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Heileman: Clinton Does Not Have a Lock On New York

John Heileman, the respected Bloomberg political editor, saying Hillary could lose New York. This would be a huge loss. Maybe Bernie does have a chance. Not sure which of those two scares me more. Probably Sanders, as unlikeable as Hillary is. Because he really will restrict freedom to enact his extremist agenda.

At least Hillary and Bill didn’t honeymoon in the Soviet Union, like Sanders and his wife.

Sanders is an actual New Yorker. I think when he starts campaigning there, his familiarity is going to have a effect on voters.

30 Responses to Heileman: Clinton Does Not Have a Lock On New York

  1. I’ll take Sanders over Hillary any day. Even if by some fluke he made it to the Oval he’d never get through Congress all the crap he’s promising.
    Hillary on the other hand would be out there 24/7 saying she’s being blocked because she’s a woman and the damage would be generational.

      • He’s tried but the actual record is he’s been thwarted by the courts. Obamacare and Dodd/Frank was the legislature and even the EPA is tied up in court right now.
        He certainly has tried to rule like a King but so far the most damage has been done by the Dems before 2010 and past Congresses for abdicating their responsibility and allowing the executive branch to basically right law under the guise of “regulations”.

        • Re: Obamacare, lamentably my increased premiums and annual plan/doctor musical chairs routine aren’t tied up in the courts…it’s a reality folks are dealing with every day. That was the one piece of legislation that needed to be stopped before it became law.

          • I couldn’t agree with you more but my only point was he didn’t do it by executive action he had a complicit Congress. Even a Republican POTUS can only tinker around the edges. Obamacare is and abomination but the legislature will have to repeal it to get anything real done.

          • The Dems also used the arcane process of “reconciliation” to ram it through. My feeling is this monstrosity is already too far down the road to ever be repealed.

  2. Nothing would make me happier than Bernie beating Hillary in New York. I am still gagging at Hillary’s declaration of love for New York when she saw an opening to run for Senate here. It’s been downhill for New Yorkers ever since. She’s done NOTHING for the state, nothing.

  3. I’d actually prefer Sanders.

    That way, it can all burn to the ground and we can start over sooner. Clinton would simply postpone the inevitable.

    Let it burn.

    • Your so right!

      As it is we are screwed no matter what.

      Trump is the only hope and everyone in the GOP is trying to get rid of him.

      As it is the USA is the walking dead. We as a people are clueless to how dead we are.

      PC and illegals have done is in. Its too late.

      No one can save us now. Slo mo turning into Mexico with a side of Cubans and Muslims.

          • Guess I am some women because I am not buying the media and GOPe deliberate attempt to force this man out of the running. And there are many other women just like me.

          • Overall, 73% of female voters in a mid-March CNN/ORC poll said they had a negative view of Trump, just 26% view him positively. That unfavorable number is up 14 points in the last few months: from 59% in December and 67% in late February. Even Republican women, who mostly have favorable views of Trump, are more likely to report unfavorable opinions now than they were a few months ago, 39% unfavorable in March vs. 29% in December.

            From CNN page.

          • @Star
            1. CNN poll? Were all the participants HRC supporters?
            2. People – women who reside in the REAL world see Trump as a candidate who has business experience vs. a “never walk the talk” politician.
            3. There are many women who have successfully participated in industry/business. Believe me – they are nothing like the whiney, self serving, cleavage baring reporters and politicians as seen on TV.

          • That was just one story on a search–there are many even from places you might approve of. Poll #s with women dropping. Not all women are like Fox anchors? What is the relevance?

          • Many women I know would report an “unfavorable” view of Trump — for the gaffes, the crudeness, the mistakes — but still vote for him.

            I find a lot of what he says objectionable and perhaps ill advised and naive and wrong. But I will vote for him if he is the nominee — which I suppose will be over the RNC’s dead collective body.

            There are others who also have made gaffes, mistakes, crude remarks etc. so I don’t see a big difference. Laser focus on Trump as always.

        • I wish you were right, but I just do not see it.

          Here in Mexico north (California) The Demorats have made us the next Detroit. And Jerry Brown is proud of it. Illegals now have drivers licenses and all the jobs.
          They mostly work for cash Houses with 3 or 4 families living there. The schools here are full of non English speakers sucking up a free so called education.

          • Then there is the national debt. 17 trillion, no way to ever pay that.

            We spend 25% more than we bring in for taxes.

            We have never gotten out of the great recession.
            Gov numbers like 4.9 percent unemployed are a joke – complete lie!

            Its a slo mo crash and we are doomed.

          • Liberalism is determined to overrule this Country.
            California is just one example of it.
            So is New York.

            It has been proven that it does not work.

          • To Doom.
            The National debt is hovering around 21 trillion after the so called conservative house passed the omnibus bill.
            We are not doomed.
            All we need is someone that can put a handle on what Obama and the liberals have done to this Country and reverse it.

          • I too think this can be reversed with more economic growth and fiscal restraint. I don’t see either side really able to deliver either of those. They talk but don’t walk–and won’t walk.

  4. Is this an April Fools joke?
    Make manufacturing sexy? I spent most of my career in private industry – sexiness has no place in manufacturing. Intelligence, performance, experience, competitiveness? Yes.
    That is the MOST absurd comment I have read from her. She is insane and so is anyone who would vote for this … I honestly cannot think of the most appropriate descriptive word for HRC.

      • HRC is not illiterate…there are many appropriate words other than sexy.
        And FYI, Hill….I never worked anywhere that the “common laborers” would have used “sexy” to describe their jobs. Most of them work harder than any friggin’ politician can ever imagine. And no politician could do the physical labor most of those industrial jobs require.
        Oh Lawzy! I am so sick of DC political inhabitants who have never done any kind of real job in their life and yet, try to tell us all about their better way.

  5. “Not sure which of those two scares me more.”Sanders is a socialist fool, and Hillary is basically nuts. So the choice is easy. Neither one.