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Obama Schedule || Saturday, April 9, 2016

Obama played golf in the morning.

10:35 pm PT || Departs San Francisco
10:00 pm ET || Arrives White House

17 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Saturday, April 9, 2016”

  1. I’m still wondering if instead of golf, a trip to Stanford might be on the schedule, explaining Malia’s presence. College decisions have been sent out. Any word where she might be going?

    1. Plenty of time for both a college visit and and round of golf….He is a very smart man who has shown he can run a golf calendar with a high level of effectiveness.

      Once, he was able to do a really emotional speech about some recently killed person or something — very convincing — and then hit the links. I think he may have had his golf shoes on already at the podium. Maybe not. Either way — talkie talkie thing and then yucking it up and such with buds on the links.

      We too often underestimate the depth of this man. Shame on us all.

      1. Obama learned a long time ago that a bucket of his BS and a big toothy smile went a long way for him. So he just doubled down and look where he is now. Biggest hoax to ever live in the White House, and he got away with it. The life lesson he is yet to experience is that what goes around, comes around. Political karma’s a bitch and it’s headed his way.

        1. Seriously? He’s done more for this country than Bush did. Do you remember those year??? or do you have the Republican version in your mind?

          1. Even though I was pretty upset the night of shock and awe and pretty much despised Bush’s phony cowboy thing, I was never this talked down to, this outraged, this fearful, this confused or this involved…Maybe the involved is good–not sure sometimes.

          2. You might stipulate what he has done in a positive or a negative context.

            Is increasing the debt more than all of the former presidents combined a positive or a negative ?

            Are racial relations better or worse under this president than they were under the last president ?

            Feel free to clarify your statement.

        1. Bill Clinton is acting out now — upset that his presidency is not viewed well — and he did get stuff done (or let the GOP get stuff done and take the credit for it).

          Barack will be soon forgotten.

          1. Barack will only be forgotten and lied about by the GOP. Thank goodness Trump is destroying that hateful party. Take a look back at the Bush years & remember that horrible disaster? GOP is trying to rewrite that. We WON’T forget what Bush did to this country.

          2. I don’t think regulars here will EVER forget the legacy of Barack–the abandonment of superpower responsibilities, the overbalancing toward Muslim causes, the downplaying of murder and terror, the stunning burden of new regs plopped on the economy, the inviting of illegals into the country and pampering of all illegals over legals, the constant condescension, the refusal really work with Congress or get to know the people there even, the grotesque in your face spending on vacays, the ridiculous pandering to pop culture which only saluted back bec he was president, etc. In retrospect, Iraw may have been a mistake bec it eventually led to chaos and the rise of a Murder State…but Obama’s legacy is pretty bad, too.

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