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Video || Hillary: NRA Reminds Me of Iran, Communists

So how many of you who own guns are Persians or Communists? From October 2015.

20 Responses to Video || Hillary: NRA Reminds Me of Iran, Communists

  1. Having subscribed for some time to materials from both the NRA and the “anti-gunners”, I’d say Hillary’s comments are misdirected.

    • The NRA members are not the ones in Chicago killing people, they are the ones that are defending their homes and their families.

        • Well where is Hillary ?
          She was born in Illinois, why isn’t she addressing the gang killings there ?

          Oh no,…it’s the NRA.
          The NRA has no illegal gun owners, gangs do.

  2. It amazes me that Americans, especially American politicos, can speak about other Americans this way.

    Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are simply mean spirited, evil people who could care less about the country — who only see divisiveness , who only want to submission from other Americans. It is really despicable . I just can never find the words when I hear her or Obama speak. They deserve each other.

  3. Maybe it’s me or the photo — but if that was October 2015 she certainly has aged and packed on some pounds in a relatively short period of time. Or maybe it’s those god awful unflattering boxy Mao pantsuits she insists on wearing.

    • Where the heck does she find those getups–even Lane Bryant would throw them out of the catalog. And any other color but rust? Wait–she did have that black and white vinyl thing on the other day–pleather at best.