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How Cruz Can Win on a Second Ballot: Make Kasich His VP

Taking Kasich could combat Trump’s contention, should he not reach 1,237, that the convention is being stolen from him by an illegitimate minority. While Trump will most likely be first in Cleveland with a plurality of the vote, Cruz will be second and Kasich third, and their combined tally will be close enough to Trump’s to allow at least the rebuttal that a popular alternative — albeit combined into two candidates — has emerged to Trump.

The Cruz-Trump unity ticket allows the anti-Trump crowd to at least argue that the popular will is not being ignored — even if Kasich voters weren’t exactly asked whether they would also back him for vice president and would stomach a Cruz presidency.

Kasich Cruz

But the selection of Kasich does much more for Cruz. It’s a significant outreach to Establishment and moderate Republicans, whose biggest fear about Cruz is that he is a rigid ideologue incapable of compromise.

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76 Responses to How Cruz Can Win on a Second Ballot: Make Kasich His VP

  1. Nope. Kasich needs him worse than he needs Kasich.

    Ted has better judgement than that, anyway. No need for an establishment Gov that could run as a Dim and do better than he has as an R.


  2. NAFTA has proven to be what Ross Perot said it would be.
    Kasich pushed hard for NAFTA when he was in the house.
    Kasich likes common core.
    I don’t know where he stands on TPP.

    I don’t think Cruz would select him for VP.

    It’s going to be interesting to watch this convention process unfold.

    I wouldn’t put it past them to change the rules on the fly.

    The GOPe hate both Cruz and Trump, I think that’s why Kasich is sticking around.

      • Well, I dispute that. Who even knows what establishment means anymore–seems like anyone who has devoted his or her life to public service, sat through endless meetings, tried to cajole and cut deals to get things done, srudies the issues in depth, makes tough decisions which will later be scathingly derided by people who can’t spell–this is the establishment… Whatever… I think Kasich is honorable until some proves–rather than says–otherwise. I don’t know what you mean by open border–his plan is to make people pay taxes, a fine, not be eligible for citizenship, etc. He isn’t inviting people in…

  3. Cruz/Kasich: Worse and worser!
    I am already in the last stage of grief: Acceptance. Hillary will be crowned on Jan. 20, 2017.

    This is also the first time I have never had a candidate to support, and the first time I will not be voting for President. Just pray that we can hold on to Congress – not that it makes a difference anymore. Color me disgusted!

    • I am not voting either–or writing in just to feel a teeny better. Unless it’s Kasich. I am down to wondering which candidate can the Congress thwart best… Since Trump would take down a lot of Reps, maybe Hillary would face more oppo in the holy halls.

    • Don’t do that your giving hilary the vote. 20 million people did not vote in 2012. Who did we end up with the worst prez ever. I went to the franklin graham today on his california capital day. He had stories of local state and country of years back showing how close races were. That is why everyone’s vote makes the differance and getting involved at every level to save our counbtry.

      • I can’t understand people who won’t vote, when our fathers and grandfathers fought for the freedom to do so, and when one considers that people in other lands are fighting and dying for the freedoms we enjoy. Voting is a privilege, a right, and an obligation.

  4. I was thinking about it yesterday…the last Republican president not named Bush was elected 32 years ago. In such a winnable year, the party’s “deep bench” didn’t pan out at all.

    • There is a possibility that the GOP forced them out in order to narrow the field.
      None of them were self funded.
      That’s why Trump can thumb his nose at them.

      Their only recourse against him is to use their convoluted rules.

  5. Not good succession planning. Kasich will be 64 in May. That would make him 72 in 2024.
    Not a good bet IMO.
    Rubio would be a better choice.

  6. Not really a fan of Kasich, not really a fan of Cruz. But anything to stop the 13-year-old tween girl Donnie Trumples. So whatever works…

      • All the money in the world won’t elect him president though…
        There’s only so my toothless cross-burning hillbillies out there that are attracted to his brand of idiocy.

      • Corey knows one thing:
        Hurling insulting, hateful and ignorant comments toward anyone who disagrees with him. He is a word bully.
        Sadly, his favorite descriptions are all old and no longer used by the popular kids.
        Civil discourse is not in his repertoire.
        Watch how the he replies to this comment.

        • @ the name caller whining about me calling me names.
          I just responded to Mr. Vet’s attempts to not respond to my original post. I didn’t mention about the money tween Trumpfles inherited. And I don’t recall asking for your negative opinion, either.

  7. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Cruz is conservative and everybogy hates him. Kasich is a RINO and everybody hates him. If I wanted a Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, I would just vote for Trump.

  8. As always Keith. Excellent article. I have been away only because I respect you and everyone here. Discussing politics is hard with family and friends.

  9. From what I have seen of Cruz lately this bow to the establishment to bring Kasich into the Administration does not surprise me. The bloom is off every candidate, revealing them, to a man, to really really really want to be part of the Establishment power and perks structure.

  10. Right. Because courting “establishment” and “moderate” candidates worked so well in 2012.

    Cruz is Mitt Romney without the affability, and if they foist him on a GOP base that has been turning out in record numbers for Trump, then the GOP frankly deserves to end up on the ash heap of history.

    And yes, that reference is intentional.

    Everyone wants to bring back Reagan’s big tent, but when a candidate shows up who’s bringing independents and undeclareds out in droves for GOP primaries, they say, “Well, he’s not one of us, so we’re just going to take our toys and go home.”

    I’ve got a better idea. How about you GOP lifers take your power protection racket and go to hell?

    We the People HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

    You already ignored your base and told us to trust you on Maverick and Mittens, and all that got us was eight years of Sir Golfsalot and a lost American decade. And you expect us to go along when you ignore us YET AGAIN?!

    HELL, NO!!!

    How about you idiots try something different this time around, like, oh I don’t know, actually listening to the citizens showing up at your primaries and caucuses?

    And PLEASE don’t say that Trump’s no conservative. Not after you ran Mittens, the most liberal Republican candidate not named Huntsman, in 2012.

    Trump can re-draw the map in November. People will show up to vote for Trump, and undecideds and independents will definitely hear him out on the hustings. Can the same be said for Cruz?

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Cruz would make a terrific antidote for the Obama years, but primary voters have been saying so far that they want Trump. And if you think saying “We know better than all those unwashed riff-raff voters” for a third consecutive election cycle is a winning formula, well, it’s been swell.

    How about letting We The People have a choice in who leads us, for once in a generation?

    I know, it’s a foreign concept to you cocktail-sipping Beltway fat cats, but an American can dream, yeah?