As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Thursday, April 7, 2016

Noon || Departs White House
1:05 pm CT || Arrives Chicago
2:30 pm CT || Participates in a conversation about the Supreme Court and our country’s judicial system; University of Chicago Law School, Chicago
5:25 pm CT || Departs Chicago
7:25 pm PT || Arrives Los Angeles
8:45 pm PT || Delivers remarks at a fundraiser for House Democrats; private residence, Santa Monica, California

All times Eastern except as noted

27 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, April 7, 2016

  1. “Participates in a conversation”….Ha ha ha. Obama doesn’t know the meaning of a conversation. The schedule should read: Holds a monologue about how he hates the Republicans

  2. So far as I know the Republicans are holding firm (surprise!) so far on not acting on a SCOTUS nomination.

    So, I guess this will be Obama’s topic and he can lecture away to the believers. Because surely no one will ask what about Biden’s comment years ago that a SCOTUS apptmt should the purview of a new Administration.

    Anyway, Obama doesn’t have the nomination process he wants so there will be temper tantrum foot stomping.

  3. Should read, Former Adjunct Professor (one step ahead of grad student TA)

    Participates in a conversation about the Supreme Court and our country’s judicial system; University of Chicago Law School, Chicago

  4. Good morning, I have to tell you a little something about democracy in Europe. As you know, many, many citizens are critical and skeptic to the monstrosity EU and definitely do not want a federal Europe, a United States of Europe. On the contrary, they ( and I ) want more nationalism instead. Well, yesterday there was an interesting referendum in Holland.The referendum was about an association-agreement between EU-Ukraine. The global elitists including the Obama government and the EU ( their tools ) wanted it for their sinister purposes. The Dutch government wanted to comply an the people was to obey but they did not. Instead they forced the government, with petitions, to organize a referendum. But the government and the Dutch MSM tried to ignore it and when that did not succeed, they argued for a Yes. But the result was an overwhelming No ,thanks to alternative media. That is peoples power today. So the global power-elite wants to drag Ukraine into Europe, give Poroshenko even more money to hide in some offshore bank and continue the conflict with Russia. But that is not what the people want. They want peace and fair trade and to keep their tax-money from corrupt countries like the Ukraine. By the way, I am convinced that the Soros-organized Panama leaks was about shooting down Putin and possibly Trump and other political foes. Instead they shot down Soros/Obamas pals Poroshenko and Cameron. Great Schadenfreude !

  5. The fundraiser tonight is at the home of Walt Disney Studio Chairman Alan Horn. Tickets range in price from $15,000 to $66,800 per couple. Tomorrow morning’s fundraiser is at the home of actor Tobey Maguire. Tickets are $33,400 per couple.

    Since this leg of the trip is strictly political, the DNC should pick up all bills including the $300,000+ whatever cost per house of flying AF1, the overnight hotel costs and so forth. I’m sick and tired of subsidizing the DNC.

    • I liked the article, thanks.

      I submit that running a business and running a government would depend on the goals in mind.

      It has been said that the US government will never go bankrupt.
      Companies can declare themselves bankrupt if the debt that they have incurred is beyond their capability to repay it and still remain a solvent company, mainly, supporting their shareholders who after all own the company.

      Our government has shareholders too, it’s us the taxpayers but we have no voice in the manipulation of the day to day ramifications of the so called “business dealings” our representatives do for US.
      That is other than voting every two years for the so called purse holders that are supposed to reign in the spending.

      I think that we can all realize at this point that they have let us down.

      So back to the goals.
      You have a business that is in jeopardy of going bankrupt, what do you do ?

      vs. A country that is bankrupt.

      Do you elect the same people that put you in this dire situation ?

      Or do you reject them and choose a different course ?