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Saturday Open Thread || March 26, 2016



61 thoughts on “Saturday Open Thread || March 26, 2016”

  1. Morning all,
    Been a helluva week. Between yet another self-inflicted attack in Europe and yet another week of Obama disrespecting everything that is good about America it’s one that I’m hoping I can put behind me sooner rather than later.
    Coffee’s down to the last cup and on way out the door for a day of yard work (or at least however long this ol fart’s bones can handle)so wishing you all a great Saturday.

    1. The people that voted Obama in for 8 terrible years should be hunted down and given a lobotomy !

      There is no excuse for this!

  2. Will everyone please put on their tin foil hat for a few minutes and share their thoughts on the Cruz rumors of infidelity. I realize the media has ginned it up with Trump photo tweets into the mix and suggesting it really was Rubio’s camp that started it all.

    Basically, I am asking:
    Who profits from this tabloid talk?

    Is it part of the so-called 100-day attack on Trump?

    What is Kasich’s angle and how does he play into it, if at all?

    Is there a cabal of other GOPers that lit the fire this past week, who want a brokered convention [read: control]? Who are they?

    1. I wish I could but even a tinfoil hat isn’t enough to protect me from this latest new low. I had such high hopes for the 2016 cycle and now? Well, I’d be put in permanent mod jail if I wrote what I really think right now.
      Only thing I DO know is that the Nat Enquirer has surprised the MSM with the truth before. (Hart, Edwards et al)
      Too early to tell if this the beginning of something bigger.
      What I do find satisfying though is that Jeff Roe, the sleaze of Missouri politics is getting a dose of his own medicine.

      1. Keep in mind that Cruz’s PAC started it by putting out pictures of Melania that were 15 years old when she was a model and before Trump married her.

        Families should be off limits.

          1. I wonder where we’d be if Trump has tweeted: “See how beautiful my wife is and she’s smart, too, and cares about making her adopted country as great as she thought it was when she came here.” More than 140 chars but you get where I am going.

          2. He should have! I am not 100% sure he didn’t know about it… Maybe Kasich knows all about that creep Soros’s activities too–maybe Kasich is the Manchurian Candidate–maybe they are all liars and jerks…As I have said, I don’t trust any–and now it’s I can hardly stomach any. And their little running dogs, too, Lewandowski, Rove, Stone, Eric Bolling, and anyone else you can name.

        1. You need to get your facts straight before you go off posting fiction. That was NOT Cruz’ pac. It is a anti_TRUMP pac and Cruz had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. Now Trump is BFF with Pecker over at the sleaze rag national enquirer and I believe Trump Had EVERYTHING to do with the sleazy rumor regarding Cruz wife. If Ms Trump had kept
          Her clothes on maybe her nudie pic wouldnt plastered all over the internet.

    2. I do know one thing for sure – if Cruz gets the nomination I will do the ‘unthinkable’ – vote for Hillary. And it’s not b/c of the Nationl Enq. rumors.

      ‘Lyin’ Cruz is a sneaky, sleazy, underhanded phony who tried to ride Trump’s coattails for the first six months, and when he achieved a modicum of ‘recognition’ from the media and the public, he went into overdrive with his dirty bag of tricks.

      Cruz, IMO, orchestrated the entire ‘wife’ baiting spectacle on his own. It’s his style. He is milking it for every drop he can get. He’s loving it!
      Did anyone see the Heidi/Ted ‘Kiss’ this morning? With their little daughter standing next to them?? It was just a few seconds shorter than the Tipper/Al ‘kiss’ a few years ago.

      Personally, I dismiss all the ‘infidelity’ rumors. He must be short on women voters, most of whom probably find him less than appealing.

      1. I was just reading Don Surber and found this:

        Last July, a Cruz-affiliated super PAC donated $500,000 to Fiorina’s campaign, without explanation — a highly unusual move that is being reexamined in light of the Enquirer’s report about Cruz’s indiscretions. And Fiorina made a highly publicized last-minute endorsement of Cruz in the final days before the Florida primary, helping him come in a respectable second to Trump and keeping his White House hopes alive.

        I will not vote for Hillary under any circumstances.

      2. Cruz can’t be as bad as Hillary.
        She’s dealt in crooked propositions for years.
        The last one I want to see back in the WH is Hillary.

        1. I do know how bad HRC is, AFVet.
          The problem is we have no idea what this messianic closet Pentecostal nut case will do if given absolute power. Carpet bomb the ME? Imprison all Muslims?
          He scares me to death.

          1. Once again it looks like to me that we are going to have to hold our nose and vote, or not vote at all.
            But, have faith, it is still early.

          2. I am concentrating on who can be best stopped or thwarted by Congress–assuming Reps can get elected there downticket. But my vote will not be a part of it. I just can’t.

      3. Girly1, as a Canadian I have no right to comment on the US election, but wouldn’t voting for Shrillary be a bit like “cutting off your nose to spite your face”?

      1. Thanks for the link. The ending “Did Anyone Think The People Destroying America Were Going To Relinquish Power Peacefully?” is very powerful and explains exactly what is happening. The left and GOPe are so threatened by Trump that they’ll do everything possible to prevent his becoming president. Soros is paying protesters all across the country and should be jailed for trying to influence an election.

      2. A Kasich PAC…separate from him…The ads where the candidate says I approved this message come from the candidate. And we already talked about why Soros is doing this… or could be doing this. Oh, this is a giant ball of tactics now–it will take more than a kitten to untangle this yard.

      3. The last I read was $200,000 on

        Wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Soros upped the ante.

        The elite and entrenched are in full riot gear literally and figuratively.

    3. The cui bono–who profits?– on this one is a challenge. You could argue that everyone in this rodeo, except for Cruz and company–might be the beneficiary.

      1. Hillary and company because it puts a bad light on her R competitors
      2. Trump because Cruz gets caught up in this web of weirdness and gets weaker. Trump just lets Cruz get tangled up in the story and suffocate himself.
      3. Kasich because it kneecaps one of his competitors
      4. Some weirdo Democrat, Republican or other flavored political operative just because that’s how these operatives get their jollies
      5. Sanders, see No.1.
      6. The GOPe who hate Cruz, though he’s been living on their dime for a very long time–past associations and employment, etc.
      7. The Democrat elites for all the obvious reasons.

      It will all pass by soon enough, and the next scheduled scandal is already warming up on the bench, ready to go. And months to go with this soap opera.

      1. I was referring to me.
        This an open thread, and your opinion is welcomed.
        I posted a video, I did not produce it, nor do I necessary agree with it.

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