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White House on Lockdown After Capitol Shooting

Both the White House and the Capitol were on lockdown early Monday afternoon after a shooting at the Capitol injured one police officer, apparently not seriously.

Initial reports suggest there was one shooter and that he was in custody and headed to the hospital, apparently having sustained injuries himself.

The White House by mid-afternoon was no longer on lockdown.

12 Responses to White House on Lockdown After Capitol Shooting

      • Since you bring up Trump, the ISIS story on here plus this one somehow we overlooked Trump’s interview with David Sanger in which he said we have not been a great country for 116 yrs. Boy have we been losers what with that moon shot, internet, stopping polio, defeating Hitler, etc.

          • His interview with two NYT reporters–he said something about the turn of the 20th century being our high point “when you really stop to think of it.” This brings me to another point–how come many on this list have six fits when Obama points out the shortcomings of this country, but it’s A-OK for Trump to do it–how stupid we are, how much smarter the other leaders are, how we get played…is it just because he SAYS he can do something about it, though he won’t say what? I don’t get it.

  1. Did all the politicos have to shelter in place or did they have security with guns protecting them?

    You can bet your sweet bippy that Valerie Jarrett wasn’t on the floor underneath her desk — any of the anti gun Dems either.