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Michelle’s Socialist Easter Egg Roll Message

What better event than a gathering of impressionable young children to engage in a little indoctrination?

First Lady Michelle Obama stopped by the annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House on Monday to read a book to the kids. Its title, innocently enough, was “The Rainbow Fish.”

Michelle Obama

Except that the long-controversial children’s book, by Swiss author Marcus Pfister, is not just any ordinary fable. With its message of equalizing the haves and have nots, it has been summed up by some conservatives with a single word: socialism.

In the video below, Mrs. Obama starts reading “The Rainbow Fish” just after the 6:30 mark.

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33 Responses to Michelle’s Socialist Easter Egg Roll Message

  1. I’m all for it – fixing income equality.
    For starters, I’d like the Obamas to share some of their millions with me and my family.
    We could all use a few extra bucks, and the Obamas would be so, so happy then.
    I see.
    Not their income un-equality, but some shadowy unknown rich person’s money.
    / sarc/
    No Christian family, anywhere in the world, would consider that book appropriate to celebrate Easter.

    • I would like to have some of their vacation accommodations on Martha’s Vineyard towards my income equality. It’s only fair. What on earth was she wearing?

    • The Obamas don’t have millions–you’d have much better luck soliciting the Waltons, but I doubt they’d give you a red cent. They don’t give unless they will also receive, in the form of a tax write-off.

  2. Beyonce’ shows up in her underwear. Obama kids’ role model. At least she wasn’t wearing her Black Panthers uniform like at the Superbowl. What trash!

    • My ? is on that note why did she get to bring her kids to the easter egg roll? They are privledged enough and this is suppose to be for under priviledged children. Not billionares kids that are always at the wh.

  3. Let me throw it on her face, this woman who just came back at taxpayers’ expense from Argentina. She needs a cow dung patty on her face. Typical of Communists who live the life of the rich except for the common people.

    • And the reason Jimmy Carter is no longer the worse US President :) At least he was a decent man and Rosalyn wasn’t a national embarrassment.

      I can’t find one thing I like about the Obamas either personally or policy wise. All MO’s “pet projects” are redundant to the gov agencies that do the same thing.

  4. Gay Muslim non citizen and his tranny wookie wife doing the no class majic knee grow Saturday night rich dance.

    Trump is the only hope.

  5. Unbelievable. Actually, I shouldn’t be surprised by any of this by now.

    As usual, Moochelle summoned the entertainment news shows to tthe White House to cover the Eastet Egg Roll/Annual Let’s Move Carnival and to interview Queen Mooch. She claims that she will continue her “work” with children after the O’s leave the White House.

    Also, let’s all feel sorry for poor old Mooch because she’s so very tired that post-White House she’s just looking forward to a break and some spa time. Says the spoiled woman who just last month had her annual long weekend in Aspen, and the month before that just came back from her annual two plus weeks in Hawaii.

    Her work with young children, especially, is what earned her the reputation as the most huggable first lady ever, which Michelle says is “the greatest gift” she has.

    “I tell people all the time that gives me energy,” she revealed. “I don’t care what is happening or how tired I am before an event — just getting a hug, it rejuvenates me. It re-energizes me. So, for the people I hug, I’m getting just as much, if not more, from them as they’re getting from me. That’s the best way to connect with people, especially with kids.”

    “Everything we do to kids, it sticks,” she added. “Without words, [a hug] just expresses the gratitude, the love, the concern, without saying words. That I care, I care deeply, I care about people — I care about our kids in this country and all over the world.”

    All of which is very commendable, but after eight years in the White House, she definitely deserves a bit of R&R.

    “I am going to take a break too. I might go to a spa,” the first lady said. “I might do that for a couple of days, but don’t tell the president because he’s not invited.”

  6. Those kids were way to excited and full of candy (I hope) to listen to a word she said.
    The book promo says it is “award winning.”
    What award and who awarded it?

  7. What isn’t the FLOTUS reading “Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose”? In this story, we learn how the 47%’ers all want to hitch a free ride based on the good heart of Thidwick (probably a church growing moose). Eventually, all the free riding “victims” get what’s coming to them.

    A favorite in our family collection (including Go, Dog, Go!)