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Hillary Wants Former Aide Stephanopoulos to Moderate Debate

Sometimes, pure cynicism is just hilarious. Hillary Clinton wants to have George Stephanapoulos, who worked for Bill Clinton and has contributed to the Clinton Foundation, to moderate a debate between her and Bernie Sanders.

Steph Hillary

The Dems are looking to do as many as three debates. Maybe they could have Sidney Blumenthal moderate a second debate, and Chelsea Clinton referee the third.

13 thoughts on “Hillary Wants Former Aide Stephanopoulos to Moderate Debate”

  1. Mika and Joe were really sneering at it this morning on MoJoe but lil Capehart just “wouldn’t go there” when asked about it. Wouldn’t want to upset Hillary by questioning the obvious lack of integrity of the guy that ran the war room against the bimbos that put her and hubby on track to the White House.

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  3. GMA is still on the air? Lets be honest, the only time I see it or Mornin’Joe is when a clip gets shown elsewhere on line. Most people go to work….wait, hold on… let me rephrase that…Most working voters will be at work, all Sandernistas will tune in…


  4. Will the Debate be during the 5 or 6 a.m hour? I am sure Snuffleapogos will fairly ask fair questions to Clinton.

    Supreme Being Clinton, is it fair that only the United States be represented by someone as great as you? Shouldn’t the entire world merge and be under your guidance?

    BTW, Has anyone ever seen HRC and Emperor Palpatine together at the same time?

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      Most dem followers don’t think about much. If he has good hair, and thinks the government should send checks to liberals and hates the Koch brothers, he’s in.

  5. This statement is telling in light of what the DNC is doing to Sanders and what the RNC is doing to Trump.

    “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” – Mark Twain

  6. Hold up. Let’s not use all the Clinton friends now. Some need to be ready to moderate the debates when she runs against the Republican nominee. Or, perhaps these can be prep-work, getting them ready to show bias when the time is right.

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