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Video || Obama Lectures the Press on How to Do Its Job

This is most inappropriate for a president to do, but what do you expect from Obama?

The president says essentially that the mainstream, neutral press should choose sides – of course his side, and not that of the irrational, racist, mean-spirited Republicans. Because everyone knows that Democrats’ positions are based on science, reason, and generally higher stages of enlightenment than Neanderthal conservatives.

Here is Obama lecturing someone else.

Obmaa lectures

32 Responses to Video || Obama Lectures the Press on How to Do Its Job

  1. Gee, he didn’t have any complaints years ago when no one checked HIS background, and thought he was the best thing since, well, ever.

    If his wife wasn’t such a, well, y’know, it would be easy to feel sorry for her being stuck with such a know-it-all.

    (notice all the word restraints here? lol)

  2. I feel that in his final months he is going to become more obnoxious and in your face than he has before, if that is possible.

    OT, Feds now are threatening schools that refuse to stick to Mooch’s lunch menu.

    • Agree. In these last months, he will discard his disguise completely, and launch whatever programs are left his quiver to destroy the United States. He is, after all is said and done, not right in the head, and we will see more evidence of that as the year continues.

      • Harry Truman was able to realize that the groupies et al were about the OFFICE and not the man… Barack thinks that it is about him.

        It will take a long time but remember that people are not talking much about LBJ, Nixon, Taft and others… Barack will fade away some day.

        …to a golf course…

        …even the cameras will be tired of his off the cuff comments surrounded by um and ah and dead air…

        The Tellaprompter does not go with him when he leaves.

        • LOL.. maybe he’ll try to steal the teleprompter like the Clintons tried to steal the White House dishes, silverware and furniture when they left the WH. Without his teleprompter, he’s stumped for a response when someone says “Good morning” to him.

    • The gloves should come off.
      Obama has no right to insert himself into the next election.
      He has timed out due to term limits.
      He is afraid his “legacy” will end up in the sewer and he is desperate to continue his devastation of the Country that he despises.

      I feel that we will never be rid of him or his wife for many years to come.

  3. The world is in sorry shape – everywhere – and the dominant topic of today’s news broadcasts is:
    According to what I have read, this young woman has a history of making accusations that cannot be supported. Perhaps this one is true. I don’t know. Can’t tell from viewing the videos but my eyesight is not good. Looked like a mob of reporters and campaign workers to me. Who could possibly know who did what?
    But, to my point- Really? This is a dominant news item today? No wonder we are in the sad, sorry shape we are in.

  4. When we are $19+ trillion in debt, where does Obama come up with the money for this new ballot box stuffing initiative?This started in 2014, after Republicans took back Congress. Did they do anything to stop him at all? And I can’t find much sympathy for a press corps that didn’t vet Obama before he got elected and has given him a free pass most of the time since. Still waiting for my local north Jersey papers to mention that Obama invited the benevolent Castro bros to criticize the US or that sweet Fidel took him up on it. And Cruz and Trump keep sniping at each other while the world goes to hell in a hand basket. Depressing.

  5. How about reporting we elected someone who was incompetent and unvented for Dog Catcher much less President in 2008 and 2012?

    How about the press went back to GWB college transcripts and DUI arrest and dropped them onto the public. Yet, they did not ask for a college transcript, a class record where you were a professor of Constitutional Law or you worked a day in your life?

  6. I honestly don’t know how anyone in that room could keep a straight face. Just a dab of derisive laughter (or even a little snickering) would have driven ol’ Barry bonkers.
    It’s time for the media to start shoveling some of Barry’s BS back in his face. What do they have to lose now?

  7. How about a big F-U to this current “WH press corps” for allowing to get away this attitude for the past 7+ years…
    They had a chance to “challenge” Obama…but being the weak-willed sycophants they are they gladly allowed Obama & his regime to act like this towards the ‘media’.

    • I think after today’s obsession with the “grab” that they absolutely believe they should be a “protected class.” After all, they run with THE movers and shakers.
      I want to know if Corey intended to grab this woman specifically in an attempt to harm her. I suspect he had no idea who she was…and that angered her as much as anything.
      Cruz is an alledged womanizer and yes, that matters to me. I want to know the truth about that.
      HRC is a liar. We all know that. Plenty of substantiated proof.
      Bernie is a sad old hippie – who acknowledges writing porn to make a living before he somehow was elected to public office. Not exactly a stellar resume.
      And frankly, it is baloney like this issue – so blatantly anti-Trump and pro entrenched establishment – that make me want to cast a vote for Trump. Just because I still can vote for whomever I choose. And my choice is not one of these over rated, self promoting politicians. They are in this race for one reason – power and selfish ambition. They are not guided by love of God and country.
      Trump never says anything of verifiable substance – but at least he is not beholden to anyone in the incestuous relationship swamp of Washington, DC.
      And thank God his daughter had the baby – she is the brains in his operation.

      • You really haven’t researched Trump and his website. I really don’t pay attention to debates, speeches, etc. never have. I don’t do lot of research on mainstream sites. Those are all the same. Trump when to Wharton School of Finance, which was called Wharton School of Business thirty plus years ago. My husband wanted to go to school there but couldn’t afford to go out of state. All three of Trumps kids went there. I do not believe Trump became a success without being smart. I choose someone that is not an insider.

        • I wonder if Trump even knows what is on his website…As for having to be smart to be a success–there are all sorts of smart–he is not governing smart. Since when when something goes wrong, does one turn to someone completely inexperienced, an amateur really. Would you do this if your toilet was overflowing–call the neighbor because he went to college and must be “smart”? Trump, by the way, does not hold the famous Wharton MBA–he went undergrad. But even that doesn’t matter–this is more about character, willingness to learn, willingness to change (he may have that, admittedly), willingness to admit a mistake if one is made…not just a drive to get his way and capture news cycles with his antics.

  8. He wishes to be a Fidel Castro and run things his way, no opposition from anybody. The press should only print what comes out with a stamp of approval from the White House.

    • J should be in jail. He should have been removed from office years ago. He and Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder before her are derelict in their duty to uphold the law. Johnson has destroyed Homeland Security — it is a joke, he is a joke, and he endangers the United States every day that he is in office.

  9. Yes, of course, we should listen to him. The all knowing one that has hidden his records forever. And probably hasn’t gone a day without hitting the pipe;-) little late for his opinions.