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Obama Fails to Issue Statement on Killing of Christians in Pakistan

A faction of the Islamist Taliban claimed credit Sunday for a horrific Easter attack against Christians in Pakistan that killed at least 65 people and wounded more than 300.

President Obama failed to issue a statement on the bombing, leaving the job instead to a spokesman for the National Security Council. The White House statement did not mention the religious motivation behind the bombing. Obama refuses to describe terrorism as “Islamist” and seeks to minimize or ignore the religious motivations behind Islamist attacks.

A bomb was set off near the children’s rides in a park in the city of Lahore. The park was filled with members of Pakistan’s minority Christian community celebrating Easter. A spokesman for Jamaat-ul-Ahrar told the Associated Press that a suicide bomber with the faction deliberately targeted the Christian community.

Many Christians in Pakistan say the government does little to protect them, failing take serious steps to improve their security, according to Reuters.

The death toll is expected to climb. Witnesses described a gruesome scene at the park with women and children standing in pools of blood and body parts strewn about the ground.

Obama and his family made a rare appearance in church Sunday, attending services in Alexandria, Virginia.

23 thoughts on “Obama Fails to Issue Statement on Killing of Christians in Pakistan”

  1. Christians being killed by Islamic terrorists is not a priority for Barack Obama. If anything, his no comment gives further lie to his hypocritical annual church photo opp visit on Easter.

    1. Remember when Obama has to interrupt his tango lessons the terrorist win. Good to know that they are not always winning nevermind those terrorists attacks thats them not winning apparently ;)

  2. Horrific. And, no surprise that the Loser-in-Chief stays mum. However, if some celebrity dies, even of a self-inflicted drug overdose, Obummer releases a statement within minutes of the news coming out.

  3. He doesn’t care

    he never did but now that he is almost done he is really not pretending at all anymore

    p.s. this post has nothing to do with Islam I promise

  4. I’m tired of that pro Muslim president of ours always standing up for the Islamic faith and Muslims, but never standing up for Christians and Jesus Christ!! I can’t stand this Muslim hypocrite!

  5. I am so disappointed in the Pope.I just read Breitbart : ” Popes Easter message condemns those who prevents migrants from crossing borders” So, trying to do something about illegal immigrant-trafficking is to be condemned ? Is he not aware of the situation in Europe ? Well, he is safe and sound behind his Vatican walls in Rome , he lives in a bubble, surrounded by a constant entourage . And what about the horrible murders of Christians all over the world, yesterday the murders of Christian families celebrating Easter in Pakistan ? Should the Pope not be a bit more vocal about it ? Should he not demand the leaders of the mosques to condemn it loud and clear ? I think that the religious leaders in the Muslim world must take much, much more responsibility of the deeds that are done in the name of their religion.I never hear anything from them. I don´t want to suspect that they….agree…..
    And Barry, well, I have no expectations at all there. I am just happy that this is the Obamas last Easter in the White House. Can´t wait to see the Trumps there soon. Trumps daughter just had a son, by the way. Happy Easter !

  6. The Pope asked us yesterday to fight terrorism with weapons of love. I’m sure every mother in that park in Pakistan deeply loved their children who died on Easter Sunday. We can not afford to love our enemies any more. They must be decried as the evil they are, and wiped off the face of this loving world, or we all perish.


  7. *sigh* I can understand your frustration but his silence doesn’t make him “pro-Muslim” like bush before him his trying America and western world not all those that follow the Islamic faith are bad, sides who ever said he was a devout Christian anyway

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