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Video || Obama Destroys the Tango. Forever.

The worst thing to happen to Argentina since Britain took back the Falklands.

23 thoughts on “Video || Obama Destroys the Tango. Forever.”

      1. Haha. Of course! I should have known.
        I watched this video – I would bet money he had tango lessons before this performance.
        And the look on his face…such concentration?
        I don’t know what he and/or Valjar were thinking…I did notice her enthusiastic applause.
        Mr. President, I respectfully suggest there are other means – means of decorum – to show a lack of fear and to indicate respect for those who will never dance again.

          1. x1000

            I am disgusted by this pathetic man.

            He is a Lame Duck President and Congress has it within its power that nothing progresses beyond a word out of this man’s mouth. As for the dancing and partying not much we can do about that. But any media worth its salt would cast a critical eye rather than cheerlead.

  1. Was he dancing ? Looked like he was taking a walk.
    Seems like Barry and the wife never want to miss an opportunity to be in the limelight. They see themselves as the stars. It´s ridiculous.

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      1. Maybe they sold only Halal booze in the bar? It could happen. As you may remember, there are 5,000-6,000 Somalis living about 6 blocks from my house. Some definitely drink. Not at all rare to see an “Abdul” or a “Mohammed” or a “Yasin” with a DUI or “public intoxication” charge in the local newspaper’s police log.

  3. Wanna bet he spent hours practicing with the lovely, but unfortunate, tango dancer? He is strictly a shuck ‘n jive artist. And the Mooch needs to stick with Beyonce – no class whatsoever.
    Wonder how much THIS family vacation cost us! Plenty!

  4. His top priorities have nothing to do with the the duties of a president. It’s all about the nurturing and care of his massive ego and the lifestyle of the rich and famous.
    He looks like he could use a little ‘re-hab’ after his secret life of self adulation. If only the walls could talk!

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