As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Ben Carson Seizes Power

Former Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson seized power this morning, declaring a state of emergency and then going to sleep.

Carson and a team of heavily armed neurosurgeons occupied the White House at 0700 hours. President Obama, who was on the White House putting green at the time, was immediately placed under house arrest. But then Carson and his forces realized that the house would be the White House, and this wouldn’t be a good idea considering that they had staged a coup d’etat.

Obama was subsequently removed from the premises, screaming something about Carson having “crossed a red line” and warning of consequences.

“The former president has been fed breakfast and taken to Guantanamo Bay,” said Carson Minister of Propaganda Sarah Palin. “He is being kept under good conditions, including a half an hour of exercise, daily playtime with Raul Castro, and Muslim-appropriate meals.”

Happy April Fools Day. You can read the rest of my satire on LifeZette.

13 Responses to Ben Carson Seizes Power

  1. Not funny.

    Better would have been that the bastard GOP establishment sees the error of there ways and endorses TRUMP.

    They never will and thats the ironic part.

    The GOP and the Dems are run by Psychopaths.

    lying Ted
    lying Clinton
    Lying Bernie
    Do nothing but lye GOP

    WE are so screwed! America is DOA full of Muslims and Mexicans.