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Obama Schedule || Monday, March 28, 2016

10:30 am || Attends the White House Easter Egg Roll
7:30 pm || Delivers the keynote address at the awards dinner for Syracuse University’s Toner Prize for Excellence in Political Reporting; Washington

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 1:30 pm

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  1. Under 300 days left till 0 is gone. Vote wisely. Try to select someone that can be in the office before 10:00 a.m and willing to work hard for this country. It’s been a long miserable seven plus years of destruction.

  2. Finally the last ever Mooochelle Let’s Move Humongous Carnival a/k/a The WH easter Egg Roll. Since their very first year, the Obamas have totally coopted teh traditonal WH easter Egg Roll and tunred into a complete circus, the largest event held at the WH every year, The Easyer Eg Roll is only a very tiny part of the day;s festivties.

    Over 35,000 peopel have tickets to thsi circus! RThen add in all the singers, actors, arthletes, ce;ebrity chefs, kiddie cartoon characters, and all the peopel who don’t need tickets through the littery system they use for this event (members of the Obummer administration and tehir familues, family and frineds of the Obummers, etc.).

  3. Let’s try this again:

    On Monday March 28, 2016, the First Family will host the 138th annual White House Easter Egg Roll. This year’s theme is “Let’s Celebrate!” and more than 35,000 people will be joining us on the South Lawn for games, stories, and, of course, the traditional egg roll.

    In addition to all the fun and games, the day’s activities – which will include sports courts and cooking demonstrations — will celebrate the initiatives of First Lady Michelle Obama and the contributions the Obama Administration has made to the Easter Egg Roll. In honor of the First Lady’s Let’s Move! initiative, this year’s event will also include the first-ever White House Fun Run.

    The public lottery for White House Easter Egg Roll tickets is now closed. Winners will be notified at a later date; tickets are free of charge and cannot be sold.

  4. More at this link, which you really have to check out to see the long lists of people invited and the various activities at this circus:

    White House Announces Full 2016 Easter Egg Roll Program and Talent Line-up

    The White House announces the full program, activities, and talent line-up for the 2016 White House Easter Egg Roll, a tradition in its 138th year and the largest annual public event at the White House.

    The Easter Egg Roll will take place Monday, March 28, on the South Lawn of the White House and in honor of the final Easter Egg Roll of the Obama Administration, this year’s theme is “Let’s Celebrate.” The event will feature live music, sports courts, cooking stations, storytelling and, of course, Easter egg rolling. In support of the First Lady’s Let’s Move! Initiative, this year’s event will also include the first-ever White House Fun Run, where First Lady Michelle Obama will join 250 children on a short run to promote active and healthy lifestyles for kids.


    Full List of Events

    With the “Let’s Celebrate” theme, this year’s event will honor the final Easter Egg Roll for the Obama Administration. The activities include obstacle courses, yoga, dancing, playing sports with professional athletes, and of course, the traditional egg roll. The full list of events is below:

    Egg Roll Classics
    An Egg Hunt & the traditional Egg Roll

    Rock ‘n’ Egg Roll Stage
    Live musical performances for all ages

    Storytime Stage
    Listen as celebrities bring books to life

    Hop To It!
    An instructional dance party on the South Lawn! Get up to dance and more

    Eggtivity Zone Obstacle Course
    An ultimate all-in-one obstacle course! Climb, jump, and run your way through a variety of sports drills

    Basketball and Tennis
    Get hands-on training from basketball and tennis pros on the President’s court

    Yoga Garden
    Come enjoy a session of yoga from professional instructors

    Eggspress Yourself
    Hatch your inner artist with arts and crafts fun! Egg dying, egg decorating, and more

    Play with your Food
    An entertaining activity center filled with opportunities to learn about healthy eating

    Eggsperiment Zone
    Interactive, educational activities designed to spark scientific curiosity and creativity

      • I’m guessing that neither Barry nor Michelle could tell us with any grounded historical detail or meaningful explanation (beyond a vague ‘Isn’t that when Jesus sort of woke up in a tomb?”) what Easter is all about, what role the event actually plays in Christianity, why we celebrate it, its role in the Christian calendar, its place in the liturgical year. For them Easter is just another “Let’s Boogie” day. You think The “Rev” Wright celebrated or honored Easter in any traditional way? Not a chance.

  5. Report real facts from the border
    Report on Obama’s sealed college transcripts
    Report on exact number and locations of thousands of “refugees” Obama has relocated
    Report on the citizen victims of sanctuary city policies
    Report on the corruption of Fast and Furious, IRS, Black Lives Matter, Benghazi cover up…..
    So many stories that would be true excellence in political reporting yet not one of them get the coverage needed.

    • Amen. And I guess they never will. All of these people are “in bed” with one another. Not an honest, God fearing, country loving person among them.
      Proof? Ted’s alleged “indiscretions” have been swept under the rug. I believe that a man who lies and cheats on his wife will lie and cheat everyone else.
      It’s all about the appearance and not the measure of the man or woman. Hollywood has usurped our representatives in DC. It’s like watching a soap opera…never any resolution to the issues.

        • I guess the same evidence and proof we have on HRC. Obviously, we don’t know and won’t see the proof of either…the movers and shakers in DC are hellbent and determined to elect who they want…what we the people desire is of no matter. They know what is best. “Don’t worry your pretty head about all this stuff.” /sarc

  6. What can we believe in anymore? Apparently the Dark Web is a bore…

    I also read an interesting NOVEL called The Wolf by Lorenzo Carcaterra about a top level organized crime guy (not, it makes clear, the goombahs we see perp walked or the Tony Soprano type) whose wife and daughters are murdered by terrorists and he reluctantly goes after them because they not only need killing for what they did but are disrupting his legitimate businesses. So maybe a private force could wrap up these evil doers–think? Yes, it was a novel…