As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

54 Responses to Open Thread || Saturday, April 2, 2016

    • We will never ever be able to spend less money than we pay in taxes.

      Unfunded stuff is in the Trillions. If they quit borrowing and spending the whole house of smoke and mirrors crashes.

      17 trillion now, onward to infinity and beyond.

      Taxes cannot be raised to cover the spending as then the consumer will have to die.

      There is no way out. Its kick the can as far down the road and hope the crash is on someone Else’s watch.

      Central banks are buying stocks to keep the illusion of everything is just great.

  1. Went to the dermatologist yesterday (hair falling out, two other issues) and was given a form to sign that said I gave the doctor permission to examine me. Isn’t that why I was there? This form deal is out of control. And their other paperwork–asked three times if I felt safe at home and reminding me they would report any weird injuries to the police. Yeah, yeah–just look at my weird freckles…By the way–she had no idea why I was losing hair.

    • Star, I have very fine hair. For a number of reasons (age, illness, life) I was losing what I thought was a lot. No medical reason after tests. Hairdresser suggested using Neutrogena Tgel Shampoo — no conditioner. Helps.

    • That safe at home thing is getting creepy. The nurses asked my son’s fiancĂ© 3 or more times if she felt safe to go home with their newborn. Son was there & involved 24/7 for the birth & after, being pleasant, kind & loving.
      Even with such interrogation, I wonder how many people don’t get saved by the medical staff?

    • I used to have waist length, thick straight hair. Then my thyroid malfunctioned and continues to malfunction.
      I have a “pixie cut” now – trying to hide how thin my hair has become…and eyebrows are non-existent.
      And I get weird looking places on my skin. A nurse (my son) said, “Mom…as “we” age, unusual things happen to our bodies. Nothing to worry about.”
      My mother always said, “Getting old is not for sissies.” No kidding.

    • Dear Star
      Medical Forms & the invasive questions.. think about making stuff up for the answers. Who reads it anyway! Best to ask for forgiveness than permission :))I have never had a medical form handed back to me. HA!
      FYI:Reading your WHD comments over the last few years..I think you are articulate and really smart..not that I always agree.:)) Praying that your health improves. God Bless

      • Why thanks, Grandma Di…appreciate it. As for not answering on those forms or even putting something nutty–you’re right–nothing happens…They are voluntary. I never put by social and one EVER says squat. I just leave anything blank I don’t like the looks of. Sue me. There is a story in today’s WaPo–on pediatricians asking about a gun in the house…Timely…The upshot of the comments is this is not the doc’s role and there are many other things dangerous to children…

    • Star, I would hope so as well. But my experience this afternoon has been different.

      Rainy afternoon, procrastinating and avoiding (rather successfully) a work project I meandered over to NRO where I rarely go anymore. Anyway, Jonah Goldberg had a column up. I used to really enjoy him, but now he is one of the OMG Trump Trash crowd. Still, I enjoy his writing.

      Anyway, in his commentary Goldberg said, quite unfairly and without any evidence about Trump “I bet he has paid for more abortions than any bills he might sign”. So I took note of that and left a comment. Quite mild.

      You would have thought I had beheaded a puppy! But what I found most interesting was the “tone” of the comments…how Trump supporters should be “forgiven”, or how they should be “destroyed” (by a guy who then went on to call Trump supporters fascists — I would think destroying people for thinking differently is a little fascist, but hey who am I?).

      It was all rather high falutin’ scary quite frankly. It was as if Trump supporters were rather defective human beings. Quite sad.

      • Well, some people here are Trump supporters and far from defective, even though I personally don’t get the attraction. I am out on several boards and there is extreme “feeling” on both sides, shall we say. Yeah, the fascist thing is everyplace…most people don’t even know what those terms mean, fascist, socialist, existential, but they are tossed around freely.

  2. I don’t have television service and I know some of you are down on FOX but I saw this comment and thought it might be of interest. Airs again 4/2
    Fox News had an excellent special last night “Rising Threats-Shrinking Military”…”a detaled look at the current state of the US Military and how financial cuts have affected the organization. Guests include Robert Gates, Leon Panneta and Chuck Hagel.” It details how Obama and his administration has weakoned our military. It repeats on Fox News at 10 CDT tonight.

