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Poll points to GOP Convention Chaos

Fifty four percent of Republican voters say the Party should unite behind Donald Trump if he has the most delegates but does not have the half required to secure the nomination on the first ballot, according to a Monmouth College poll.

The poll, released Wednesday, suggests chaos at the convention if the Party chooses a candidate who has received fewer delegates than Trump. If the Republicans nominate someone else, only 43 percent of Trump supporters say they would commit to backing that nominee in November. But of those who oppose Trump, 55 percent want the Party to choose someone else at a contested convention.


“A majority of non-Trump supporters seem to be in favor of a brokered convention process at this point in the campaign. That would probably throw the party into turmoil with many Trump supporters abandoning the party,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute.

Overall, the poll is consistent with other national surveys, giving Trump the support of 41 percent of Republicans and GOP leaners, with Sen. Ted Cruz at 29 percent and John Kasich taking 18 percent.

42 thoughts on “Poll points to GOP Convention Chaos”

        1. Trump threatened to “spill the beans” on Cruz’s wife bec a Cruz PAC did an ad with Trump’s wife posing nude… So classy, the both of them. Trump’s tweet came down in 7 mins–but someone got it.

          1. Don’t you just love politics ?

            One of the Founding Fathers called another candidate a hermaphrodite.

            It hasn’t changed much.

          2. IMO.
            Cruze and Heidi are just another Bill and Hill.
            I don’t believe on word that man says. His entire campaign has been base on dirty politics – and he condones it or he would stop it. I pray to God he (and Heidi Goldman-Sachs) is not nominated.

        1. Well–you said Soros gave to Kasich–reportedly he gave to a Kasich PAC. The candidate does not control those. As you know… I know you have a big hate on for K, I like him and wish the heck I could vote for him…diff strokes.

          1. Soros said he doesn’t like either Trump or Cruz.
            They are a threat to his control over the politicians in this Country.

            Follow the money.

            Thanks for the link Star.

  1. re: Paul Ryan and his weird speech today.
    Oh yeah? He just wants everyone to be nice, sure.
    All that talk about his service there, his background, how much he cares about the country – how stupid do they think we are?
    He just threw his hat in the ring.
    He was nervous, shifting his feet, looking for help – it’s obvious that he didn’t want to do this and he doesn’t want to be the nominee.
    IMO, of course.

    1. He is the head of the Reps now more or less and tries to be a calming force. A friend of mine and I have convos on whether he would run–we both want him to–but to run on this ratty mess of a Rep party this time out would be a waste of his time and talent.

      1. He’s not the head of anything, he is being controlled just like the rest of them.
        You should know this having worked in that cesspool.

        1. I did work on the Hill (tho from the other side) and it’s not a cesspool..and there is no head to the Republican party (that Priebus character?? Nah) and Ryan is stepping up now and then. I don’t think he wants to try to work with Trump since Trump threatened him. Just a guess. You can say he’s being controlled–can you show some evidence?

          1. No evidence here whatsoever.

            Only what I have observed.

            Ryan is a RINO.
            He’s a post turtle.
            He goes wherever the wind blows and the money flows.

          2. AFVet – I came to the same conclusion.
            That was a “Rah-Rah USA!” Speech if I ever heard one.
            Def. Gonna be “the chosenone.” Barf.

    2. I think Paul Ryan was duplicitous in all his aw shucks I don’t want to be SOH. Further, I think it is his plan and that of Priebus and the other GOPe junior members to have Ryan run for the Presidency. The only hesitation is that this is not the year they were planning on — either next term of next two terms, depending on who would be in office. But Ryan is definitely in training. And I , for one, believe nothing he says. He waves that white flag with less fan fare but just as often as Mitch McConnell does. Uniparty.

  2. Keith,

    The SuperDelegates for the Dems is more chaos..Hills has only 51% of the Delegates

    …and Trump is going to lock up the nomination before the convention so why all the hand-wringing?

    This is such a waste of time…. Trump will have over 1237. It is done.

    1. Borrowed from a poster.
      “They. GOP, couldn’t stop Obama in seven years and they expect to stop Trump before the convention”?

