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White House Makes Easter Egg Roll About LGBT Rights

This started out as a White House video about the history of the White House Easter Egg Roll, which is today. Then it got Obama-centric. And then it got political. Have a look.

White House Easter Egg Roll volunteers.

Easter egg roll political

38 thoughts on “White House Makes Easter Egg Roll About LGBT Rights”

  1. LGBT rights is not my battle.
    But how I wish it was not all about them and other groups and mostly about all of us who are bone fide citizens of the USA.

  2. Wooden eggs embossed with outlines of two dogs and a promotion of LBGT “families” do not equal the Christian Easter celebration.
    Perhaps it’s time to retire this event that has devolved into a political gimmick.

  3. What’s next? Is Obama going to burn the flag on the White House Lawn or worse at Arlington? There is no institution or the Obama’s will ruin…..

    Did anyone see the Stormtroopers with Obama? I wonder if they were there to arrest that Wookie? Anyone ever notices that we have never seen Mooch and Chewie together?

  4. Note that she said the event is ‘evolving’.
    Easter does not evolve.
    Nor should the traditions of an event for the children.
    The Obama’s continually push their agenda down our throats using every opportunity to demean the tenants of Christianity.

    9 months to go.
    God help us if Hillary wins.

    1. Not a chance. If she doesn’t get indicted, the late October leaks from the FBI agents who will have resigned in protest will be even more damaging. Once the electorate gets the idea that Cacklepants is running for the White House so she can keep herself out of the big house, it will be Too Late, Game Over, and Goodbye.

      But Krypteria is a little obscure. Hmm…”Simply Unelectable”? Robert Palmer parody?

      “She’s a bold-faced liar,
      She’s impossibly shrill,
      She says believe all accusers,
      Unless they accuse Bill!
      She used to look good to me,
      But now I find her…
      Simply Unelectable!”

      1. I sincerely hope you are right, but with the convoluted political system we have today, and the heathens in the WH and the administration, nothing would surprise me.

          1. I have rabid Hillary supporters in my family.
            Trying to explain the devastation she would bring by extending Obama’s policies is like trying to explain fire to a fish.

          2. My take?

            The visual of an American getting burned in effigy in Mexico over Easter weekend will likely seal the deal.

            We’ve seen that sort of behavior in religious observances before, but this is the first time I can remember seeing Christians doing it.

            What actually amuses me are creative types feeling the Bern, but who go forty-two shades of ballistic any time their work turns up anywhere else on the web. It’s self-contradictory doublethink, and they don’t even understand the contradiction.

  5. Could anything be more drab? Look how Barry is dressed…and the Mooch in her hideous dark clothing. Storm troops and Star Wars music – what the h*ll does that have to do with Easter?

    This all could be taking place in N. Korea or China for all we know. It certainly doesn’t look like America anymore. It’s all so depressing with these Marxists running loose in the WH.
    It’s time to bring back the spirit of the Kennedy and Reagan White House years. Class with a capital “C”.

    1. Star Wars is owned by Disney now which are yuuge Obama fans. Probably free publicity for Dizzy with thanks for all those money bags they’ve thrown over the WH fence ?

  6. Leave it to the Obama Administration to take a dignified event and turn it into everything LGBTQ crap. It’s vulgar! The nerve to say that only when Obama became President, any child could dream of being President. It implies that segregation ended with his immaculation. Mere words cannot express the utter disgust many of us feel.

    1. There are plenty of Christian LGBT families who don’t like being treated like show ponies either.

      DC’s a sanctuary city too. Wonder how many illegal immigrants were included in the festivities?

  7. Puhleasse – “Everybody” knows the Easter Bunny is so gay! Move on.

    The Obamas ruin everything they touch.

    BTW there is chatter that perhaps the Obamas did not attend church services in Va. on Easter Sunday given that all the photos were similar to 2014 I think. It is unlikely they wore the same outfits, at the very least. The only reason to care about this is that if it is true and they did not attend then the media is once again guilty of propaganda on the most trivial of levels.

    1. Those photos were from 2014. I posted AP’s raw video of them sneaking into church this year and some cell photos a parishoner posted on twitter. I wonder why no actual photos from this year?

      I can tell almost by Sasha’s growth spurts what year photos are from. ;)

    2. Hello Island Girl.
      Hope you got to see the link I put on the Easter thread.
      Biggest virtual choir singing the Hallelujah chorus.

      It is inspiring.

      1. Thank you AFVet:)) That beautiful song ALWAYS gives me the chills/goosebumps. I grew up thinking it was written just for our church (King of Kings). love it

      2. I grew up in a Lutheran Church that had a pipe organ.
        The church had high ceilings and the acoustics were great.
        My Mom was the organist for years and that was her favorite song.
        She could make that organ talk.

        I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  8. I’m counting the days until the Obama and their ultra liberal crew are out of the White House. My mother took me to the Easter Egg Roll on the W.H. lawn in the late 30’s and it was a wonderful experience. Thank God we didn’t have Presidents then who were pushing the LGBT agenda on little children in those days!

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