As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – April 1, 2016

The press conference has concluded.

22 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – April 1, 2016

  1. Has everyone seen the embarrassing photos from the Nuclear meeting where Obama is the fifth-grader-in-chief, flashing the Peace Sign with his fingers during the formal photo shoot with all the other world leaders? I mean, really? Just really?? I guess it was meant as an April Fool joke. Obama is joke enough. Ugh.

  2. How can Obama stand there and say any of that with a straight face, particularly the part where he said he was a big believer in the rule of law!?!?

    • We have learned, over the past 8 years, that what Obama says he believes, and what he actually believes are not correlated. His actions rarely mirror his words. He has been taught to say certain things, act publicly in a certain way (big smile, casual, slightly goofy self presentation) in order to cast a trance of acceptability over certain vulnerable audiences and media propagandists. His hidden personal documents and true biographical history are currently lost to the public for a reason: he is not who he claims to be. No one–students or professors–remembers him from his college days, no friends have come forth with Obama “stories” from early days, those who once claimed he was a druggie and a low-down type, sexually, are silent after one revelation, no ex-girl friends (or boy friends, for that matter) have come forth, no information from other family members. He is a man without a credible background, with no close friends from the past, a man who left no footsteps in the sand, His “autobiographies”, written by Bill Ayers, and who knows who else, are a convoluted mixture of deception, distortion, lies and misinformation.

      He is a complete hoax.

        • There have been Presidential administrations in our history which have been great, not so great, clumsy, flat-footed, spectacular, and terrible.

          But the Obama administration is in a class by itself: it is a purposely evil administration, happily spreading that evil in every action it takes, every word it speaks. It infects the body politic and the country into a darkness we have never experienced before. It is Luciferian in every aspect, and I do not use these words lightly.

  3. It appears it might be possible that Barack Obama has taken it upon himself to edit outFrancois Hollande’s reference to Islamist terrorism. Or rather the WH has. Or someone in the Administration. I wonder if Josh was asked about this.

    So, nothing like freedom of speech in America. What an asshat he is — Obama. I no longer see any distinction between someone in the Administration and Barack Obama/Valerie Jarrett. How she gets away with so little press coverage over her role and influence is beyond me.