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Saturday Open Thread || April 9, 2016



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  1. It seems that MrTrump is being schooled in what every non-billionaire, nobody special citizen learned years ago – the government/elites make the rules and the rules are fixed for them.
    Operating under the delusion that the election process is fair and honest, he and his minions believed that if you won the election, you win the delegates. Ah, not so.
    SenSanders and his supporters are learning the same thing – the game is rigged, fixed well before anyone picks up their gaming pieces.

    This weekend, MrObama tells a group of millionaire entertainers that MrTrump will NOT be elected President, assuring them that the progressive agenda will keep moving forward. Draconian regulations will be imposed on those who pollute our air, but they will still be allowed to fly their personal jets and be driven about in gas-guzzling vehicles. They can relax knowing that the Dems are doing all they can to dis-arm the public, even though most of the actors were made rich by the public who loved their shoot-em-up, blow it up, kill, maim and destroy movies.

    • Yes AF Vet: You drop in a link that is clearly Pro Trump. Not very democratic for someone who touts “fair voting” for people. So your solution, well I don’t like Ted Cruz, so we will just remove him from our ballot. Ted Cruz IS a natural born citizen. Get over yourself. This site is clearly pro Trump. And god forbid if ANYONE disagrees with any of you, you go Right into typical Trump Tantrum mode calling people liars slimes etc. I don’t know who I dislike more. Trump or his supporters. Feel free to start your hypocritical name calling…

      • Not everyone here is a full time, no-other- candidate-will-do Trumpster. My sense is that most of us are still observing, thinking, comparing, favoring one, then the other candidate, and haven’t made a final decision yet. I go back and forth between Trump and Cruz, both have serious flaws and attractive qualities, like everyone else on the planet. But for R’s, those are the realistic and probable final choices, pre-convention. Some like Kasich, but unless there is some backroom skullduggery at the convention, he’ll wash out. The thing we are all (many, at least) concerned about is a brokered convention, and the subsequent manipulation of the now freed-up delegates, the unknown (currently) mystery candidates who might be parachuted into the convention. And if that happens, what about all those primaries and caucuses and the results thereof? Was that all a waste of time, energy and money? So there’s a lot of weird stuff floating in the air, as well and uncertainty (and strong suspicion) with the motivation and conniving we see with the folks in charge of this circus. That’s where I’m at right now, at least.

  2. About that round of fundraisers, I just had this mental image of Obama walking into a party, big glass coffee table in the middle, Obama with a “straw”, bending over, hoovering up all the money on the table, standing up, wiping his nose, a little nod to the host, and exit the room. That man can literally inhale money.

  3. Morning all,
    Over in Kansas this weekend and that means helping out the mom and the pop and getting back to roots. The ol JD Model 40 has its two new front tires on and some fence work stating shortly.
    I truly wish I could yank every inner city kid out of the hell holes the Dems have created for them and give em a chance at real “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” out here.
    NOW onto the elites rigging the election.
    Here’s your SHOT:
    There IS a way to keep BOTH D & R (if they keep Trump off) establishment candidates out of the WH. AND, it’s completely Constitutional and would blow up the power of both parties.
    CHASER comes on tomorrow open thread.
    But feel free to speculate on this thread. Lots of brain power here and I certainly wouldn’t bet against any of you figuring it out before I post the link.
    Off to the fence, have a great Saturday.

  4. Long time reader of “Mad Magazine” I never really considered seriously any possibility Alfred E. Neuman for president. This is Alfred’s year for sure. He just may be a good write in for 2016. False hope? Well I know about that first hand.