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Video || Obama a Litte Confused About His Top Priority

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    • ~I pray everyday there is a special circle in Hell for this “Barack Hussein Obama” and everyone (the voters, the Media, the D & R politicians) who have supported his Regime for the past 8 years…

  1. His top priorities have nothing to do with the the duties of a president. It’s all about the nurturing and care of his massive ego and the lifestyle of the rich and famous.
    He looks like he could use a little ‘re-hab’ after his secret life of self adulation. If only the walls could talk!

    • “walls could talk”…
      –Keith is a part of this cesspool called this “WH press corps”, so he must know some of the truth about how clueless Obama is and all the crap going on with this Obama White House…

  2. It’s really late in the day for this President, but he does have some months left to attend to his constitutional first priority – enforce existing laws passed by Congress.

    There’s no hope or thoughts that he will do anything memorable to defeat the murdering Islamists, or even to create jobs, but it would be helpful if he actually ordered his federal minions to enforce the dang laws on immigration.

  3. His top priority is creating jobs but then he goes out and buys a combination ATM/Ball-returner machine?

    This newfangled invention does let him withdrawal the money he loses as he throws up that raincloud of Bricks he shoots, but it also costs the Teller and Ball Boy their jobs.

    Does he even listen to himself?

  4. I love how Gen Dempsey gives him the side-eye in this video!!

    The thought bubble just screams “Who is this damn moron and where is a rock I can crawl under?”

  5. He is doing his job. That job is to strike at the heart of the USA. ValJar is running the country just the way and Iranian Muslim would do.
    Obama is happy Islam is on the march around the world and that is just what he and the ValJar want.
    That is there Goal. In his mind we are the problem.

  6. Off topic. Yesterday at my arthritis swim class a Muslim woman showed up. She was with her scowling husband.

    So what does a Muslim woman wear to swim? I was stunned.

    Fully clothed including head scarf!

      • They should have indoor pools in those well funded mosques.

        I would hate to be an average american woman attending my arthritis swim class and be subjected to some scowling muslim man staring through the duration. BS. So, I suppose if it was a man who regularly beat his wife and would allow her to go nowhere without him then his presence would be equally welcome. Get a grip.

    • Islam is really a “religion” of savages…

      Christianity had the Reformation, (then the Renaissance & Industrial Revolution…)
      But Islam is so backward & primitive and still loves the 7th Century.

    • Oh! So terrible.
      Now maybe if he had cut of someone’s head or burned them alive there wouldn’t be much fuss.
      No, better yet, crucifiy him, no, handcuff him and throw him off a building.
      Although stoning is good too.
      F**k the “palestinian youth,”.
      No sympathy from me.

  7. Here is Priority No. One:
    Obama takes two AF One planes to Argentina – one for the Mooch and family to use for sightseeing on the taxpayer dime! Another case of casting pearls before swine! All they do is bad-mouth this country.
    Mooch evidently gave a speech today and did nothing but whine about her ‘shtruggle’while growing up Black in America. Stuff it, Michelle!

    • It’s outrageous that the only reason the “baby” AF1 was taken was for the family to go sightseeing. The costs for this trip are exorbitant enough without adding in this second indulgence. Obama never travels lightly; there are always numerous planes involved to carry all the Secret Service and Staff. And what about the White House Press Corp that get a seat on AF1? How much are they billed?

      • I still remember the $200M family vacation to Indonesia and a few other countries right after he lost Congress to the R’s. It was his ‘get even with the Republcans’ odyssey, and also the largest contingent and most expensive trip in presidential history.

        • I read an estimate of the cost of Barry’s vacations up until the end of his reign. The total was expected to be $100 million.

  8. If the president really has nothing else pressing but dancing, ballgames and trips, maybe he could amp up the NO CALL LIST–I still get a lot. Or get this one–your convos get recorded on buses in Maryland…

    Also–I had to justify my existence to PayPal the other day and they had a question where they listed three addresses and asked which, if any, I had lived at–or someone I knew had lived at. So they know who I know and THEIR addresses. Sooo creepy. I am sure it’s just th top layer.

  9. Please notice he went to Bariloche, a famous area for skiing, lakes, relaxation in the southern Andes. All paid for our taxes!!! To give a speech there? Lol

  10. Amazing.
    Europe is literally on fire with further attacks expected and American President is off watching baseball games, shooting hoops and dancing. DANCING!
    Yes, a dance of victory for the attack in Brussels.
    Shame, but only to himself NOT America.

    • Good article. I am a Trump supporter but he has been in bad form lately. He needs to stay off Twitter and seriously focus on doing what is best for America and winning the nomination. It is important for him to knock out Cruz (who I am also disappointed in) but the way he is going about it is not helpful or persuasive. Although he has exposed Cruz quite a bit I’ll grant him that. And I am taking a closer look at Heidi Cruz’s globalist activity and contacts.

      • I agree Grace.
        Trump is a very assertive individual, and also very demanding from what I understand.

        He generally doesn’t attack you unless you attack him, and then he retaliates.

        His family should be off limits, they aren’t running for POTUS.

      • Both Ted and Heidi were immersed in the political scene during the GW Bush administration.
        The revolving door continues to revolve.

          • I don’t like getting emails from candidates’ spouses. And when I started getting notices from Heidi I got turned off and then tuned in.

            The one good thing, I think, about Obama and Trump is that because of them (for different reasons) we are looking more carefully and more deeply into the candidates. And it certainly didn’t help that we are so tired of being lied to by the GOPe — it’s an interesting time in history.

  11. Since Barack Obama is absent and Chief, consider this opinion on Trump/Cruz and what should be done about Islamic terrorism. Pulls no punches. And at least is a framework for a viable effort to combat Islamic terrorism. Unfortunately, we have no one to lead us.

    If I had any confidence — and I have zero — that the Republican Party would select a worthy candidate (not Ryan, not Romney, not Kasich) outside the current field I might have some hope. But I don’t — so I will stick with Trump despite all and vote for Cruz if he gets the nomination. Neither one is up to the task.

    • Live and learn, eh?
      “The culture of denial” about islam.
      It also deeply entrenched in American media and politics.
      Every time an attack by muslims happens, ISIS or another muslim jihadist group takes credit.
      Sometimes attackers yell alla-akbar, then commit their mayhem.
      Obama, Hillary, the media and some politicians say, ” no, no, no”, this has nothing to do with islam.
      If we are warm & fuzzy towards them everything will be ok.

      • Does “them” include the 10% of American physicians, 6000+ in the military, 900-some in the New York Police Dept alone, all the shopkeepers and cab drivers and construction workers and every other profession who worship in one of the world’s top five religions?

  12. A interesting article that brings the anti establishment mood beyond the Republican Party. The thought came to mind that like or dislike Trump he is largely responsible for getting the country to focus and vocalize about the chasm between the “establishment” and the American people. And, in the end, this is a good thing. Now, if we can just hold on to our right to free speech ….