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Obama Schedule || Friday, March 25, 2016

In the morning, President Obama and his family return to the White House from Argentina. He has no publicly scheduled events.

15 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, March 25, 2016”

  1. Barry must be so worn out from partying and sight seeing in Argentina. Poor baby! He needs to rest for the weekend and recover. Will there be an Easter “walking to church” photo op this year?

    1. IND, just read on Breitbart, ” While Obama played, two Americans confirmed dead in Brussels”. Seems like at least Kerry did the right thing when he appeared in a press conference with the Belgian PM. Kerry said some words of sympathy. But Barry couldnĀ“t care less, what is terror in Europe when I can tango in Argentine ?

    2. Yea, They had a fake little picture they gave out. They did not even try to do their phony church pic on easter. Last easter he does not care that we now who he really is.

    1. swedishlady,
      Thank you, thank you.
      I don’t think PM Orbans speech will get much if any coverage in America.
      A historic speech that’s on par with Churchill’s “fight on the beaches” speech.
      God bless the Hungarian people.

      1. AFVeT, Grace,Cisco,Langley, so glad you liked the speech as much as I do. MSM and politicians try to ignore Orban in Europe too. They feel threatened by him, they know that he speaks the truth. I believe that a Trump in the White House would help politicians like him.

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