As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Trump Town Hall in Appleton, Wisconsin

Anything could happen.

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  1. If I were Donald Trump, I would fold my tent tonight and withdraw from the race! He is an utter disgrace…and so is the LSM that allowed this circus to continue for nine months for ratings and $$$.

    Now we are stuck with Cruz, I suppose. It was all so predictable…what a mess! Hillary was so beatable, and not one out of the 17 candidates was able to slay the dragon lady.

    • Girly, we usually agree but on the Trump-issue it seems like we are on opposite sides. Just curious, why do you dislike him as a candidate ? I like him because he has landed on “my” side on various issues. He is anti-intervention in foreign politics , anti-NATO, EU-skeptic, pro-diplomacy with Russia and Syria, pro-trade without these suffocating TTIP-style deals , has a realistic view on immigration etc.
      I also appreciate his refreshing , entertaining style without scripts and Teleprompters and his bravado when he goes after the MSM. Yes, I can see some other less positive sides too but, who is perfect? ? He is in so many ways the opposite of Obama and that is so joyful and pleasant. With Trump in the White House, interesting things will happen in Europe. It would be glorious.

      • Let me ask you this, SL…Do you honestly believe he holds those positions or knows a whit about them? I don’t…they can change the next day…And he shows no sign of trying to sit down and learn–besides watching the “shows.” Even his “going after” the media is a fake–he owes everything to the media leading with him in every news cycle for his antics. He calls into those shows to GET attn. And why should candidates “go after” the media anyhow–the media are part of our governing apparatus… And I don’t find him in the least refreshing anymore–just another day at the office reacting to his dopey, half-baked statements.

        • Star, I do think he really holds these positions. If you have a nationalist leaning, and I believe he has, you end up with taking these positions. He has been consistent on the foreign policy issues as I can see. How he will handle it when in the White House will be interesting to follow. Kicking out all the neo-cons will be a good start.
          I wish politicians over here would “go after the media” Trump-style too. When the media, the MSM, isn´t doing it´s job which is to scrutinize the power, it deserves this treatment.
          By the way, I am reading Gore Vidals old novel, ” Washington DC”. Very entertaining, very interesting, still true . Vidal knew something about how politics are made.

          • Agree to (vehemently) disagree then? I wonder what your take will be when your hero notices Sweden probably would expect us to defend them and they are kicking in nothing? Or close to. Somehow, now, basing in other countries is some favor to them–not a way for use to maintain control and scrutiny.

      • Good morning, swedishlady. The best way to explain my feelings on Trump is…’square hole, round peg’ meme. He is a clever and smart businessman but has only a cursory knowledge of both foreign and domestic policy.
        From what I have observed, he has no core values – i.e. his switch from pro-partial birth abortion to pro-life. Is he really a Conservative?

        His attitude toward women has always bothered me – women seem to be trophies to him – young and beautiful.
        His remarks about Carly were cruel. His callous attitude toward the female reporter were arrogant.

        For 9 months, he has been the (un)Artful Dodger. All hat, no cattle.
        Now that the main event has begun, he started out with the biggest gaffe ever – women should be punished for illegal abortions.

        The list goes on and on – deporting millions of illegals and their anchor babies, a $35 tariff on auto imports from Mexico, nuclear weapons for Japan and S. Korea. (Nothing will be off the table).

        As you probably have noticed, I do not and will not support ANY of the other feckless candidates – the GOPe “JV team’. Trump has pandered to the fears and hopes of Conservatives knowing full well that 90% of his talking points cannot be implemented. IMO, ‘winning’ is the only objective for him. Nothing else.

