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Live Stream || Obama Touts Garland for the Supreme Court

He returns to the University of Chicago Law School, where he “lectured,” to pressure Republicans to hold a vote.

UPDATE: The event has concluded.

17 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Touts Garland for the Supreme Court

  1. The constitutional interpretation is whatever suits Obama. He wants to shove another liberal in the SC. We’ve already seen what the court after Scalia’s murder has done when it ruled illegals are counted.

    • Where is the PROOF that “Barack Hussein Obama” ever ‘taught’ a law school class…?

      Where the hell are any of his students…? Wouldn’t you be bragging if the “president of the US” taught you a class in law school…?

    • I don’t know if it was 12 years or not. But all the evidence points to him being an Adjunct Professor, nothing more, nothing less. It drives me crazy that they are allowed to get away with this “constitutional scholar” BS. Obama probably rates as one of the least “scholarly” and certainly the least “gentlemanly” of all the American Presidents —

    • Well, I don’t know about prizes, but he has been doing this since 2009.
      He has a big chip on his shoulder concerning America and he will take every opportunity to denigrate this Nation that he can.

      • Michelle is doing a bang up job as well denigrating the US saying today that diversity is our strength, not our military or democracy or freedom. The woman is certifiable.

        • Always remember what she said about our Flag.
          “All this for a damn flag.”

          Diversity is not our strength, unity against the ones that promote diversity is our strength.

          These people have rammed this philosophy down our throats for the last 8 years.

          Their tireless efforts to enforce this policy is 180 degrees out of phase from what this Country was founded on.

        • Well, Michelle is not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. Additionally, she has been been bathed, drowned perhaps, in the “America is a racist country” crap all of her life.

          Here’s her Senior thesis from Princeton, where you can watch her wallow in self pity (she’s Black, you see) and the dungeon of victimization she champions so often. It is a pitiful piece of research, thesis development and writing. Judge for yourself.

          One funny little aside. She describes herself (as the author of this piece of nonsense) as a “As a future Black alumnus (of Princeton)….”. Alumnus is the masculine form of the term implying, perhaps,that she was planning future gender reassignment surgery. Who knows? She should have written “As a future Black alumna….”, using the proper feminine form of the term. Small beans, but illustrative of the high school level of her “senior thesis”.

          Anyway, her thesis is full of grammatical errors, misdirection, fluff, unsubstantiated assertions and half baked ideas. Just like her husband’s Presidency. A pathetic piece of work. I would have given her a C- grade, or demanded a rewrite.