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Video || Chris Matthews Blasts Obama Being AWOL in Cuba

Even Matthews thinks Obama should be paying attention to terrorism and not Cuban baseball.

22 thoughts on “Video || Chris Matthews Blasts Obama Being AWOL in Cuba”

  1. Mika blasted Obama as well but others on the MoJoe panel stated, correctly, that Obama’s choice of baseball had nothing to do with OPTICS and 10000% to do with his beliefs. Obama doesn’t give a fig about lives lost in acts he can’t even call terrorism without gagging.

    1. Yes–the gang was all over his behavior–also blasting Cruz and of course, Trump, for their comments. I found Cruz’s ideas particularly weird–is our terrorism problem emanating from neighborhoods–say from Dearborn or other enclaves? We should treat these like “gang neightborhoods”? We don’t even treat gang neighborhoods like gang neighborhoods. Stop and frisk for bombs? He seemed off to me–usually at least making his own unique kind of sense.

      1. Trump’s newly mentioned natl security adviser Phares was on NPR saying he would not advise more torture–he had written a book against it. Wonder how much Don will agree to be “advised.”

          1. I say it because HE has said it, AfVet–in the debate and other times. I listen to rap almost all day on my kid’s day off–and I don’t even have any secrets to spill.

  2. According to what MrO claimed at his presser today, he’s looking for an “intelligent” way to win the war against ISIS. Right-o.
    We could dare them with a game of chess, or a brisk debate on the merits of global economics.

    He doesn’t want to do anything about anything at all. He wants the perks, the fun times, the travel, and just barely attends to the work at hand.
    This isn’t a new thing with him, before he was Senator and then President, he was voting present and doing nothing.

  3. Come on guys, He is on vacation, and needs his time off. Last week he had to pick his basketball playoff selections. That is pretty hard ya know!

    Then he had to ask for a raise and that is not easy as we all know.

    Its spring break and not much time left to have us pay for his vacations. Geez he has not even had time for golf.

    I wonder how he keeps the weight off? I mean all that good food, state dinners, Cuban parties.

    Your think he as aides?

  4. The irony here is he knows little about the American game of baseball, despite his claims of having been a Chicago White Sox fan when he was “growing up.” In an interview around the time he took office, someone asked him who his favorite Sox player was from back then…of course, he couldn’t name one and gave some nonsensical “I liked them all” reply…plus, he referred to Comiskey Park as “Cominskey Field” – more evidence that he was full of BS when describing his alleged love of the game.

    1. He throws a baseball like a girl.

      My apologies to the girls out there that play fast pitch softball in college.

      I love to watch them play, and yes, they can play ball !

      1. Yup, the contrast is something. That was one of President Bush’s finest moments – going to the top of the mound and throwing a strike right down the middle.

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