    • Thanks. I am also going to see what I can pick up on line about the FOX show. And yes, we all “knew” that Obama’s goal was to to weaken the US military and treat it like a social justice experiment. Also, I saw somewhere an article where Obama refused to consider a CIA plan to go after ISIS and take out Assad, not that our history of replacing dictators in the ME has been that great a policy. But moving against ISIS was on the table some time ago. Anyway, thanks for the link.

      • What is just astounding is that neither the Congress nor the MSM seems able or willing to fully expose or curtail Obama’s exercise in destructive madness–except for the Fox program we referenced. One news program, that’s it.

        We do remember in the early days of ISIS, when they were moving en masse down the highway toward Baghdad, and when we had all figured what they were planning to do, people were asking why in the world are we not destroying them on the spot. Obama specifically refused to do so, allowing ISIS to bloom into the monster force we see now. He refused to arm or help the Yazidis when they were being massacred by ISIS on that mountain; he refused to arm the the Kurds when they were fighting ISIS. Obama literally let ISIS grow stronger by the day and the week. Murders, decapitations, crucifixions, and Obama says “global warming” is the problem.

        As we have all figured a long time ago, Obama is not is, shall we say, working for us, or those who are begging for help to survive ISIS. The long trail of refugees pouring out of the ME and into Europe are doing so to survive ISIS.

        Today at some venue or other Obama was bragging that the Iran deal was “very successful and I am proud of that”. Is he insane? Even the Iranian Ayatollahs are bragging that they took Obama and Kerry to the cleaners with that “agreement”. The Castro Brothers and the Cuban press are openly mocking Obama on the Cuban deal.

        The final months of his Presidency will be a horror for all of us and those trying to survive in the ME. How did we ever let this catastrophe happen? Were we all asleep?

        • I have always said he was derelict in his duty to protect and defend this country and should be impeached. He has put America at risk from foreign enemies. Same goes for Kerry, Jeh Johnson, and Holder and Lynch. National Security.

          • Amazing stuff. Neither the Obama team nor the Iranians are taking the “agreement” seriously and, one ventures to add, nether side had any intention of doing so. We saw the writing on the wall even as the talks, so called, were ongoing.

            So now we have the four worst of the worst—Iran, North Korea, China and Russia, growing in power, sheer arrogance, insolent to the core, offering Armageddon to the entire world. And all because the Obama administration is what they are–incompetent and clueless. Likely even worse than that.

            For people of faith, now is the time to pray as never before. The many clocks Obama has wound are ticking very loudly these days.

        • How did we let this happen?
          We became accustomed to our way of life but we forgot to honor it as our culture. We failed to preserve those tenets of our freedom…honesty, integrity, hard work, productiveness, competitiveness, our Judeo-Christian beliefs.
          We absolutely, willingly allowed this to happen.
          The Bible speaks of the little foxes who ruin the vineyard (Song of Soloman 2:15.). We let those little foxes of political correctness and environmental radicalism and unhindered government power infiltrate the vineyard that is the USA.
          We are to blame and shame on us.
          Go to Walmart and see the fruits of our indifference to the heritage we failed to preserve and protect. I was there last week and as I observed others, I felt a deep sadness.
          There are countless people who have no idea of the current state of our nation. No idea at all. I felt in the depths of my soul the confusion and helplessness they would know if this country falls.
          Can the great ship be righted? Honestly, I am doubtful. So for those of us who honor our beliefs and our cultural heritage, what do we do?
          We take a stand – the answer for me is this:
          “Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.” Ephesians 6:13 KJV

          • Could not be said better. The nation is under the spell of a deep spiritual sickness, a corrupt cultural laziness has grown before our very eyes, a diminishing core of coherent values and principles. We can turn it around–it has been done many times in history, but we need the will to do it. We need inspired, positive, selfless leadership to make the necessary changes, and that is what we are lacking now–in government, churches, schools, the business community, families, organizations of every type.

          • Walmart? I love Walmart…Mexicans are Catholic if that is what you meant by Walmart shoppers (what DID that mean?)–Christian part of Judeo-Christian…but just bec those were the tenets supposedly of the country does not mean other tenets have not been woven in since the founding…

          • Star, Of course I’m not speaking of Mexicans or Catholics or any other self identified group. Most of the people I see in Walmart exist in a world of reality TV and meth. and thoughts of their next tattoo.
            And yes of course, the old folks like me go there too – when we must.
            Or perhaps we like to live dangerously and risk getting run over in the parking lot or knocked down with a shopping cart.