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Obama’s Glorious Argentine Excursion

President Obama was criticized Tuesday for taking in a  Cuban baseball game while Belgium was still reeling from a terrorist attack that killed more than 30 and wounded dozens. Turns out the sports break was just beginning.

Obama, his wife, children and mother in law — who are now in Argentina — Thursday embarked a two-thousand-mile round trip journey from Buenos Aires to the exquisite city of Bariloche to enjoy its many wonders.

It’s supposed to be official U.S. government travel, but what the heck. The day trip for Obama and family takes about four and a half hours of Air Force One flying time at a cost of close to a million dollars, just for flying the plane. The other logistical expenses no doubt add millions more.

The White House announced that, while in the city, “the First Family will visit cultural landmarks,” which are code words for SIGHTSEEING. “The First Family will travel to Bariloche and Patagonia for a visit to one of the truly spectacular cultural sites within Argentina.” the White House said, as if nothing else were happening in the world.

Will there be more assaults in Europe? Who knows? Have any of the European attackers been coordinated with terror cells in America that may be waiting to strike? No matter. For seven hours today between flights to and from Buenos Aires, the president is confirming for himself that, “It’s good to be the king.”

According to Frommer’s, the Obamas have chosen wisely: “With stunning natural scenery and fine cuisine, it’s a winter and summer playground for vacationing Argentines … With the rugged plains of the Patagonian Steppe to the east, the towering snowy peaks of the Andes to the west, and the glistening and grand Nahuel Huapi Lake in front, opportunities for adventure are abundant. Even if you’re not much of an adventurer, you’ll still find plenty of pleasant sightseeing tours, boat trips, boutiques, driving excursions, and fine dining to keep you busy.”


The trip in was fabulous, according to the pool report:

“AF1 touched down in Bariloche at 14:21 after a flight that offered great views of the snow capped Andes and crystalline mountain lakes. The first family came out of the plane a short time later, all wearing hiking gear.”

After hiking, “We are told by the White House that POTUS, FLOTUS and Malia are going on a boat ride on a vessel named the Modesta Victoria.”

The Obamas are scheduled to fly back to Washington Thursday evening from Buenos Aires, relaxed and ready to deal with terrorists. Let’s hope ISIS leaders didn’t go on vacation, or they’ll be all rested up and prepared to do battle too!

A version of the piece appeared on LifeZette.

32 Responses to Obama’s Glorious Argentine Excursion

  1. As hay rock about this trip to Bariloche, he and his wife will find any excuse to travel at taxpayers expense . cultural tour is a bunch of baloney.

    • Don’t expect much. Whoever gets elected, we will return to annoying photo ops, more annoying pressers, constant inane jabber, Congressional jockeying and gridlock, lowered expectations, disappointment and BUSINESS AS USUAL.

  2. Oh, did you know that since the 747 is too large an aircraft to land in Bariloche, they had a 757 Air Force plane fly down to Buenos Aires and take them to Bariloche for the 3 hr excursion then back to Bs As so they could fly back home in the 747?

  3. Grifters. No shame.

    At least one member of the press should have the decency to report this entire trip honestly for what it was. Just one courageous person with a conscience. Too much to ask of our corrupt politicos and their hangers on, including those who travel with this man.

  4. Millions of Americans who work for a living are now torturing income tax forms, trying to save a little here, looking for a way to keep what they earned.
    They turn on the TV and see their tax dollars used by the millions to entertain the Obama family and FirstGranny. ‘
    The Os are on a vacay that most Americans could only dream about, could never afford, and doing it as if it’s their right to spend our money as they see fit.
    Shame on the President and his family.

      • Tell me again why we have to put the miners and the coal companies out of work because of, what do you call it? Global warming?

        Among all the things I dislike about that guy, his rank hypocrisy is right near the top of my list.

        • Cisco, you’re right, and if even half of what we read about happening on college campuses is true, we have a whole future generation who is going to be just like him and Mooch.

  5. Keith, I heard that there was a smaller AF1, capable of landing on short runways, flown in specifically for The Won’s sight seeing jaunt. Can you confirm this?

  6. I realize it’s asking so damn much, but…
    Not a one patriotic Secret Service agent among them all? You’d be hailed as another Patrick Henry. Talk about historic!