      1. They’re sure trying a heck of a lot harder to stop Trump, aren’t they?? Pity they never used half of this energy and focus against Obama.

  3. The GOP convention an exercise in chaos? I certainly hope so, for then it would be like every other party convention in the history of the country. Order is born out of chaos when people have strong convictions and speak them loudly. Read the Federalist Papers.

    These conventions are not gatherings of the faithful all singing the same song from the same hymnal, nor should they be. They are designed to be the stage for political battles, all sides having a say in the argument, with the end result being some sort of resolution resulting in an agreement (queasy and fragile at times) on a candidate among those with differing opinions.There’s backroom bargaining, favors promised, differences sometime resolved and sometimes amplified, deception at times and enough long-winded oratory to choke an elephant. It’s politics, for goodness’ sake. Rough and tumble.

    I like what Patrick Henry said about political differences in his speech “Liberty and Death”, March 23, 1775. From the speech:

    “But different men often see the same subject in different lights; and, therefore, I hope that it will not be thought disrespectful to those gentlemen, if entertaining, as I do, opinions of a character very opposite to theirs, I shall speak forth my sentiments freely, and without reserve. This is no time for ceremony.”

    1. So damn well written Marcus.
      “This is no time for ceremony”.
      True then and oh so true now.
      The future and life of this Republic is at stake.
      This may be our last chance to save it.

      1. Well said, Marcus, as the others noted. I basically feel I have no party now–so I will be interested in the platform, which is usually boilerplate…Will it be hard fought between smaller govt/fiscal sanity/inclusiveness/ regular order and retreat to within borders/wall out people/punish trading partners and allies/more gridlock…Should be interesting. Maybe I will end up with some faith in the party and maybe I won’t.

        1. Yep, all those questions have to be addressed or the Republican party will go the way of the Whig Party. And there aren’t many citizens voting for the Whig candidate these days. Because there ain’t none.

  4. Star & AFVet.
    Good old Washington politics.
    Hamilton – Burr duel, the canning of Sen. C. Summers by Rep. P. Brooks while in Congress.
    Now it’s just mean tweets and lies.
    On well.

    1. Anyone? I was thinking this morning how is it that in this whole GREAT country, we can only find three toxic, short-sighted, unprincipled, lying people that could become president. I leave Kasich out of that (sorry,AfVet). Yes–that description is MY opinion–yours is prob different. But even on here, I am getting a feeling people are uneasily settling.

      1. Good question Star, as always.
        I think we’ve run out of people who truly want to be the public’s servant.
        What’s in it for me is the name of the game now.
        Our educational system is now focused on how terrible America is.
        Patriotism is now forbidden, USA, USA!
        That gets you suspended from school.
        No Pledge of Allegiance.
        You’ve read what’s going on, so I won’t take up space.
        Last thought, America is running out of people that love their country and those being raised now are taught to despise it.

      2. Well, our last two presidents have come into office with little political experience and been complete and utter disasters. The idea that NO experience will make someone a great leader is just imbecilic.

        1. Agree with you both. I think a lot of this is the edu system, as Cis said. People don’t learn critical thinking, the sweep of history, the dev of thought, of ideology…I see statements like Islam is for savages…Don’t people take comparative religion anymore? What is troubling and deadly these days is an aberration of the religion. My daughter has never read an entire book in her life–literally (is that a pun?). She went to parochial school, then public jr high and high–I don’t consider her educated. She hated school and it hated her. She wouldn’t even consider college–and I was devastated–but now I think I would be furious if she or I were on the hook for eighty grand or something and she was pointing out microaggressions, etc. She told me she got in a fight with a long-time friend who just came out of prison–he was saying he really learned about Obama there and loved him. She said name one reason! I couldn’t believe she was saying that–I just listened. Then, she said, she went into an attack on O’s presidency…and then turned to Trump, and lit into him. Where did she form all these opinions–she says they keep Fox on in Wendy’s where she works–but no sound. Of course, she hears me yelling at the TV…All this is becoming too much for me… Unfortunately she cannot vote–she pled guilty to a felony some yrs ago–possession of two pipes (no product). Long story…not for today.

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