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Video || Hillary Can’t Figure Out How to Get on the Subway

She pulled a publicity stunt today in which she rode the subway.

Well, look, I had problems too the first time I took public transportation.

Some of you may remember this.

27 Responses to Video || Hillary Can’t Figure Out How to Get on the Subway

  1. On the Bush scanner video, that was right after the scanners were installed in grocery stores.
    It was amazing to me too, the technology to read a bar code that quickly.

    • He wasn’t even in the grocery store, he was at a trade show where they were demonstrating the new technology. Nobody had ever used them before. But of course Mathews wouldn’t actually research anything that may make Bush look better.

  2. C’mon, Hillary. You never used a subway in adult life, so what’sup?
    I’d bet my next SS check that you don’t even have a driver’s license, a library card, a loyalty card from the pharmacy or market, or any of the things that vex or help ordinary people.
    You remember – ordinary, everyday people?. You promise to ‘help’ them, to ‘work’ for them, but you have no idea who they are or what they might need or want.

  3. True confession from a NY Metro person: I ride the subways on occasion, when I visit from the ‘burbs. I mess up the card thing half the time myself, sliding it backwards. You would think they would put a red arrow on the darn card.

    That being said, a true New Yawker like Hilly, who lives in Westchester, has an office in Brooklyn, and hubby office in Harlem, would be a bit more familiar with the system.

    Bet she borrowed the card, someone else paid for it, like her foundation.

    Talking foundation, NYPD cops are under full investigation for getting cash and diamonds for special service rendered to a few high rolling Manhattan business “folks”. The WRATH of the legal system is blowing up their you know what today.

    Question: why is it that NYPD officials are fully raked over the coals for taking er, bribes, but Hillary taking millions from foreign countries while Secty of State is a non issue?

    Perhaps she needs a little New York attitude blowing up her skirt too.


  4. I don’t see this as a story.

    I would not know how to use the subway, either.

    There are some real issues with which to pick on regarding HRC. This is nothing.

    • I totally agree Marjo.
      This is just an effort for her to divert the attention from the FBI investigations.

      She is just playing to the stupidity of her supporters.

    • If I were a millionaire living in NYC, I’d take cabs or a car service to get around. Subways and buses are for the peons. She proved nothing with her stunt, and the locals know that.

      I’ve messed up swiping the card when in a hurry, but it never took me that long to figure out what I did wrong.

      She probably inconvenienced a lot of commuters also.

      Yes, there are far worse things to club her over the head with, and being a phony-baloney should be one of them ;)

      • She proved nothing with her stunt, and the locals know that.

        Hope you’re right Denise.

        New Yorker’s are a different breed.
        Trump is in high cotton up there.

  5. To all of you who have had trouble I get it.

    BUT, you did not call out the press to watch you ride the subway like the folks. If you are going to do that you darned well should make sure you know how to do it. Typical arrogance.

  6. Hillary’s difficulty in getting on the subway for some reason reminded me of Charlie, the person who got on the Boston subway system (the MTA) and who never got off or was seen again. Shame this Hillary person didn’t have the same experience Charlie had, eh? You may remember the Kingston Trio told us all about Charlie and his experience on the MTA. ;+}