As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Barack Obama, Lecturer in Chief

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  1. I can’t wait to see the Manchurian candidate out of the news. Between the Kardastrash and him, we’ve had enough suffering. Time for some chamomille tea.

  2. This video illustrates (again) how Obama plays in, and is stuck in, the most dysfunctional area of Game Theory–the “I’m OK and you are not OK” approach to human interaction. This is how he presents himself and uses the critical parent tactic constantly when talking to or about people who disagree with him. He’s right, and you are always, always wrong. You’re not OK.

    I’m OK – You’re not OK
    “People in this position feel themselves superior in some way to others, who are seen as inferior and not OK. As a result, they may be contemptuous and quick to anger. Their talk about others will be smug and supercilious, contrasting their own relative perfection with the limitation of others.

    “This position (I’m OK and you’re not OK) is a trap into which many managers, parents and others in authority fall, assuming that their given position makes them better and, by implication, others are not OK.”

    More on Game Theory, (transactional analysis) if you’re interested: it can help us understand human interactions and relationships in families, the behavior of politicians, work relationships, etc.

    A bit wonky, but there is it. ;+}

  3. Sorry. Not clicking on it. Can’t stand the sound of his voice.

    A transcript? I’ll read. But no way in hell am I clicking on a video of this clown. Ever.