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Video || Bill Clinton Spars with Black Lives Matter Protestors

Hand to hand – verbal – combat. Not sure how this will play. He’s accusing Black Lives Matter protestors of supporting killers of black people.

Hillary needs African Americans, and already gets them. So probably this can only hurt.

12 thoughts on “Video || Bill Clinton Spars with Black Lives Matter Protestors”

    1. Criticize a Clinton? Oh the horror. The person would be ostracized from Washington “society” — is there a minute mark for Billy’s comments on BLM? 11 minutes of Bill Clinton is 10:59 second too much for me.

    2. Speaking of MSM zzzzz, somewhere in America a twice deported illegal killed a firefighter and his family in a car crash. Wonder if he even had one of those Lefty special DLs or was “under the influence” . Crickets.

  1. He’s the epitome of sleaze and I personally despise the scum but he’s dead on with this one. If only the rest had the same spine we’d finally start to turn the tide against the Soros thugs.

    1. The epitome of sleaze , this scum probably had some back door political reason for saying this, but he did not do it because he has a spine. And I kind of think he is one of the Soros’ thugs as well. But other than that, yeah.

  2. After watching a lifetime of sleaze, lies, deception and greed, perpetuated by both Clintons, we know there’s not a sincere or virtuous bone in their bodies. This latest slight tick toward the middle by Slick Willy is just one more head fake from this scoundrel.

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