current direction.

          Very few want that!

        • Outside the process that would be obummer making EO’s

          Voting matters and we have voted

          It is what it is.
          Suck it up like we have had to suck up the BS Obummer has been shoveling for 7 years!
          I hate everything he has done. All of it!

        • Unless your a dem no other party.

          GOP and Dems have the same goals these days. Keep the same game going.

          We are just peasants to them or is it pissants?

  4. Well, there is a little ray of sunshine peeking thru the clouds this morning.
    Tht glorified version of a Dallas carhop, Meghan Kelly, may be leaving home early next year when her contract expires. Hurray!!!!

    She is now the toast of the media world with every outlet, including the Hollywood Reporter, celebrating her new-found stardom. Interviews with Katie Couric, Charlie Rose, and a host of others, plus a one-hour Barbara Walters special coming up soon.

    Here is what she cloyingly said Charlie Rose in the most obnoxious interview ever:

    Rose: “What’s the perfect television show for Megyn Kelly to do?”

    Kelly: “How about we merge a little Charlie Rose, a little Oprah, and a little me all together. And we serve that up as an hour? Wouldn’t you watch that?”


    • No longer have cable. No longer watch the Dallas carhop. Woe is me.

      What amazes me is when these people like MK cross over that vanity line and really, really don’t think people are on to them and excuse or deny it away.

      Speaking of away, I see that cutie, smart husband of hers on his way out as MK soars up, up and away.

    • A bit too sassy for serious news. It’s her life. If she wants to go Hollywood, see ya. Comes a time when all of these talking heads need to realize that THEY are not the story. Ask Brian Williams


  5. Obama considering trip to Hiroshima. Most likely to apologize. Undoubtedly there are many people, who think DT is a danger in a nuclear world, who will see this as a noble gesture. I am not one of them. It is like most things Obama, borderline treasonous and spits in the face of every American and their family and friends who fought for their country.

      • Don’t know. Perhaps. Although I doubt it was a formal thing.

        One thing I do know — if he does an Obama “apology” (see above about spitting) I hope the earth beneath his feet opens up and swallows him .

    • Wasn’t it just last year the Japanese government told him NO on Hiroshima?
      If he does go against their wishes how will he treat Pearl Harbor? Oh I know, WE CAUSED IT because WE were the bully capitalists who cut off Japan’s supply of raw material for war making.
      And I’m sure in his apology will not be one mention of the fact that dropping the bomb in the long run saved literally millions of lives from the even worse hell that would have been a conventional force invasion of the islands.
      God how I despise this man.

  6. A little history as told by a current day commenter elsewhere.

    On this day in 1821 Patriarch Gregory V of Constantinople was hanged by the muzzie Ottoman government from the main gate of the Patriarchate and his body was thrown into the Bosphorus.

    • You’re right. My rule of thumb: trust no one in politics or similar endeavors, whether a politician, a “journalist”, audiovisual wizards or political consultants. I just assume they have been been bought and paid for to “win” whatever they’ve been hired to win. They are corrupt to the core, living out their professional lives without principle or virtue unless proven otherwise. They are guilty until proven innocent, to use the Napoleonic Code approach.

      • Why is it necessarily corrupt to be full-on into your job? I don’t get that…Yes, people have self-interest, they also try to do what the client is paying for…that is consulting…

  7. Ever wonder how much the candidates have spent so far to get to live into the White House? Here tis: (totals all rounded off)

    Total for all candidates: $1,031,000,000

    Hillary Clinton: $222,000,000
    Bernie Sanders $149,000,000
    Ted Cruz $120,000,000
    Donald Trump $36,000,000
    John Kasich $22,000,000
    Jill Stein (Green Party) $321,000
    Gary Johnson (Libertarian) $149,000

    That’s a lot of consultant money and media buy cash swishing around.

    • Wow. OK. I’m announcing my candidacy for the POTUS position.
      We (ha) are accepting donations from the little people and refusing to accept donations from the big-bucks people (ha, again).
      Just send your hard-earned bucks to MrKoffler and he will forward it on to my campaign.
      My headquarters will be aboard Carnival’s biggest cruise ship as soon as the donations start pouring in.
      You can e-mail me there.
      Srdem65/2016 yay!

      • No doubt running for office is big business. The same site (Open Secrets) reveals where the money is coming from for various candidates –Big pharma being, by far, the biggest contributor to candidates. Insurance companies, health organizations, financial institutions, unions are all up there in donations.

        I’ll contribute to your campaign. Sending a big box of nickels I’ve been saving to Keith. ;+}

  8. Re: Another break from politics—

    This is terrible sophomoric belittling humor and an insult to this well-informed audience, as is my cowardly anonymous posting of it here for which I apologize profusely. I do think it funny as heck though:

    “Today Megyn Kelly looks like every guy’s ex-wife in a courtroom.”

      • I’d raised merry old you-know-what over this. Did the GOPe not realize this would make them look even more stupid and crooked than they look now?

        • It appears they are testing Trump, and us.
          I think that they consider themselves too big to fail.
          That goes for both parties.

          It’s time the American People took their voice back.

      • This is the second campaign trick the Cruz people have pulled (that we know of). The first one was when the Cruz campaign told everyone Ben Carson was pulling out of the race after the Iowa caucus, so people should support Cruz in Iowa and not Carson. That was really dirty politics.

          • Spread by the Roe the sleaze operation along with the “violation” mailer.
            Cruz is free to hire whoever he wants and use whatever tactics he chooses. BUT trying to claim the moral high ground while campaigning in the gutter and now embracing GOPe establishment big money is as hypocritical as it gets.

    • GOP using Soros and Dem tactics. GOP Colorado scratching delegates shows how in your face the GOPe is willing to get. Kind of like Obama. Or maybe just like Obama. The law, and rules, for the little people.

      Heard Soros is paying for 1000s of protesters to go to DT event. Response was Trump should hire a bunch of union thugs in response. My money would be on the union thugs.

      • WRONG AGAIN CO is a caucus state. CO VOTED on these rules LAST YEAR. ALL the candidates received ALL the rules for each state BEFORE THE IOWA PRIMARY!
        Ted Cruzes campaign just out manuvered Trumps campaign. He Trump got the very same info as
        Every other candidate! YOU people are so hell bent on hating Ted Cruz you dont even bother to do real research! And you call yourselves intelligent? Really? I say something else.

        • Except the presidential preference vote was cancelled. Other than that most important fact everything else was just the same.
          Hey Ted,
          If you’re going to use bots to monitor WHD might want to get one that tells ALL the truth and not just the part that fits your narrative.

  9. Saw this comment and thought I would share. :)

    Bill Clinton injected a disruptive element into the Democratic presidential campaign yesterday: truth. The question now is: How will his wife recover from this alien intrusion?

    — Heather Mac Donald on Bill’s critique of BLM protesters