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85 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || April 3, 2016

  1. Good Sunday morning all. We woke to heavy wet snow hanging in the trees, even covering the new buds of my three prize cherry trees. The wind is more problem than the snow, such huge gusts that three panels of some privacy fencing have fallen over. We still have power though, knock on wood. The sky is oddly blue so I suspect this will be all over and gone by mid-day or tomorrow.

    Good day to stay home and empty the coffee pot to the last drop.

      • We had some snow overnight, and are expecting more today and tonight, with gusty winds again. The forecast calls for snow and/or rain every day this coming week, except for Tuesday. My little crocuses will be frozen!

    • Speaking of snow jobs: Did anyone else see Hillary tell a crowd (trying to separate herself from Sanders) that she’s proudly been a Democrat “all of my adult life”?

      Perhaps she forgot about campaigning for Goldwater and serving as President of the Young Republicans at Wellesley?

      Maybe it depends on what your definition of “adult” is…

    • Watched the Hildabeast on NBC this morning until she made me sick.

      He asked her questions, she smiles and talks and never once answered the question.

      He did not press for a real answer. Wow what crap.

      Q Why to you get 250,000 dollars for one speech.
      A I spend a lot of time and money attacking wall street.

      That is a non answer and all the rest were like that!

      She is a monster, drive a stake thru her heartless chest cavity.

  2. Good morning all. Coffee’s on but better get it quick, I’m halfway through the pot already.

    Shaping up to be a sunny mid 70’s day here in S/W MO. Sorry to hear about the snow EOSredux and Harv but good thing is it should melt quickly.

    In the FWIW here’s the Sunday Globe column for the week:

    I’m a bit irritated. My two punch words “illegal” and “snowflakes” got edited out. Just because the AP stylebook goes all PC I don’t see why my columns should have to be. UGH!

    Anyhow, have a great Sunday.

    • As you described, I saw every one of those Rockwell paintings vividly in my mind ! Then thought how lucky I was to grow up in the era of The Saturday Evening Post and his wonderful covers.

      I read recently that it was the AP that started the “favorable coverage for access journalism” … with the Nazis? George Carlin is probably rolling over in his grave over “illegals” and “snowflakes”. :)

      • The Walton family (Walmart not mountain) opened up the Crystal Bridges museum in Bentonville a few years back and they had a Rockwell exhibit with every one of his Post covers! It was to say the least, an amazing exhibit. They recently just completed a re-location of a Frank Lloyd Wright home to the grounds that was re-assembled piece by piece, can’t wait to go see that.
        I saw the story on AP and the Nazi’s as well.
        I do believe were at a tipping point in history. We either successfully push back on all this PC crap now or it becomes the future from here on out.

        • To bad you can’t comment over there on Denise’s blog Grace.

          What kind of problem are you having ?

          If you can comment here, you should be able to comment there.

        • Great article about “normal” college kids for a change :)

          I just added it in the comments section. I’m a lazy blogger, and have the same problem with blogspot blogs. Even if I get logged out of my own WP blog, I go nuts looking for username/password.

          My blog’s simply about all the good Trump news items out there which I needed more of. Thanks for the link !

          • You are welcome. It is harder to come by good DT stuff now that he is the nation’s #1 target.

            For all those who think he is incapable, etc. I was thinking the other night how tactically he just cleaned the nominee’s clock until only Cruz is left standing, with Kasich in the corner to be used by whoever needs to use him — he is willing that’s for sure. Anyway, one by one DT picked them off with everybody focused on how he was doing it, not what he was doing.

      • Another take heart guy. Milo is an honest, well spoken , smart libertarian gay man . He doesn’t back down and goes to college campuses as well — stands up.

        In this piece he also discusses cultural Islam as distinct from religious Islam as well — but he is not in denial about Islamic terrorism. Anyway, lots of stuff on the side. I enjoy his interviews.

    • That is great Geoff. I look forward to your Sunday columns.
      This whole ‘college thing’ -the kids never got a good butt whopping from their parents, or school principal (been there once). Heck, at age 13 my own, grounded son said xxx’s mom must not love him, he never gets grounded. Now chalk writing is a painful experience for these undisciplined snowflakes.

      • No long before they have crybaby rooms on college campuses. Lots of boxes of tissues, big cribs they can all climb into and whimper themselves to sleep. Maybe they already have them for all I know. Pathetic whiners.

    • Great article Geoff. A tear to my eye as well. I pray our children will get to look back at this time period and state, such a rough time, glad we learned and pulled through it to the positive.

  3. We are visiting the capital region of New York state. It snowed here overnight. Sure don’t miss the snow.

    Anyway, I feel like I am in the land of leftie loonies, but then, I guess I am.

    • Go a little further north to the Lake Placid region, gets more rednecky and patriotic again :)

      I lived in the LP village for awhile, I’ve always wanted to go back to live.

      • Yes, that’s a great area. When I was a student at Syracuse U., we’d go to Lake Placid to get a taste of sanity. Sort of a rehab trip. ;+}

        • We lived hear Sy-ra’-cus for a few years. I loved it there…our home was in a small community just up the mountain. We could see the lights of the city at night from our front “sittin'” porch. Some of the nicest people I have ever known. Neither of us could understand a word the other said. (Northern accent vs Southern accent). I had to spell most of what I said.

          • LOL…understand completely. With my Maine DownEast accent, I had to have a translator with me when in public. Sometimes had to revert to sign language. Yes, very nice town (then, dunno about now), lots to do, great school. We rented a place from an older Greek lady and occasionally had rip roaring parties with friends. She was not pleased. Those were our party days–mid ’60’s. ;+}

    • Kinda’ makes you wonder about Jerry Brown — took a hard left into la la land and left any sense of joy and common sense behind.

      • Well…the Ronstadt’s are a very dem lib family here in Tucson.
        Yes, she was beautiful, butt the crap the family spews takes away most of my respect.
        Old family country music band, two fag-seeming brothers with a really stupid local radio show.
        Butt, Linda in the 70’s was awesome. We had her poster in our kitchen back room at Magic Mountain….

  4. Just something. From time to time here we wonder how could this or that happen – how could good men be complicit with evil – how could a country fall under the spell of a heinous man or movement, etc. Here is a book I read about today on the AOS Sunday Book Thread. The Winter Men, about two German brothers who reluctantly joined with the Nazis, what they experienced, and how it affected them. Haven’t read it, but here is the AMZ link if interested. FYI. If the link doesn’t work you can see the author’s name and title in it and search directly.