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Video || RNC Explains Convention Procedures

This is a pretty good explainer by the RNC about how the convention, the balloting, delegate selection, and so forth works.

Note, though how the video subtly suggests: Second ballot? no big deal! It’s clear to everyone that the RNC and the rest of the Establishment is dreading a Trump candidacy. And to stop that, you need a second ballot.

That said, this does give you a good idea about how things go down.

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  1. Thank you, Keith. Interesting to hear how the political machinery works, but it is really complicated. I have to confess, I don´t understand it. I guess you do, being Americans. But ordinary voters, do most of them understand it ?
    So Trump lost to Cruz in Wisconsin. Trump said that Cruz is a Trojan Horse for the establishment. And I believe it is true. My impression of Cruz is very negative. I see him as “sleazy”. Groucho Marx´s classic line feels accurate about Cruz :” And those are my principles. If you don´t like them I ´ve got others.”

    • “But ordinary voters, do most of them understand it ?”

      No, they don’t.

      I would bet that if one asked fairly specific questions, or even general questions, about the voting process (what is the Electoral College, what is a delegate, what is a contested convention, what is the difference between a caucus and a primary, etc., 95 percent (at least) of the electorate could not offer an informed explanation. Civics– the study of how our government, functions, is organized, its historical development, the responsibilities of the electorate, the role of State governments vs the Federal government, is rarely included in high school curricula these days. In my day, it was mandatory.

      We have become an uninformed, poorly educated country. The U.S. ranks 14th in reading, 17th in science and 25th in math on a worldwide comparison. Little wonder that an Obama, for example, can get elected in this environment.

      • Interesting, Marcus.
        By the way, so you have some Sami-heritage ? I had to look that word up. I found that we use almost the same words for Samis,” samer” or “lappar”.They live in the north of Sweden,also in Norway and Finland. Their old rights to hunt and keep reindeers are protected under special laws in my country. There are some similarities with the North American Indians, the lifestyle, the old traditions. So you are a mix of Samer, Vikings, Normands , a great mix , makes you a great hunter and sailor and warrior, all in one!

        • Very interesting on the current state of the Samis. I would have thought they were extinct by now. Their relationship with the Vikings was crucial to the mutual benefit of both, I would think. It does sound like they had/have a lifestyle and government protection similar to our Native Americans. No doubt there was intermarriage and thus the Sami genetic pool found its way to Normandy when the Vikings settled there. I suppose their genes are likely found where ever the Vikings settled, including all the way down to southern Italy. Interesting stuff. Thanks!

      • I agree–like more Viking chat, by the way. I agree, though, with the low educational bar we now seem to have…Who knew teaching people to read, cipher, think, and be motivated by curiosity to learn would be so completely daunting we never got it right in 200-some years.

    • I’ve recently found it odd how much alike Ted & Heidi look related. Brown & blond, sure, butt their faces are very similar. To me.

  2. It’s all about the F-word.


    Back before the internet, TV and radio the idea of the convention made more sense….delegates from each states send folks to help choose a candidate for the party so that there were not dozens of ‘favorite son’ candidates from each state.

    I understand that there is a way under existing rules or even modified rules to have someone other than Trump win. But given the ability for Rubio and Kasich and others to take a piece of the pie, the likelihood of the person getting a majority is small — regardless of the person.

    So imagine — spitballing the math — that Trump gets 49%, Cruz 39% and the rest of the bunch makes up the difference.

    In our ‘FAIR’ world thinking we would call Trump the winner….and most of the primary voters think that way.

    So the RNC has a problem. Be right and choose your candidate or be FAIR and choose Trump.

    If Cruz, Kasich or someone other than Trump are the nominee, the Dems and the Trumpers and many just regular folks are going to scratch their heads.

    I remember years ago — British monarchs — mysterious and regal life and all — decided to bring cameras in to show that they are regular folk in many ways. And in doing so ruined the mysteriousness. Similarly, the 50+ years of meaningful primary action has taken the mystery out of conventions and you just can’t PRACTICALLY pull off the smoke filled room compromise candidates.

