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Live Stream || Obama Statement on the Economy

The event has concluded.

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  1. What could he possibly say that anyone would be interested in today?
    He’s just miffed that he’s not the focus of the MSM anymore and is trying to squeeze his face onto the news with anything at all.

    He’s going to have a tough time in retirement when he will be the “former” and old news.

  2. The very government we have been propagandized in to voting for have done nothing for the citizens of the USA. Nothing good. Lies from the GOP to save us from illegal invaders, Obamacare the worst thing to happen in decades. Lies is all we get while they line their pockets with special interest money.

    Time for a change!

    • Lies and fake numbers. Obummer the lying Muslim.

      GDP numbers are fake
      Unemployment numbers are fake
      Stock market numbers are fake

      Fed Reserve is buying stocks to keep the DOW up. Keeping the illusion of “its great” going.

      The MSM lies and fakes almost everything.

      The “recovery” is fake

      They are making our reality for us and most dumb Americans ‘BELIEVE”

      • Amber Lyon,
        a three-time Emmy award winning journalist at CC, who said that they are routinely paid by the US government and foreign governments to selectively report and even distort information on certain events.
        She has also indicated that the government has editorial control over content.

        • Read one story on her Bahrein expose on CNN and how they would not run it–but she made allusions to “payments” to her she considered dirty money–her CNN salary? She never said anything else. Who gave her the payments?

          • “Reality” is complex and media is selective, manipulative, with secret masters. We, the governed and the consumers of media need very critical minds, indeed. What is this Panama-affair really about, hmmmmm??? Oh, sometimes I wish there was a new continent somewhere so we could pack our things, hop on the wagons and go there and start all over again like the pioneers…..

          • Falling Star never adds positive. She is once again deigning the truth.
            Amber’s statement is what it is.

            Don’t be miss lead by falling star.
            Something is not right about her.

          • racist by default says:
            April 5, 2016, 1:58 pm at 1:58 pm


            And you never stop carping about Star. It is tedious, boring and rude. You haven’t been around here that long. So pick your battles on something other personal attacks for what other people think.

            There are a number of Democrats and former Democrats here. Like all of, they want what is best for America and have their own thoughts about what that might be.

            I am not in the business of defending Star, nor does she need it or perhaps even want it. I just find your carping boring and rude and you stop just short of name calling.

          • Thanks, grace…I can always use a hand–normally I don’t even read posts by this commenter, or try not to. But I had never heard of that Lyon woman…so was interested. His little snipes at me are pure entertainment….Notice he did not ans my question–just tried to attack me.

          • Speaking of travel, SL–and that was funny–I read they made a new dicovery that the Vikings had even more settlements over here than they though–500 yrs before Columbus. Makes ya proud to be a Viking-American (aside from the raping and pillaging, of course).

          • Yes–in Canada, too, it turns out and now they found a new one 400 miles from a known one…with a forge for making nails etc to make or repair ships. They also went inland–I know they have found runes in Wisc…they were master seamen.

          • @rnd: lay off Star.
            Our group here does not criticize one another for our own opinions – now you know for sure.
            We don’t always agree but as they say, “We agree to disagree.”

          • Star, thanks for the link, very interesting. Yes, the Vikings make me proud too. Just imagine, crossing the Atlantic in those simple but masterfully built ships. I once saw the famous Oseberga-ship in a museum in Oslo, I almost had a religious feeling. Such a beautiful ship.

          • SL, on my mother’s side, I my ancestors include the Sami clan/tribe/group. They were farmers and fishermen, and traded regularly with the Vikings in Northern Sweden. Food for metal tools. The Vikings made metal fishhooks, farming implements, etc, and traded with the Sami for fish and agricultural products. They intermarried, and we’ve traced our family to Normandy (Norsemen–men from the North=Vikings).

          • “racist by default says”… just adding my comment to what others have written. It’s best to stick to the issues here, and not insult other contributors about their motivation, opinions and positions. That’s one of the strengths of WHD. It’s perfectly OK if someone has a different opinion, a different perspective, a different way of looking at issues. Who knows, we might learn something important by reading what someone who has a different opinion has to say. Adds richness to our understanding of an issue, yes?

          • Lots of interesting issues coming out all of the sudden, finally. My high school was the Marina Vikings and they still have very cool reunions on the beach (California) every year for all students. To Swedish Lady, I wonder why little barry just didn’t start his own country all these years.Maybe when we kick him to the curb soon.

  3. Panama Papers defined: Relating to common usage, and terms, similar to the names and phone numbers found on restroom stall dividers.

  4. About the Panama Papers. I don’t know too much about it and what I have seen was from a liberal left pub that I did not want to send traffic to. Does anybody have a good and if possible, unbiased or less biased, link to it so I can do a little reading and research. Thanks.

      • “Important stuff” that’s Obama on economics and international tax reform. And “fair share”.

        Obama views himself as an internationalist. And he hates America. So I can’t wait until he leaves office (never ever to return) and the full force of Obama is borne by the international community.

        People think DT doesn’t have a plan or know what he’s talking about. Has anyone ever listened, truly listened, to the tripe that flows from Mr., Purple Lips?

        • Grace, Mr Purple Lips (good one!) does not appreciate that he cannot lay his hands on all the money for his purposes and that is “important stuff”. Well, being a loyal taxpayer myself, brought up in a taxpaying country, I don´t like tax evasion, it is also a possibility only open to the already very rich and mighty. The leaks are of course a great threat to them. But I am again suspicious, who is leaking, why , to whom ( Suddeutsche Zeitung) and why do we never hear anything about the tax evasion of the Soros or the Rothschildts or the Clintons of the world ? I am looking for an agenda here. Were they hoping to find anything on Trump ?

        • Agree. “People think DT doesn’t have a plan….”

          That ‘s one of the memes the anti-Trump fanatics have been successful at selling to the Media and the public. They go around like sheep bleating, “He doesn’t have a plan on anything!” It’s pure malarkey, of course. One may or may not agree with “the plans”, but he’s got as much out there as any other candidate. Still, the propaganda continues.

          On his websites he addresses the following issues (so far). The Wall on the Mexican border, Healthcare Reform, US/China Trade Reform, Veterans Administration Reform, Tax reform, Second Amendment Rights, Immigration Reform. There’s more coming, likely.

          Still, we’ll continue to hear the “He hasn’t got a plan!” chorus from now to Election Day, no doubt.

  5. Having Obama lecturing us about the national economy is like hiring the village idiot to advise us about our upcoming brain surgery. It won’t end well in either case.

    • Good article. Bernie Sanders likes to brag about his donations coming from”the little people”, which is yet another bald faced lie coming from this nut.

      His biggest contribution over his political career has come from Alphabet, Inc, which is the name of a new conglomerate, with Google, YouTube, Android mobile software, and other properties (think Google Maps) being key components. “Small contributions” my foot. The University of California has been the second biggest contributor to his political career. The University of California???? What’s THAT all about.
      Microsoft has been another big contributor, as has been Apple and Amazon. Much of the contributions to socialist Sanders come from Unions, which, as you know, take a portion of members’ union dues to purchase favor from politicians—typically without consultation with the union membership.

      In his current Presidential campaign, Sanders almost completely supported by Union contributions–on which the membership has little or no say. Union big shots make that decision. He is owned lock, stock and barrel by the big unions, and he owes them a lot. The MSM won’t report on this because, well, lots of them are members of what they used to call, “The Guild”–their various unions.

      This Sanders character is a complete fraud.