As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – April 4, 2015

The briefing has concluded.

24 Responses to Live Stream || White House Briefing – April 4, 2015

  1. Smiling lying Josh Yes this man has no self respect. He also thinks we are stupid

    Yep he is right – 25 % of the country thinks Hilary is ok. So stupid it is insane.

    Have some more grape cool aid you morons.

  2. Again,. re HRC. The lawyer, Beth Wilkinson, representing four of HRC’s former State Department Staffers in the email investigation is also known as Mrs. David Gregory. Gregory, formerly Meet The Press now with CNN, yeah, that Gregory.

    • Thanks.

      One thing that has surprised me is Ted Cruz. I was not and am not under any illusion about DT. But I was also ready to pull for Ted. The last thing I thought I would have to reconsider is his character and moral fiber.

      Think what you like about DT but his being in this has exposed and/or verified a lot of what we thought/knew about the MSM, the RNC, the Republican Party and individuals in and around it and the Dems as well.

      • This Country is starving for a warrior, a leader.
        Someone that will stand up for the Country instead of demeaning it on the world stage.

        Many of us took an oath to defend and protect this Country.
        So did Obama, although he has proven many times that he takes that oath as nothing more than a necessary evil.

        Trump has an ego, yes, but his ego is to restore this Country back to what She is capable of.

        Eight years of Obama’s ego should be enough for those that love this Nation.

        Eight years of a complicit congress that refuses to take him to task is enough.

        We the People have had enough.

        • Just being in a tizz and having had enough could lead to bad decisions. Of course, we have nothing on our plate but bad decisions, in my opinion anyhow. Stick a pin in the board–and then try to hold the person accountable or derail them any way possible. That’s my plan.

    • Thanks. Loved it. Especially Davi. Again, say what you will — the man loves this country. And Sanders — loves his commie god, and Clinton, well, she loves the corrupt little world she has built and could care less about America.

  3. “… the whole point of a congressional district is to draw a chunk of land in which voters will all vote together to elect a Congressman.

    But our wise masters of the Supreme Court say that illegal aliens must be included in congressional district’s numerical strength.

    This gives actual voters in districts with more ineligible inhabitants more actual voting power than voters where most residents are eligible, because in the former case, each eligible voter casts a vote for, say, 1.4 people, whereas in districts where there are fewer ineligible voters, each eligible voter casts a vote for, say, 1.1 people.

    The holding was unanimous.”

    Hmmmm. I wonder when the Surpreme Court, or any US court, will be bothered by the fact that illegal aliens are “illegal”. As in not legal. As in against the LAW.