As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Holds Glitzy Los Angeles Fundraiser

President Obama Thursday did one of his favorite things, hanging out with stars and Hollywood executives while raising money for Democrats.

According to the Los Angeles Times:

Tickets for the event ranged from $15,000 to $66,800 per couple. The event was hosted at the Spanish-style home of Alan Horn, Walt Disney Studios chairman, and his environmentalist wife, Cindy Horn.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Julia Roberts were spotted in the crowd.

According to an invitation obtained by The Times, other guests included Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hall, Katie McGrath and J.J. Abrams, Lyn and Norman Lear, and Barbra Streisand and James Brolin. Guests sat at nine round tables of 10 seats each under a large tent draped in lights. Each had white floral centerpieces and candles.

Friday morning, he was appearing at a $33,400-per-couple breakfast hosted by Jennifer and Tobey Maguire in Los Angeles and then jetting off to San Francisco to raise yet more money.

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44 Responses to Obama Holds Glitzy Los Angeles Fundraiser

    • That sandwich probably tastes better than some phony quinoa appetizers and you are probably not standing around in pinchy Jimmy Choos and tearing up hundreds in effect. I would not trade…what a gaggle of dopes–they all deserve each other.

  1. Nothing “official” on his schedule for the Cali trip so we can pay for the full ride? Otherwise, the expenses must be picked up by the DNC ?

    Common Core Obama math is hard ;)

  2. Comment carried over. Also in attendance at some of the fetes. Malia. Assume Moloch(a) and the other Obama girl child and granny are spending our money elsewhere.

    Well, it’s nice to see a little father daughter time on this trip. You will note from the pix that Mama Valerie is on hand as well. And Malia, dresses particularly appropriately. Just like her real Mama does. One might ask whether the US taxpayer or the DNC or the Obamas are paying for the young Miss Obama’s jaunt, but I suspect we all know the answer to that.

    • Malia looks tacky, even for L.A. standards. It’s even tackier that her parents have groomed her for a Hollywood career, while ignoring all of the noble activities she could have participated in during her stay at the WH.
      Not a role model amongst this family of grifters.s

  3. Didn’t follow the money-grubber’s schedule very closely yesterday. I left home on a mercy mission to pick up DH’s favorite chocolate ice cream at the market, and got stuck in a roadblock for over an hour on the way home! Why do WE have to show a driver’s license to accommodate the stealth potus?

    DH, needless to say, had to settle for a bowl of Chocolate slush while Obama et al wined and dined on truffles and pate foie gras.

      • Evidently the fundraiser last nite was up in the hills above our home. No access was allowed to homeowners past a certain point. Thus, the DL.

        Obama LOVES roadblocks! Makes him feel sooo important. We always have a gazillion street closures when he’s here. It’s unprecedented and so infuriating.

  4. I NEVER see “events” like this “reported” on FOXNews… They have a “WH press corps” “correspondent”…?
    Why do they never report stories about Obama’s many fundraisers (his post-president slush fund?) and all his excessive private travels on AF1…???

      • Marjo, Im with you…I can only watch a few hours of FOXNews nowadays.
        -3pm news is nice when Shep is not there…Cavouto is ok most days…
        -the 15 minutes of panel on “Special Report” with Krauthammer…
        -O’Reilley openings/memo

        • About the same for me…That beauty queen woman at lunchtime is unbearable–same for Magyn these days and even Greta…I am burning out. I do think Cavuto is pretty droll. I am sick of Chas Payne, tho…and that himbo Bolling.

      • For whatever reason, Fox is destroying its brand. Like others here, I can tolerate a little bit….a little of “Special Report” (very little), Cavuto is good, and that’s about it. Those “sitting on the couch and chatting” shows are an insult to anyone’s intelligence (Outnumbered, The Five, etc.) Loud mouthed, self absorbed chinwaggers (Rivera is the poster boy for that kind of empty headed prattle), and terminally obnoxious, overpaid types like that nut Shepard Smith aren’t worth a bowl of mush. Megyn Kelly? Are you kidding me? A complete waste of time. Greta–who presents herself like a prosecuting attorney going after a baby killer in the trial of the century, and who never seems to pay attention to the responses her guests are giving her because she’s too busy reading the next question she’s going to ask? No, thanks.

        So Fox is a mess for me. Why they let it collapse like this is anyone’s guess. They got lazy? Ailes has handed off the day to day management to someone else? He doesn’t care anymore?

        Or is it the Fox connection with the Saudis? Hmm What, you ask? Like this:

        “Scandal Rocks Fox News Over Saudi Terror Link”

        Or this:

        “Sharia Prince Owns Stake In FOX News Parent”

  5. Malia, a high school senior who must have recently received her college acceptances, accompanied her father. Wonder if she applied to and is checking out Stanford?

    • If and when Malia Obama decides to go to college all she will have to do is show up. On the first day for photo opp and of course, the last day for another when she receives the degree.

      Should she decide to do something in between, that is up to her.