As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Tuesday, March 29, 2016

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:25 am || Deaparts White House
1:40 pm || Arrives Atlanta, Georgia
2:30 pm || Speaks at the National Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit; AmericasMart, Atlanta
4:15 pm || Departs Atlanta
5:45 pm || Arrives Joint Base Andrews

All times Eastern

25 Responses to Obama Schedule || Tuesday, March 29, 2016

  1. Do these quick trips require 2 planes, limo and back-up limo, support security and vehicles, advance team screening the area, the whole 9 yards?

  2. He just got back to town and he’s off again?
    This guy is going to be a wreck come next March when the only airplane he can use will be the one that advertises on TV.
    No one will care what he thinks, no one will care to listen to him talk, and he will be an unemployed has-been looking for something to do.

      • Doing basketball brackets is very exhausting. Takes a lot of time, calculating, thinking, pondering, scrutinizing, assessing. No heavy lifting, of course, but it takes a lot of energy. Whew. Tiring. No wonder he looks so dragged out these days. March madness did him in.

    • That unemployed has been will get a substantial pension at your expense for the rest of his life and secret service forever. Sorry you’re mad! Oh, and with your contribution, he has probably already ordered his personal jet for his future travels.

      • Pension, SS protection, funds for an ‘office’ – sure, they all got that.
        What he won’t have is a fully staffed mansion to live in, a fantastic fully staffed vacay home, his own jumbo jet, his own fleet of helios, his own fleet of limos, his personal medical staff, an office staff paid for by others, and the ability to demand press attention when and where he pleases.
        So – has been will be a sorry state.

  3. Class Schedule:
    * American Imperialism
    * Evils of Capitalism
    * Marxist Lectures
    * Che, Peoples Hero
    * Anatomy 101
    * Class Dismissed

    • Better hope not, Cis–those docs could end up as your primary…We have many foreign -edu docs here in AZ. Notice they matched her to an Am internship…

      • Only sort of related–but I have a friend who is very oh-my-dear about her docs–they must have gone to an Ivy with a big residency someplace tony. She went to her new primary under Blue Cross Medi Advtg with a cough that would not leave. She reported he never touched her–did not listen to her lungs. She asked about it and he said, “Oh, I would probably hear something, but your said it was a little better so it’s going the right direction. Expect it to be gone in 6-8 weeks.” I also have had docs who peer into their laptops and don’t’ connect. There is even a move now to phase out the stethoscope–so dated, don’tcha know.

  4. Drugs — finally something the man will lecture about something he has actually experienced, might know something about and probably learned nothing from.