    1880 is a long time ago (Garfield).

    Have fun at the convention! It will be crazy!

    • The week before the convention, when the Rules Committee invents mysterious and unusual “rules” to make sure Trump doesn’t get nominated, will be the week to watch.

    • So you are into Trump fairness…so-called. Come close–bag the rules…? Close enough for govt work…that kind of thing? The electoral college doesn’t work that way–why should this?

      • It doesnt have to work that way….do a second ballot and elect anyone – Cruz.. Kasich, is the RNC game and they can play it as they wish.

        As a realist. Ask the a Trump supporter to come to the RNC party in November at the polling place. They will not show up. So RNC nominee can get a jump on the concession speech.

        Remember that with a little more enthusiasm in 2012 for Romney would have him in the White House.

        Piss off some 45%+ of your primary voters and see how it plays out.

        The RNC has to make it feel like the carpet was not pulled out from underneath Trump.

        And in 2016 nominating someone other than the highest vote getter will be hard to message INSIDE the party – let alone outside it.

        Again — I know the rules… and commend anyone that can get the nomination away from the guy who at ballot #1 was top vote getter.

        I will vote for the nominee… others will not. Say good bye to those several million votes — with some of them in states that matter on the quest to 270 Electoral votes.

  3. Mika B on MorningJoe today got it right, saying the R establishment is fighting so hard against Trump, they are blind to what they will get, Cruz. It’s astonishing to me that men I once thought were decent and good, Romney, Bush, Ryan, are nothing to me now – I’d walk OUT of the room if they were in front of me. They’ll get exactly what they want, a Hillary victory. It’s that simple.

    • With the RNC’s past record of promoting Romney and McCain, thus resulting in Democrat victories, you have to wonder who the GOPe is actually working for. Are they getting George Soros money to make sure Democrats win elections?

    • It’s astonishing to me as well how my opinion of your list, as well as so many others in the Republican Party who claimed themselves to be conservatives, has changed to out right disdain. Ryan’s shedding of skin to reveal the true weasel is particularly disgraceful. Also the Walker,Priebus, Ryan mafia. And, of course, my boy soon to be not Senator Rubio.

      Trump has done us a service by forcing the hands, and revealing the politicos and the media for what they are.

  4. My head is going to implode…. all these rules, but then the GOP can change them when they get to the convention. The old days are back, when conventions decide the nominee, not primaries. So it will come down to which prospective nominee ( who could be in the wings) showers enough delegates with goodies to garner their vote.

    Capitalism on display, or is it?

    • Win the battle…lose the war… and house and state houses…

      Conventions that end up pissing off a meaningful percentage of the folks only helps the Democrats.

      Practice saying it…

      President Clinton

      President Sanders

  5. Wisconsin proves The county is doomed by stupid voters.

    Lying Ted the womanizer and prostitute user wins. His wife is being used by wall street to influence lying Ted.

    Wisconsin must be populated with morons and imbeciles.

    I am simply stunned at the ignorance.

    Falling Star should have some remark to challenge this dialog

  6. Yes, it appears that Priebus and the lot can , by hook or crook, or by manipulation and/or playing by the rules (new rules or old rules) the power that be can get the nominee they want.

    But there is nothing in the the rules that say the base, or the voters, will agree and vote accordingly. I suspect once again the RNC will shoot itself in the foot and go forth with some Romneybot that they are convinced will bring it home for them — not for us — but for them.

    They will simply put us on top of the car and drive us cross country from voting booth to voting booth I suspect.

    • I actually don’t think they would put in someone outside the process–but I do think they feel Trump can’t win. Cruz as the alternative–well, look in the dictionary under Irony.

  7. …And a hearty thank you to the good people of WI who have helped to ensure that the 13-year-old tween girl Dawny Frumples is nothing more than an afterthought come the second ballot.

    • You know you’re doing something right when Man Coulter puts pen to paper and comes up with the whining drivel she calls this week’s “column.”