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Obama’s War on Business Isn’t Done

Is there any president in recent memory who has done so much harm to America’s businesses, large and small?

President Obama has held to his instincts as a “community organizer,” viewing the business segment as “the man” oppressing the average person. Except that the average person — those who still have a job, at least — generally tend to work for the businesses Obama is killing

Most prominently, there’s been Obamacare and its requirement that small businesses cover their employees’ health insurance or put them on a part-time footing to squeeze under the 50-worker threshold, at which the requirement kicks in. It’s a huge addition to the bottom line for many businesses that are barely profitable. Meantime, insurance rates are soaring, forcing small business owners who buy their own insurance to pay the higher rates.

The president isn’t quite finished inflicting damage, preparing a “flurry” on regulations to which he wants businesses newly chained, the Wall Street Journal has reported. “Planned moves — across labor, health, finance and the environment — range from overtime pay for white-collar workers to more obscure matters such as requiring food makers to disclose added sugar on cartons of flavored milk,” the Journal said.

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34 thoughts on “Obama’s War on Business Isn’t Done”

  1. I know he has never even run a lemonade stand–but now we have a guy who has run a giant lemonade stand and I personally wonder if that’s transferable to governing…All this is comedy except for those involved or trying to do something, of course.

    1. The politicians have us over 19 trillion in debt.
      That is a failure in my book.
      Why not try a successful businessman.
      Maybe he can put a dent in the debt.

    2. “I know he has never even run a lemonade stand–but now we have a guy who has run a giant lemonade stand and I personally wonder if that’s transferable to governing.”

      Sorry Star, your logic escapes me.

      1. Pretty clear–just running a commercial co does not equal success in running a country. This “maybe” and “give a try” stuff is not reassuring to me in the least.

          1. Oh god–that one isn’t even true–you can get diff results at any time…I am not being held to cliches…honestly. I don’t operate that way. Is everything being the same as now under Obama or Trump’s wild and improbable notions the only choices? Really? The only ones we as a first world country can come up with?

        1. Yes, I was referring to Obama. I misread Star’s original post – I thought she was referring to Obama as well, until I re-read it.

          Don’t mind me.

          1. Don’t apologize, Pibb – Keith’s post was about Obama, but Star reflexively made it all about Trump…in the first reply of the thread! Her predictable routine has grown beyond tiresome.

  2. A very timely post Keith.
    He is going to make a mad dash for the door while leaving our economy in his wake.
    Everything that he has done to this Country in the last 7+ years has been detrimental to Her health.

    The Military,
    The health care system,
    The VA,
    Onerous regulations through the EPA,
    The school systems,
    and now his intent to marginalize our trade with other countries.

    Denigrating our Country in foreign nations and laughing at the press.

    Bowing to leaders that hold women as nothing more than cattle.

    Hope and Change,….whose hope and change, his, or ours ?

    The fools that voted for him twice should be confined in a mental institution.
    Yet they are still out there begging for Hillary.
    First female in the WH,..
    I have no problem with a female in the WH, BUT NOT HER !

    Pardon my rant, it felt good.

      1. I don’t give a damn what is in her underpants, I’m more concerned what’s between her ears.

        Maggie Thatcher, we need you.

    1. It was good for me too ;)

      Trump will stop the bleeding, he knows economics.

      Trump believes in peace through strength, which is great for national security.

      He wants to get rid of Common Core and the Dept.of Education (a Carter invention)and turn education back to the states, which will be good for our kids.

      There’s so much more that needs to be fixed, I trust Trump to know how.

      1. He’s also strong on the trade issues.
        Kasich is for TPP and voted for NAFTA and common core, and ACA, the latter in Ohio.

        Cruz voted for TPA and TPP before he voted against TPP.

        I am sick of politicians confounding the simple logic of what makes things work.

    2. Hopefully Obama will make a mad dash for the door. Yes, he will leave a huge mess in his wake, but he will not leave DC (except for golf and & fundraising). From DC, Obama will blame the next President (Trump or Cruz) for the mess.

  3. AFVet—Rant on! Me too!

    Star—re: governing—I love your posts and opinions, but (there had to be a “but”) please tell me what president had less experience “governing” than the present one.

      1. I agree Obama in his sketchy Senate presence had no experience–but that does not mean someone else with no experience would be better….just bec they have no experience. I would not take a doc who had never done my operation bec he would have an open mind or do something unexpected…

        1. In the latter case, I would need to be convinced–tell me how you would do things, what the anticipated outcome would be, what challenges you would face, how you would overcome those, how long it would take, how much it would cost, who would have to buy in or sign off…don’t just say don’t worry, it’ll be great.

  4. I hold Congress accountable for this sorry state, too. There’s plenty of blame to go around.
    I know this: small town America has been changed for the worse. Empty buildings and no industry.
    Our government has failed us.
    Even Bill Clinton is beginning to see the light being shown on the evils of rampant liberalism.

  5. Overtime for white collar workers? When I worked full time, in management roles, overtime wasn’t paid to me, though I worked plenty of it. My salary and annual bonuses made up for it!

      1. Speaking of weird notions–Indiana is about to pass or passed a bill saying the product of miscarriages had to be buried or cremated. This is bone stupid–where do some Reps come up with this stuff? I had two misses–and they were horrible. This nonsense would have added to the horror and expense…nutty.

  6. And Congress is blind and deaf to his destruction. I have two senators in CA that are silent to the wreckling ball this Commie is doing. I see and expect worse things to come.

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