        • Girly, my main interest is in the foreign policy issues, it is here that Trump can make a difference also here in Europe. Like I said to Star, I believe he has some core values here being a “nationalist” with his “America First” rhetoric. Yes, maybe he has a, not very up-to-date, attitude towards women with his trophy wives and Miss Universe circus but I don´t take it seriously. At least he is honest about it. At least his wives are real wives and not “beards” and I think it is refreshing that he doesn´t call himself a feminist which all politicians over here must do or else…. Trump is a bit sexist, yes, but it doesn´t matter much to me.
          Well, he might not have much knowledge about foreign and domestic politics but who has ? Did Reagan have it ? I guess not. He hired James Baker and other experts, but he had the core beliefs. It will be interesting and telling to see what kind of people Trump will surround himself with.
          Of course you know much more than me about Trumps positions and the debate in the US. However, in Europe we have real political fights about alternative political parties right now. And Trump seems to be the alternative for the US. Can not help but see him as a breath of fresh air.

          • Well, I sure hear most foreign leaders are horrified by him…Why take his cursory swipes at discussing foreign issues seriously–but not his kneejerk swipes at women? As for his advisers, Ihear he has not met with some and someone else cobbled up that list…not his hothead manager but some other “adviser.” I hope you know he could never deport all illegals or stop people coming in because somehow he determines they are Muslims…right?

          • SL, I believe that our enemies realize that all they have to do is stroke The Donald’s massive ego…and they can play him like a fiddle.

            Putin has already proved that point.

  2. I must have not paid this much attention before but why in the world does this election process drag on forever??? Ridiculous!!

    • Good question, and I’ve pondered it as well. Here’s where I come out: Presidential campaigns have become a two year television show, with all of the worse aspects of a really bad television show–cheap drama, lousy scripts, bad directing, third-rate production values. TV networks create villains and heroes among the candidates. Good guys and bad guys. Conflict, baby, conflict. Ratings. Drama.

      We have incredibly arrogant, misinformed and agenda-driven “journalists” (directors on this cheap television show, I suppose you could say) who set themselves up as arbiters of what is true and what is a lie. They write and foster soap opera “debates”, pit one candidate against another on high school level issues

      “So and so said this about you, how do you respond? Aren’t you angry about that? Let him have it back! But first, a word from our sponsors–fade to commercial: “Are you constipated? Well, try our new product, Flushwell, and get that happy feeling again! Now back to the debate!””

      Everybody here can easily add examples to illustrate what a never ending bad circus act the media have created with these Presidential campaigns. They’ve created an enormous disservice to the political process, and are patting themselves on the back for a “job well done”. It’s all about jacking up those ratings, and nothing about getting at the (oftentimes) boring truth about these candidates. It’s a complete disgrace from beginning to end.

    • Because the media spends a year trying to predict what’s going to happen instead of waiting for people to vote. Seriously, I think they started talking about the election early 2014.

      • The media has come to fancy themselves as creators of public opinion, final judges of what is right and what is wrong, what’s good and what is bad, what is proper and what is not proper. For some reason, all that makes me remember Zager And Evans’ “In The Year 2525”. Spookie song, forecasting where we are headed if we don’t wake up.

      • Like every other institution, the media is morphing. I do agree with that. The 24-hr cycle is voracious…opinion/straight reporting have merged, no one can tell the diff anymore. We are never going back to Walter Cronkite–a screaming liberal but you didn’t know it. He delivered the facts, ma’am. There WAS such a thing as a fact. It’s all changed. And changing…

        • Yep, it is all changing. The old timers can see the difference between news when it was more or less honorably presented (in spite of Operation Mockingbird and other similar programs) and the current state of the 24-hour a day chin wagging. Now it’s non-stop political infomercials and both the right and the left have their town criers). (We have to keep talking, talking, talking, persuading, show viewers we know what’s going on, even if we have to repeat the same pap 500 times a day. Just keep talking.) BTW, Cronkite was one of the recipients of Operation Mockingbird money, so there’s that.

          • Interesting on the Mockingbird thing–aptly named…never heard of it before. I am sure the “state” feeds a lot of news now and we don’t know it…And you are sure right on the constant repetition of pap–I can hardly turn on the set these days.