As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Hillary Agrees, Nods Head 1,432 Times

Or close to that. Very agreeable lady.

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20 Responses to Video || Hillary Agrees, Nods Head 1,432 Times

  1. She’s been doing this for years.

    She already knows what she’s going to say. Doesn’t matter what the other person is saying or asking. Shes’ mentally rehearsing and getting ready to spew her pre-set verbiage while pretending to listen.

    • Yes, it’s a mental health illness now, not a problem that has anything to do with Islam. I wonder how many backflips he had to do to create that verbage. But get ready, you’re going to hear that phrase all over the media and the internet.

  2. She has a brain injury. Yes, that is what I think.
    O/T in a way – but I also believe HRC is the impetus behind the National Enquirer scoop regarding Cruz and his five mistresses.
    Cruz points at Trump for this “garbage” but HRC is way more worried about Cruz than she is Trump.

  3. Uh, does he mean the mosques where they still practice strict gender apartheid and require women to take on the burden of concealing themselves from any man who might possibly become their husband at some date? Oh, yes, except for their head, hands, and feet.

    It seems to me that if these young people and their parents as a group were truly patriotic Americans and loved the United States, ISIS and so forth would have no appeal to them. They would spurn their propaganda and turn in to the police anyone involved in illegal activities.

    It seems more likely that they are not American in their heart; they only think this is a profitable place to live. The mosques cultivate a victim atmosphere in order to encourage them to cleave unto the actions, such as unnecessarily wearing a piece of head covering from another culture, that make them identify more with their religion than with their nation.