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Obama Schedule || Friday, April 1, 2016

10:00 am || Meets with leaders of nations that negotiated the Iran nuclear deal; Washington Convention Center
11:00 am || Begins a day of meetings of the Nuclear Security Summit
5:45 pm || Holds a press conference; Washington Convention Center

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  1. Meets with leaders of nations that negotiated the Iran nuclear deal;

    Oh this will be good. We don’t even know what “it” is, so we call it a deal. A deal? Hey maybe Barack should call in Trump as a consultant of all “deals”.

    Obama is derelict in his duty to protect and defend, especially with this ridiculous “deal”. I am curious to see who the “negotiators” of this “deal” are — who he is meeting with. Maybe Castro should be brought in? He’s a new BFF.

    • Agree with Sabato. I predicted the same thing the minute all 17 of the GOPe JV Team appeared on the stage together. Not a winner amongst them!

      The only bright spot is Bernie. Hillary has been trying her darndest to shake him, but he just keeps nipping at her heels. Would love to see him get the nomination just to spite her!


    ‘I’m going to sleep for four months’: Obama jokes about what he’ll do when he leaves the White House but is yet to reveal his real plans

    He has yet to reveal what he plans to do when he leaves the White House at the end of his presidency in January.

    But President Obama has joked one thing he definitely plans to do when he leaves office is just ‘sleep for four months’.

    The American leader was asked about his future plans during the annual Easter Prayer Breakfast, which took place in the East Room at the White House.

    And although he hinted that he and wife Michelle would take up work helping young people in their communities, he joked he intends to rest first.

    He told reporters: ‘After a good chunk of sleep when I get out of here, I’m going to be right out there with you doing some work.

    ‘So you’re not rid of me yet, even after we’re done with the presidency, but I am going to take three, four months where I just sleep and I hope y’all don’t mind that.

    ‘We’re going to have a busy agenda, but I’m not overthinking that right now.’

    However, unlike presidents before him who usually head back to their home states after their time in office, Obama is believed to be staying in Washington DC until his youngest daughter Sasha finishes high school, although it is unclear where they plan to live after that.

    One suggestion has been they will go back to Chicago, where he launched his political career as a community organizer and celebrated his landmark 2008 election win.

    His presidential library and foundation will also be based in the Windy City.

    • Helping young people in their communities translation:
      Shaking down multiple big donors and corporations for millions of dollars to set up another useless and racist organization that only addresses the failings inside the Black community.
      Remaining in DC after his term is up translation:
      Pretending to give a hoo-ha about his daughter’s wish to remain in an elite, expensive private school because he thinks he will still be important if he stays in DC.

    • The comments on the Daily Mail article were almost unanimously negative, mostly along the lines of “You’ve been asleep for the past 8 years” and “We never want to see your face again”.

      • Mostly because loser malcontents have a lot of time on their hands. People who work and contribute and take time to be there for their families and communities can’t spend hours a day trolling this hard working, effective, and exceptional President. Of course, these same people find bloviating buffoons like Trump to be just the ticket for this country even though he knows nothing about anything much except how to talk about himself.

    • Amazing–he sure doesn’t seem to be losing sleep, what with the equipped bedroom on the plane, the endless vacays. Is he implying he is actually worrying or governing?

  3. The Iran nuclear deal as crafted by idiots:
    We give Iran jillions of billions of dollars and Iran can do whatever it darn well pleases.

  4. REVISED Schedule
    9am Revokes Iran Deal
    10am Gives FBI thumbs up to arrest Hillary
    11am Captures and returns all Gitmo inhabitants
    12pm Calls Castro a lying, no good ninnyhammer
    1pm Endorses Cruz/Carly ticket
    2pm Gives up napping.
    3pm Tells Biden to take the rest of the year off.
    4pm Rips up his March Madness bracket,vows to never participate again.
    5pm Says oops, my bad on the ACA
    6pm. Cocktails in the East Room with Paul Ryan.
    7pm. After 3 stiff ones, tells Michelle to stop bringing her mom on AF1
    8pm. Dinner with surviving Supremes. Over cognac they unite and find a good replacement for Nino.
    11pm. Make a list of all his missteps, vow to publicly apologize and actually take responsibility for them.
    12am. Head on pillow, Thank GOD for the US Military.

    April fools….


  5. Stuff that does not appear on Schedule.
    From another blog I found this comment.
    Obama takes former prisoners out to lunch

    President Obama ate lunch on Wednesday with seven former inmates who received commutations during his and the last two administrations.

    Obama took the group to Busboys and Poets, a popular eatery on Washington’s bustling 14th St. NW.

    Remember when he took veterans to lunch? Me either. Busboys and Poets? Was Man’s Country closed that afternoon?
    Apparently the place to go is Valerie Jarrett’s Twitter (pix included) — Guess she is his social secretary as well as his Mama.

    • Meaning? How many “foreign-born” as you put it are also out of work or have left the labor force? Don’t get it. Is this back to the old “taking our jobs” thing? So people born here get first crack at jobs?

      • Foreign born is part of the headline, not my words.

        And for the record Star, yes I believe in America and Americans first. When we have Americans training foreign born people here on visas, come to replace them on the job they have been terminated from, I find that objectionable.

        I am not surprised that you do not.

  6. 11:00 am || “Begins a day” of meetings of the Nuclear Security Summit

    Emphasis mine on “Begins a day” with an 11 AM start time. What a maroon!