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White House Appears to Censor Hollande Saying “Islamist Terrorism”

The White House, which admits there is such a thing as terrorism but thinks there is no such thing as “Islamist terrorism,” appears to have edited out audio of French President Hollande using the term at this week’s nuclear summit in Washington.

According to MRCTV:

After MRCTV reported that the White House posted video muting out audio of French Pres. Francoise Hollande and his translator saying the words, “Islamist terrorism,” the White House posted an explanation claiming “a technical issue with the audio during the recording” caused the lost audio – but, then, somehow, posted a link a version of the video without the recording “technical error.”

Here’s some video of the Nixonian deletion. What are the odds there was a “technical glitch for just the moment someone said “Islamist terrorism.” So the White House appears to be guilty of both censorship and lying.

29 Responses to White House Appears to Censor Hollande Saying “Islamist Terrorism”

  1. Appears? I’d affirm it was purposely done. There are no mistakes, interruptions, accidents, etc. Just like the sudden death of Scalia.

  2. How did he get You Tube to censor the two words spoken both by Hollande (in French) and the translator?
    Hollande must be a wuss to tolerate such behavior from this dictator. Especially after he refused to attend the World Peace March after the ISIS attacks.

  3. The look on Susan Rice’s (??) faceshot to lil barry tells it all. This regime is evil and I’m so sick of them thinking we are STUPID.

    • I had the very same thought. There was a period on this planet, a long period, when evil hid in the darkness never to come into the light. For the past few years, evil feeling embolden with followers has entered the light. The positive for us, now we see them, now we know them, now evil has shown its ugly hand. Hidden agenda? Not so much.

  4. “So the White House appears to be guilty of both censorship and lying.”

    Never! This must be an April Fool’s joke! ;-)

  5. I watched O has Hollande spoke. I watched him close his eyes real slow, he stretched and sat up straight, and put his finger to his lip.