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Video || Schumer’s Weird Cheerleading

Well this was odd. Never have New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer lead a cheer on your behalf. He starts off this chant for Hillary with some weird monotone and then caps it off with a Howard Dean-style Iowa scream.

10 Responses to Video || Schumer’s Weird Cheerleading

  1. Very weird, even for Chuckie

    What the heck is Shrillary wearing?

    Interesting how Shrillary supporters chant, “Hill-a-ry, Hill-a-ry, Hill-a-ry!”, while Trump’s supporters shout, “USA, USA, USA!!”

    • She was in Harlem….trying to cover all bases undoubtedly….she could have worn a nice spring attire, but no….

      just saying….

      • I just had Fox News on and Ed Henry was commenting on the fact that Shrillary is spending two days campaigning in NY when Wiscoson’s primary is next week, (NY’s is April 19th). It might mean she’s worried about NY and Bernie’s play for it.

        Also, Sanders has been demanding a debate in NY and after refusing for a while, Shrillary’s campaign is now in talks with them over a possible debate.

    • I think that’s already the plan. Schumer’a been waiting a long time for it. He’ll be the Senate Minority Leader next. Or, if the Dems retake the Senate in November, he’ll be the Majority Leader. God help us.

      • You know what they say about Chuckles. The most dangerous place to be is between him and a TV camera.

        OT: I see President Choom just commuted the sentences of 61 fine upstanding drug dealers. I’m sure there were plenty to choose from so why would the guy so obsessed with gun control choose ones with firearms violations as well???

  2. Schumer is hated by a lot of people, Hillary Clinton is also hated by a lot of people, these two are a match made in heaven. Hillary Clinton, obsessed with money, still asking the poor for donations,she’s got more money than God and still asking for more money, I couldn’t believe my ears when she was giving a speech, a boring phony speech and at the end of it, she had the nerve, with all her money, to ask these poor people in the audience for money. What a horrible woman she is to do that. democrats rigged it for her giving her delegates for doing nothing. It is all rigged for her and her creepy people will rig some of the voting machines too. Its up to God if he will let this witch win, if he does, then there is no God and the democrats are right when they say there is no God, that is, if Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency then there is no God.
    Greedy, greedy, she definitely has no compassion or feeling for her supporters if she can ask them for money when she has so much and other donations from other countries now that she collected donations for years from OTHER COUNTRIES,thats how she got rich, living off other people’s money donations. By the way, how did her daughter get $12 million to buy her apartment? from the FAMILY FOUNDATION of other people’s money?
    The Clintons are clever crooks, but most people know what they are.